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Adding External Antenna to Netgear

Adding External Antenna to Netgear
Adding External Antenna to Netgear

Hey guys welcome to another article and today I would like to add a couple of external tank next to my internet from so this is the need to get a DG ended 37 double 0 a record that I bought a couple of years ago I know this model is kind of fun dated model right now also the stroke and does not have any kind of external antennas as such the range of these non back great.

so get this motor I usually keep it in the ground floor and I get ready I’ll see the signal so I’m here in my room since there is a concrete the roof of the net and also to break was that separate they don’t gonna hang this room.

so I total of adding an external antenna that would probably increase the range so this is a dual low band which works on 2.4 gigahertz as well less than the 5 gigahertz .

I’m not expecting too much off on increasing the range but I hope I mean at least be placed over the boundary of the signals. So what do you so cool hi gain antennas here so the longer one did you see this is V. 2.4 gigahertz 14 B. B. A. and then.

And these 2 are they do a bandeau 60 BA and. So the support of 5.8 gigahertz frequency as with so I’m going to use this tool 60 beds and that’s for the 2.4 gigahertz frequency and I probably won’t do this longer and then because so I you just want to try it out over .

this the smaller internet first and then probably a little bit longer and then it just gets the strength based on the strength of the signal. Additionally I also bought diesel you offend me BC I do I’d be SME big data and data cables.

So these antennas can be screwed on to one of the and here like this. And the other end basically goes to the socket on the wifi chipset board so subway level I just kind of measured the signal strength that I currently get here on this table. So I haven’t started the quarter by 3 and laser and I go to signal strength of about minus 7580 DB.

Hello I have opened the the case and now we can see the wifi chipset here. So let me zoom in a little bit thank so no these 2 are the antenna connectors 45 gigahertz bind and these 2 are the conduct its 42.4 gigahertz frequency. Now let me just go ahead and disconnect these 2 cables.

It’s so simple as just pulling this week get fully. 7 the name of the store big day love connect us. So the next step is to mark 2 points on this case for me to do the whole so these 2 holes I’ll be fixing the store connect does here. So let me go ahead and mark the points that I need to do the whole. So no I go to the levels amid in between these 2 companies here. And another whole some and disappoint.

So let me go ahead and mark the points. So let me go into the levels. So you want to deliberate and later on a switch to a bigger one. Hello I am switching to the bigger deliberate here. I think I still need to make this a little bit more.

because it’s still not going insane. So let me go ahead and clean up this mess here so did we have a deep cleaned up the staff so I also had to. John this kind of a bridge that was coming in the path of this whole so now I made it a neat and clean so let’s just go ahead and 60 connector snow. So this is the first one select means woman a little bit.

And they just have to put in this. Connect here. In the statement. Similarly the one. Thank you someplace to technically commit more. W. with. The conduct is in place. And all we have to do is no turning this back to overdraw. Chipset so I think I also removed the the 2 internet 45 gigahertz band so let me go ahead and connect those 2 as well.

This is a new entrant. So then we are with the connected cables he had to use a little bit of blasting oracle business into the socket so let me go ahead and put discovered back in place. No I have placed the order of the case back in position and let me go ahead and put the screws. So let me know connect the internist. So the and in a certain place and now it’s just a matter of putting back this open back in the same place.

I just went and bought this phone and come back and measured the signal strength right here on this table Hey guys I’m back after voting on the road so with the internet and you can see that no a good signal strength is about 70 DB so roughly we have gained a photo ID be a signal strength.

I would say I would use celebrity good what I think of this not exceptional but I am pretty much happy with the game that I’ve guarded by placing these winter months on the 2.4 gigahertz them bank so .

FS Racing 1 -10 Marauder Desert Buggy Unboxing

FS Racing 1 -10 Marauder Desert Buggy Unboxing
FS Racing 1 -10 Marauder Desert Buggy Unboxing

Hey guys this unboxing and review of the one thing scale I speak up I’ve already taken out of the hotel package and then just you doing this to shore to how this comes packaged the let me go ahead and able in this package.

This is another thing that is more economical and it comes as an idea which means the box this is ready to run for those of you who are just getting into the hobby if you don’t want to sell a lot of money on expensive lesson then I guess is the best option for you.

Now this is the best motor version and it comes with a 4 wheel drive you also get a breathless motion of the car with a much higher rate than we thought said to much higher speed. But I would recommend the breast Wilson once you become a pro then you can probably fully customize this gun with brushless motor.

I’m a good gift but the shocks and much more activities so let’s just get straight into the unboxing. So what do we get this wall plug adapter so does the U. K. based style and we can use this tool plug in a charger. Next week in the soft judges who does a good job there which is very good I don’t know 9.6 sorts of DC and a 350 0 yes for this can be used to charge the battery that comes along with the script.

Next we get this back with the user manual inside it. And we also get this and then if you. And you also get some basis. Can be used with the socks and you can use this tool I just this spring tension of the shocks. Next we have a sticker sheet. So you can add some extra stickers to your document you’ll stay on these are not pretty good so you can use the scissors to cut this because then you can you left but your style.

The cap put into you. So there’s an instruction manual and this is in English. So it has the troubleshooting guide. A couple of safety inspection. And it does all the work of the drawings on the design of the car. Showing all the parts and it snowed numbers. The the pipes you listed for this and if you need a replacement part then you can go order this part number and order it online. No lipstick on the car accident.

That comes with this new package. So good 30 mode here along with this box. 31 comes back in this mailbox here. Not talking about this anymore on the transmitter this feels very good in the hand and it’s very comfortable to hold thank goodness for bread here which provides good grip to hold and on the north. And it’s also going to throw collapsible and dinner. If you can pull it all together. And this operates at a frequency of 2.4 gigahertz and there’s an on off switch here.

But you can flick it with your tongue turn it off turn off or on the remote. And up here you have the student room and talk with him now here we have both which is the first one is for fitting the throttle between law and fully booked the second switches for switching the direction of the student.

So down here we have a couple of for speeding and targeted concludes. The only downside of this remotely let it runs on a double a batteries which you have to put it here on the bottom. No most of the remote these days so put it on for W. F.. It’s just that it adds more weight and the cost for 4 additional batteries as well. But other than that the movie’s pretty good. I am also did ease the DC circuit here.

Of which is very good at 12 votes to 50000000 B. S. I am really not sure as to why this is being provided here probably I would doubt it’s for charging the batteries if in case if you’re using rechargeable batteries well I let a portion of date on this later on once I start using this remote. Are there isn’t any user manual to operate this remote so you let a figure out of all these controls your food.

but I think it is pretty easy and they should not be a big deal the next may have the body itself so it’s a lot of cool design with hatch Freeman the stylish sale. It also comes with the 4 LED lights up here on the front side. This will help you keep track of the car while driving in the dark inside the car you also see no cool little driver and the co pilot sitting inside.

It also comes with the spare tire on the back which is fully usable doesn’t give a feel bad for one then you can just remove this not appear and just let the staff know looking at the car itself it’s got a solid aluminium chassis down here I took 3 different shows a slipper clutch a waterproof electronics if you look at the chassis the schools at all and countersunk here.

Soon the schools doesn’t project outwards the components used out of free high quality and it has so many metal parts including the chassis of the double on the plane and get on the right track. So this is about 400 millimeters in length. And the birthdays around off to make a payment. From the stage to the stage.

And the height is around the 180 frame and now on to the front you see this bumper here. 30 she did with the metal sheet for this will probably take all the heads if you bump up with us on any of the conflation I think. Number electronics inside all you need do is to go to the store what it looks like you. And the kids lives backwards.

When this happens here on the bumper. And you also see some west which are popping up. And so in a minute. No these are the words that connect to the LED lights on the front these are connected using the J. status.

The suspension system is completely adjustable and each will has got its own independent auditor for the shop it’s got this nice call a little. Averages aluminium. The angle of the suspension can also be adjusted to food your driving style. And getting.

So there are 3 mounting points in all and you can choose the one that suits your needs. As they can see the suspension he is a very good. On the back. It feels a bit saggy here. And probably I think it’s due to the extra weight of this bad and all the get assembly anymore on it from the right side of the pack.

But you can probably on the list of this sharks here a little bit so that you know you get that even. Chassis base and this completely gives you more stability. So you can use these mounting points here to lift this Safia. No talking about go back to the here. It can be removed by taking off the so. Lips. If you like this for a couple.

So this comes with a 6 cylinder because Michael hi today by 3 of 87.towards with a capacity of 4800 and the MP at US. And I think go for a brisk modern this is pretty good enough but if you plan to upgrade to a brushless motor then you probably will not go back and. No the compartment here he’s very cleverly designed.

It’s got this little not just here. Yeah 112 north. Thank you. So you can put your wife of the badly to it and understand for the most of the label but anything go to the height can be adjusted here on these pillars so that you can hook up these clips based on the height of the label right. Now coming to the PC. We have this on and off switch right here.

That means to me in a little bit. The. So you can see this on and off switch here. And then once we’ve done this on all these electronics 1.up. So this is the best DSC rejuvenated at 1:20 AM in the. The motor is connected to the ESPN April 8 so full proportional speed in both forward and he was static since.

The easy also has that he’d seen so that you can upgrade it so be impatient the polite on the phone foreman and there are jumper looks on the ESP thank you. You can use this to switch on or off the reverse function of the client and the second zone .

but it’s a good store within the budget type of which will be either going to commit to highlight all the like pull the battery now based on the selection the auto quote off of entry go to the by tweet and but results so far. No the yes he also has a BCO. So this season .

he did I thought 6 wards and influence. Next we have the waterproof receiver box here. Although it’s waterproof well it is advisable not to submerge this crowded market but you can use it as a splash guard you know wanna build up so Florida just splashing around. 855 months. No coming to the server. So you can see this so will you.

This is the fourth global them so well and it’s quite far from. And it’s going to this on a medium heat sink you can see the. Meghan and I believe on this doesn’t have a subtle Salish.

You know the good book season closed in this compartment and it’s going to clear the window for you to inspect the working order to examine any of that and paid off the other gives insight now to access this particular compartment all .

you’ve got to do it so I remove these what happens when the body clips therefore 12 and 340 clips here and you probably have to do more all this cool stuff said on this so casing. Now coming to the S.. So these fads rated in the state.

And the I’m hoping it will have a very good group has its head in the. All rights Philadelphia for. And then the best size is roughly around 11 centimeters so 110 millimeters in diameter. I am the victim of the attack. This is beyond the 40 millimeters in this. So that so nice they had to say about this I see buggy.

Overall I feel very happy about this got to ask the components you lose the are of very high quality. And it’s going to be a large amount of megabytes and it feels so I’m ready for the worst I’ll be taking this for but I’ve probably a post on the article on this in the coming days.

Portable Display Monitor 13.3 Inch 2K USB Powered

Portable Display Monitor 13.3 Inch 2K USB Powered
Portable Display Monitor 13.3 Inch 2K USB Powered

Hey guys welcome back to the article this is a portable LED monitor that I recently bought a used this as a secondary monitor for my computer. And to use this as an external monitor for my camera so this is a very unique product since its compact portable and works on both from the U. S. B. port and also this is a good gift ideas 22 so we don’t waiting for their next open the box and see what we get inside.

We get dispatched you might too many H. DMI cable and that this is about 1.3 meters in length. And next week get a micro USB cable and a disease you for putting the money to

. And we’ll forget this US bank for placing the monitor on the table. Let’s leave the good that someone entered it since so this is a 13.3 inch up to get morning that and the support cemex visitation for 2560 by 1440 and we also get a full HD video and off to someone who does the good thing about the someone .

who did exactly banner days based ideas so I’m hoping that the viewing angles should be very good for this money to. So let me move this a protective collect so that we can see the screen and you can see this is a glossy finish and seems to be very good the body of this some money that it’s completely made up for me.

it’s quite sturdy and seems to be a blast. And then a third of the someone you don’t the input output ports that located. So it comes with a 32 minute delay for for connecting the input source and below this B. C. D. 2.5 millimeter headphone Jack for audio all.

This monitor can be poured in 2 ways one is using the micro USB ports that you see here and the other one where the DC politics which is the regular micro USB port this works on mortgages between fireworks and Pulitzer DC and it requests to himself cutting.

On the backside of this money does we see couple of 4 buttons so the first one is the power button which is right here and it has an LED indicator to indicate the policy status. And following this he’s the auto button here which is used to select the input select.

And next we seek to navigation buttons up and down so this can also be used to reduce or increase the one you off the list because yes this has to invite speakers which you see here lastly we get DSL menu button for adjusting the brightness contrast and color display settings so on the backside you also see this for a holes for mounting the stand of the vesa mount and here.

you see all the indications are the labels for this looks here. So let’s look at the specification of this a portable display monitor as listed on the part of speech so this 1 makes about US 685 grams and the display ratio is a 16 eastern 9 this 1’s time is around 2 milliseconds and the screen database W. LED has a contrast ratio of 4 700 east once and has a viewing angle of 170 degrees.

so let me place this morning on the stand it has been so polite and could be connecting the hasty my cables and portable to this morning. It was like this. The 4 siblings about what I’ll be using this P. 30000 a major power bank so let me go in and plug all the press. Is to use the cable which will grow here. In the morning there has no been voted on and you can see that the display is crisp and clear.

I’m just going to give this the US people and we did it in CD’s with the support of bank and the monitor so we can make sure that the work date and the current consumption. And you can see that it’s going to be consuming about 5.11291.5 and and the group ID for consumption is about 8 what’s. The resolution of this someone.

you don’t he said 2560 by 1440. And the viewing angle he’s also good on the display but only does suggest the brightness contrast to be forgiven which is about 50 percent hello open some websites and show you how it looks on this morning. So currently you’re seeing my YouTube page and let me go ahead and play some article.

Hey guys welcome back to another video. A couple of days since I started using this good luck I go to this imported from US what did you think that you didn’t want to act that was recently released on the Golden Fleece.

So that’s how it sounds from the inventor speaker and now it’s just open some photos and show you how it looks like. One of the use of the someone you did he said it can be proved to me that the mobile phone display using the Comcast are using the images he’s the only kid with.

the leading probably wouldn’t be really good as you might loose frames in that well but I would say connecting Randy Mitchell today many people probably would give you a better gaming experience so let’s talk about the pros and cons of this morning this one is good in all the aspects .

it’s got the ideas are displayed has a good definition displays bright crisp and clear it also has an inbuilt speakers and can be used to watch movies play games better and louder audio vendor moblie phone.

The only one from my side is that did speak soon 88 year. Which you can see when I bring in some white background I plan to ask for a replacement of this morning and I hopefully should get a defect free product so guys that’s all I have for you in this article hope this was useful to you .

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Review

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Review
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Review

Hey guys this is the review of the galaxy active to watch which Simpson released the last year and this is the NET eat all the food you radiant off the watch that supports mobile network using number sitting on the E. sim feature I’ve been reading this watch for a couple of days and in this article.

I would linger in the in depth review of this watch and I’ll be sharing my experience reading this and also dealing with some of the useful not so useful features of this watch so please stay to the end of this article so this watch comes in 2 sizes that is the 44 millimeter and the 40 millimeters .

so what’s the 1 that I have what is the 40 millimeter watch in India Simpson released only be 44 millimeter wishin I wanted a smaller data for my interest and hence I go disassociate from the US as the 40 millimeter watchin what’s available there .

now this 1 is also available we don’t the ATP feature and that uses local twitch in 5 and a wifi for sinking the data so this wasn’t that easy and devotion has so many off 1.4 GB ram and 4 GB internal storage memory what is the global portion has 768 in B. off ramp with 4 GB internal storage. There are a bunch of force sensors in bait on this what I know this includes the GPS accelerometer data census and bottom we don’t hi good money to any ambient light sensor.

So this is how the packaging looks like and I’ve already taken over the watch so let’s open it and see what we get insight. And the watch face on the dell is housed inside this. Books. We get the strap inside this. Me get some documentation that includes user manual I guess.

Maybe a quick start guide yes. You also get some towns and conditions. And lastly we gave this self wireless charging. So this is the magnetic charger. And has a U. S. B. A. D. at the end. And this does is it actually will send one ampere. So now let’s take a look at the watch itself so this N. B. model comes with a stainless steel finish I’m going with the black color.

But the blue ocean is made of aluminium. It fits pretty light and no visible 27 grams the only motion is much alike go to any place of work 26 grams and this is of course without the strap the what is available in various colors including the blacks a lot and glory anymore comes the delay that strap .

this is the latest step that you see what the blue book motors has abstract the steps are very mobile and can be changed if you don’t like that there are a whole bunch of 4 straps that are sold on Amazon and get really good not talking about the build quality I think this has got a super buff the finish and looks very premium this is so light.

I can and it’s this nicely on those restaurant 1 that we go ahead and read this on my wrist so guys this is how the watcher looks like when worn on the wrist thanks very lightweight and feels very solid than once and hence the build quality is superb and looks a very premium isolated 10 and space and nicely on the wrist.

when it’s warm and it’s got an excellent fit and feel and it seems very likely and really compact and I wanted this well this site is for my address and guess if you have a bigger and wider rest maybe you can going for 40 for me we do question so this 1 has a 1.2 inch screen about 3030 millimeter secular I’m a big screen.

I’ll be connecting gorilla glass D. X. bless the screen is nice and bright and it’s easy to read both indoors and outdoors now let’s take a physical or view off this watch no to the left is the speaker grill here and out to the right R. 2 buttons 1 of the top and 1 at the bottom. So the first one is the back button here. And the bottom button is the home button.

There’s a microphone that is housed in between these 2 but that’s and on the backside we have the heart rate sensor with 8 photodiodes and an accelerometer and also ET ECG sensor the ECG feature is not yet made available but I’m sure something is going to roll out the feature through an OTA update very soon.

So this one ‘s on the Tyson based but it will always fortune 4.0 well the navigations and animations in the manual our bodies moved and instant I noticed about the flag and the U. R. doesn’t respond immediately soon after a reboot but I think it’s probably loading all the services in the system and after a minute the lawyer was responsible as usual.

There is a touch sensitive rotating basis and we can scroll through the screen so notifications absolute vengeance by moving the finger on the basis. Maybe for this feature yes Sir going off it can be enabled in the settings on the watch if it is needed.

We can also add and remove widgets and customize the look and feel of the manuals. And the features of this phone on the 80 model we can make and receive phone calls and also send and receive SMS we don’t haven’t bedded with that smartphone will get notifications from the apps such as whatsapp Facebook and other apps when connected to a smartphone .

where it’s very easy to read through messages and respond to them either through Weiss keypad or hydrating one later time. Hi this is a test message. Also works great and here’s a quick demo project the sound quality from the speaker. I’m trying to log. I don’t want. The ones. Okay.

From the time you want strong microphone and speaker. Michael. Washing and there’s the leader. No for the non ATP model of the cell phone all these features work well connected order Bluetooth this watch has couple of for Invicta widgets and apps such as calendar.

which you can feeding your appointments are loose you can also get better information specific to your location it comes with the voice assistant called Bixby and this is similar to Alexa or the Google assistant but I would say this is not so intelligent ask the Google assistant or Alexa what began yes Bixby to add items to calendar scuttles marketing suggests lights on any other devices you can assist in workloads and also play music on Spotify.

Bixby can you please tell me the time. 12:18 PM mix 3 how is the weather in New Delhi. At 10 degrees rights now. 60. Can you please tell me this can you. I find anything. Bixby. Can you please tell me the news. I just stopped. Bixby. Can you set an alarm for 9:00 AM in the morning tomorrow.

I’m already set. there is an apt for this in The Simpsons stored that can be downloaded and installed this works on a D. E. and Google more. It’s going because. But it’s cool. You can also have work we did on this watch and get grease on your wrist.

they’re not a con awful watch faces to choose from a couple of them are already available on this watch itself I’m more watch faces available on the radio but act on the form a few of the watch faces are premium and can be bought on the app and then sync to the watch .

you can also customize the watch face but your outfit and all you need to do is just take a picture off your outfit using the available app on the phone and then use that he needs to generate a design and this can be used as a watch face with a little bit of customization and as for the music it’s going to be support for a support.

if you have a premium subscription you can download the songs and also use a streaming so these 2 deadly play music on the watch without having to use the smartphone you can either listen to it on your wireless headset on on the speaker of this watch this is a perfect fit for those who would like to listen to music .

what you doing what comes with the need to carry your smartphone for these workout sessions you can also transfer songs from the smartphone to the watch and then play the songs using the default to music played on the watch the watch can also be used to pause play or skip tracks and you can use it as a remote controlled for music played on the smartphone and you can also use it to control the music on Spotify soundcloud YouTube are grown .

there is also an always on display that shifts the blame all this on the watch face but again this can impact the battery life of the watch for the day when it comes to health it’s going to be ECG sensor at the back end of something easier to release and will be updated for this to work there is a heart rate sensor at the back.

this can detect high angle heartache and can I live view on this but for this the watch needs to be constantly checking. Your heart it frequently and that can affect the battery life slip cracking is available on this so watch and it doesn’t detect sleep one nicely now it’s going to stress tracking as well and offered suggestions and guidance is for breathing exercises to get peace of mind when you are against.

I haven’t used this feature but I think it probably make use of the heart rate sensor in order to protect the stress levels the what cannot connect movements and exercises automatically without you having to set up my newly discounted X. 7 types of workloads and this includes a walking running cycling rowing elliptical trainer dynamic workload and swimming and of course.

it has a ton of other work cracking features and this has to be selected manually and then started for tracking this watch has a remote connection feature via the watch can sink the wifi connection provided from your phone into this watch this enabled the watch to connect to your wifi network like your home and receive all the notifications.

however when I trade sinking on the wifi I did not get any notifications and the options on the Simpson writable apart Grado. When it comes to your ability this watch has an IP 68 certification and has water resistance rating of 50 meters under ISO standards however this is not really suited for a diving on high places what activities in terms of battery life.

I have the notifications going on GPS is turned off the 80 was on in the automotive and the automatic what Kobe diction was on with the settings I got a battery life of about 140 so this can be charged using the some magnetic wireless charging based on the dock .

it takes about 2:00 hours to fully charge the watch from 0 200 plus for the galaxy active watch 2 he’s a great watch the rules and works on both android and iOS it looks very premium with a solid base and no with a ton of features this .

AT Watson is good fix for those who’d want to miss any calls while on the white coat on without having to carry your smartphone are you need to be in the proximity of the smartphones a Bluetooth signal in order to get the full features of this form because they missed calls on notifications will work fine.

when it comes to setting up the 80 featured on this so watch something has mentioned on its website that this watch can work on it daily and your mobile networks in India I am using the Jio prepaid sim and this works perfectly fine I was able to bed this watch onto my phone.

however when I tried this with the Intel he never broke so it is is that this only works on the post paid plans so even I tried on the post paid plan but I had a tough time sitting up the number shading but the betting features on this watch .

however I later discovered that it it does not support this specific car unlocked models to watch so in case if you want to use the 80 wash and then. You gotta buy this watch in India the unlocked version from the US does not work on it but you can get this up and running on the GOP great article speak Sam.

So guys that’s all I had to say on this the Simpson galaxy active.

Amazon Echo Dot Unboxing & Setup

Amazon Echo Dot Unboxing & Setup
Amazon Echo Dot Unboxing & Setup

Hey what’s up guys I happen to get this Amazon echo.from US and then be doing an unboxing and the set up of this device this was recently launched in India by Amazon and it’s available on Amazon India for C. N. Amazon also launched the Alexa app there is an Indian version on please daughter sometime this week so I will be using this Indian version of the app the consequences of this device in the next article.

I’ll be doing an in depth review and a free demo off all the features of this Amazon echo.for the front you will see a couple of things on the comments that you can give it to this device and on the backside you will see a couple of features that are listed here you can just pause the article and and condemn.

So on this 30 conceivable of connectivity options listed wifi Bluetooth and Alexa voice service and you can use services from Pandora Spotify Amazon music as well but please note that dump Brando 9 sporty Faye I’m not available in India as such so it’s not yet accessible from India so but you can still access Amazon music which is a big cities you need to do is free of cost so you can even use that service in India.

And do not that this is a second generation of Amazon echo.. And it comes with the bottom I know my goodness became. So let’s open this box and see what we have in Saint. So these are the things that could be good fit in the box the first being the quick start guide which shows all the steps required for configuring this device.

The next is a small card here which shows some of the comments that you can give it to the Amazon echo.next is the micro USB cable here this is a 5 foot Clint and is used to put on this device and the next is the 1 of the product or the white blood and is used to buy this device using the cable and do not that it has you’ll stay low for friends here but despite after supports 240 words as well.

So now let’s take a closer look at the device itself on the top with you deciding which is nothing but an a leading that list every time you give comments to this device will have this to what it would look good for increasing and decreasing the one you. Next we have this move but in here which you can use it to temporarily pause the device from listening to the comments and if you’re in a meeting or something you can use a button.

And we also have this action button here which you can use this to activate it manually tools accept comments rather than having to see the,nd Alexa they can use the square button. Next we can see this when you look it up here for this is used for the microphones to pick up some other notable 7 microphones present on this device and these are placed all around the device and one cool thing about.

this is that the device can detect the direction from which you are speaking and a console on the microphone a lady a drink in that direction for example if you’re looking from this direction the LED and I teared up a little and if you’re looking from this side the LED grow from here to here third basically I’ll find sort from which direction of talking and picks up the sound from that particular microphone.

And on the side of the sea this Amazon local here. And on the other side we see this a micro USB slot for voting this device and also we see this 3.5 MM headphone Jack so we can use an office cable to connect this device to a bigger phone system and get much better sound for music playback and down here we see a couple of friends here for the sound to come out of the speaker and talking about the big quality.

it is very nice and the site set up with a glossy and if it does beg your fingerprints on it comes in 2 variants white and black color the bottom is likely to put ice so that they do not slip off for surfaces many displaced. It is pretty small in size and it weighs about 163 grams and you can stuff it whatever you want in the house.

The best part of this device is the microphones on it either mentioned earlier it has about 753 microphones inside I never heard that these microphones are very sensitive and it can pick up comments from different groups even without you having to yellow speak loudly so this is pretty impressive which I still have group right. It has a speaker at the bottom.

I never did that it works really well the speaker when sub list a little about it for us to bounce the someone off the surface with a displaced. Now let’s quickly do the set up of this device I have with me nexus 6 P. which I’m going to use download the app from the apps store in India. So I’ll go ahead and open this. I’ll go ahead and vote on this device.

They have my board on the device and it’s been working and in the meantime I have also logged on to the Amazon Alexa app. Hello. Your Amazon echo.is ready for set up just follow the instructions in your Alexa. I will begin the set up now. It’s asking me to to study ways which is a product.

And I have selected listing yes the language here. In connection wifi. It is asking me to connect manually to this device from my mobile phone by choosing the wifi connections in the settings. You’ve connected to echo.go ahead and finish the set up in your Alexa app. No it’s connected to the same device and press continue.

Now it’s asking me to sign on to my calc. Feb getting the credentials no it’s still connecting. Thanks in the set up is complete. And it’s asking me to select all. Hello I want to use the economic plan Bluetooth audio cable or speaker sensitiveness because. And I think the set up is done. So where is the set up is now complete and done.

I’m going to tell you a couple of full compliance and then use this move that came along with this. Tickets. I think so. Tell me a joke. Why do which is a brand name thanks. I don’t know which which is which. Okay Alex what’s the weather in New Delhi.

Right now in New Delhi Delhi it’s 26 degrees with partly cloudy skies throughout the night you can expect more of the same with the loft 17 degrees. Thanks and that was available you can see that as in the name of the,nd the same thing also reflects in the.

So let me go ahead and ask with some more things look so what do you mean 9. 6 what is the weather in Mumbai. Currently in the lay my head on straight it’s 30 degrees with dreary skies tonight you can expect clear skies with the north 26 big dogs. The destruction of the medically that looks fit and I let him for 17. Alarm set for 7:00 AM tomorrow. An excel. We accept. I’m Alexa and I’m here to help. Alex what can you do.

You can tell me to turn up the volume play music create a to do list look up a topic on wikipedia to find out more check out the things to try page in the Alexa app so guys I also mentioned about the 7 microphones that that housed inside this unit and the illegals in the direction of the sound from where it’s coming from so right .

now I am giving the coming from this direction noted right from this direction and subsequently from disconnection they can see that the committee would be more brighter in this sport here making sure the,nd collects up and subsequently he had 8. Close. Okay let me I’m going to try from the side here. I lex up.

And now I came from the same. Thanks. So that was a very quick unboxing and setup article off of the device the stadium for a demo video off all the comments that you can now use on these Amazon echo.

Sony Wireless Bluetooth Speaker SRS-XB10 Review

Sony Wireless Bluetooth Speaker SRS-XB10 Review
Sony Wireless Bluetooth Speaker SRS-XB10 Review

Hey what’s going on guys and welcome back to another artcile today I’ll be reviewing a wireless speaker from Sony and the model is called S. at S. X. B. Dan I have already unlocked this and I’ve used this for a couple of days so I’ll go ahead and read on books this for you guys by the end of this video I will also play some sample sounds and music so that you can get an idea of how it sounds like.

In the box we get a micro USB cable for charging the wireless speaker noted that a wall adapter is not provided in this package next we get the wireless speaker. And lastly some documentation that includes a quick start guide and reference guide quick start guide has a pictorial representation of how bad the speaker with smart phone and also on the controls on the speaker.

It also shows the procedure to add additional speakers to get this deal affect the difference good has some info on specification Bluetooth information talking about the design D. Sindical and measures about 75 millimeters in diameter entities around 91 millimetres stalled it visible to 60 grams and is almost the same size as the regular coffee mug .

it is compact portable and easy to carry around it comes with the strap the firm for hanging the speaker to nail art hook this also serves as a great deal if you want the speaker to be placed horizontally inside that a single driver that he’s facing upwards and delivers a balance on filling the room a metal grill is placed on the top to protect.

the driver there is a passive radiator that faces down and has 4 openings at the bottom the body is made of plastic and it has a small club raised but silicon Expedia the bottom of this because it is having a more highly textured coating for about 4 but did group and to prevent the speaker from moving around due to some vibration the quality of the materials and the baby looks to be very good and it feels durable.

it’s water resistant and its complaint with I. B. X. fi specification it can take a small splash object of water but it should not be immersed in water there is a small waterproof compartment on the back and we see a 3.5 millimeter audio input Jack this is used to play sounds from non Bluetooth devices next is the reset pin hole for hardy said of the speaker.

There is a micro USB port for charging the in big battery there are some indicators and buttons on the speaker first one is the charging indicator followed by the microphone. Next is an indicator for left and right speaker and this leads up in another excluding speaker it’s been with this speaker on the top.

there is a play and pause button. I think the play button twice will skip to the next track long press of the play button will initiate Google assistant on android and city on iPhone the play button is also used to receive calls when paired with a smartphone when playing music on Bluetooth there’s no button to skip to the previous track next is the add button .

which is used to bear another X. B. didn’t speak up to go to studio sound experience we see William down and William of buttons here at the end we see about wooden and there isn’t a lady indicated below it that lights up .

when the speaker is powered on long press of the power button will initiate Bluetooth betting process that can be discovered by a smartphone this speaker comes with NFC for easy pairing process by just tapping an NFC enabled smartphone begin easily bid the speaker with a smart phone and connect to it the Bluetooth range is good.

I was able to listen to the sounds up to 30 feet within the house the speaker can be connected with only 1 device at that time but the left is rated as up to 60 no es with William Levin at 10 with full volume it will last for about 5:00 hours it has an in built lithium ion battery that is rated at 3.7 once in 1400 milli amp.

yet class he did take a few about 4.5 hours to fully charge the battery the speaker they turn off by itself if it is idle for more than 15 minutes the speaker can also be used to big white schools and the microphone does a good job in capturing decent quality sound .

I am very much impressed with the sound quality of the speaker and the amount of bass it produces it can easily fill sound in a small room there is only 146 millimeter driver but the possibility it does that does a good job in delivering low base the base is 20 and has good clarity up to 34 of the volume levels beyond this limit you may start hitting discarded sounds the mid level phones are good but good clarity in.

You will conflict and sees the highs are also impressive but sharp and crisp sounds giving the speaker in a great position to deliver some balance some filling the entire room. I think the speaker how doesn’t believe makes it more direction and you can hear more of a local and high speed data so let’s listen to some sample someone’s on this because. The guys to wrap it up this is a good speaker .

if you’re considering only playing music with Bluetooth on where the auxiliary input if you prefer other features such as playing from a micro SD card I’m going to do with B. C. or D. U. S. B. then you may want to look for other options but if you’re but but sees portability and compactness but good sound output good battery life water resistant and white school compatibility then.

I think this may be the one for you let me know what you think about the speaker in the comments below I hope this article.

SKYRC iMAX B6 LiPro Balance Charger Unboxing

SKYRC iMAX B6 LiPro Balance Charger Unboxing
SKYRC iMAX B6 LiPro Balance Charger Unboxing

Hey guys today I’m going to do an unboxing and a full review of the sky at the IMAX B. 6 balanced budget so this is a 50 watt gone but instructed with a Max so cut and go for up to 5 M. saying this desert is mostly used for judging label batteries that are used in the radio controlled police are nice but it also does charge other types of batteries such as lithium ferro phosphate.

there’s a lady am I on nickel metal hydride nickel cadmium lead acid battery now some of the special features that are highlighted here and you can see that it’s gonna microprocessor controlled up but instead Jr and Newton has a dispatch feature and also it’s gonna be a programming more to store our lord get up.

Then you can also test the federal phosphate doc batteries and it’s going to be C. monitoring work then you can plug into a USB link connected and connected to a PC to monitor the charging and it’s got a temperature sensor board when you can attach to external sensor to monitor the outside temperature.

now let’s not wait and just open the box and put it into the either side of the box where you type let some of the features and how to connect the battery and the line put parcels here and with some of the other things that come along with this unit second pause the article in just in case if you want to take a look at this box.

Now let me just go ahead and open this box. Consisted of 8 comes with this manual and it seems to be fairly you know in detail in the instructions set up all the information and the things that are necessary to operate this charges and is an English. Seems to be very good.

And next we have the unit itself. You can find a lot of I makes me 6 clones available in the market so you need to make sure you need to buy the one there is genuine because they look very similar and the way you can identify a which is a genuine which is a clone is by taking a look at the bottom of this unit meeting you can see underground sticker here thanks also go to scratch no 80 of waiting .

you can just scratch and get a quarter and you can enter this court in this class the website to verify whether he’ll unity’s engine line on a clone. Now it also comes with a bunch of false. He was here. The. So just give these looks thank. So firstly this is the primary and acted for the output and this has got a 40 man bun and then plug here.

And the other side has a dean’s plug. So we can kind of just wanna plug to the output sockets thank you. In the unit. And use this side of the dean’s adapter to plug in any kind of other real cables that feed it and the other end of this cable plugs in straight into the batteries. So in addition to this domain put given us a good this other additional cables there’s a Futaba audix charging cable.

And this is the GST connective. And this is the alligator clips. And lastly we have the XTC 60 connective and the other in has the deans connector. Additionally we also get this input connected which has scored a 5.40 MM up look at epic one end and the other end has greatly connectors. Now this flexing straight into this input socket on the unit. And gathering can be connected to a lead acid battery.

No alternatively you can also use upon and after rated up to 60 what’s. And while it’s. He said the C. word is for 11 to 18 wards as input and it smacks charging bodies a few words and Max dispatch eighties so fireworks and it can charge the battery with the country into a 40.1 M. spool file ends which can be configured manually. No it has also got a temperature of a sense of second here that can be you still owe money to the outside temperature of the unit and also.

you can connect a USB PC link right here to the same board and monitor the charging of vitamin does someone in BC now on the other side we see that you have this output boards which is a banana plug sockets. And you see a lot of for a balanced judging boards now if you have a label but he like the one.

they have here hi this is rated at 2200000000 band I signed up it says 3 cell battery and he said the charging of the balance leads here. For this blessing straight into the cell but instead in boards. Now on the top we see a couple of buttons and we see a a CD screen so this season though 16 character a 2 line display screen and down here are the buttons.

For a king in the configuration and doing the operations so let me go ahead and note down on the black. So for this demo I’ll be using about it after. Tell us the kind of the XP 68 active. And then connect the battery. The. You can see have already boarded on and it’s currently showing me the program select more and it’s giving me the option to select the type of party no currently it’s showing S. label battery .

I can cycle through the different types of body by selecting the body type quote end here so to select a nickel metal hydride this disconnect the nickel cadmium battery this to select lead acid battery. So go ahead and select label Betty and click the start button hit the enter button here thank. So then it lets me a list of 4 or more started available within the label so if there’s a more which is called like what charge.

I can cycle through the different modes by using this document and incoming buttons. So there’s a label balance mode the label fast judging more than able storage label discharge they put charge so for now I’ll go ahead and select this label balance charging more so in this model the individual cells what did you say being one of monitored and a tad just evenly across the sense. And what you see here.

Is the rate at which the battery needs to be charged and this can be configured so I’ll go ahead and press enter. 17 secrets blinking and I can implement or determine this value well one amp so and usually. You put that one in.

So usually it’s recommended to charge label by pretty ida the based on the seating so usually the recommended notating the charges reduced one C. for a label by 3 so if X. rated so this battery is rated at 2200 milligrams of a cheese like 2.2 amps. And I can safely jobs had that free appointments but for now .

I’ll just go ahead and use the one and. A chance 8 celebrate an internet I can also change the Booker where did she get TS it needs to be 11.one words that were in place. So once this is set to start charging the battery I’ll have to hold this. Albertan Ando. 8 starts deducting the by type second going into that.

So this phone that does a decent job I think and I mean it is it has strayed from the body that eats a $0.3. And. What I have in duties this which is also $0.3 so it’s matching and it is now asking me to confirm that this is right so if I don’t do it within the given time that is around 10 seconds it goes back to the previous option on the menu so let me go ahead and click the confirm button.

Right so now it started charging and as you can see the this is the one amp charging related that I had and dirt and here you’ll see that the voltage of the batteries around 11.40 wards. And it also shows up the time lapsed since the judge has started. And this is the number of amps being put into the battery this in millions so it is already put around 30 milligrams into the battery.

No I can also get additional information on this charging by pressing this income intended comento button so so now you can see that dates listing of the individual a sell order just so the facility is around 2.8 face again and on 2.84 and the tax ID number 3.84 lawyers. So does social issue the encoded which is configured to be 12.6 boards for 3 cell battery and once added just add water damage the charging stops at that moment.

And you can also see the importance of working age from this product and is situated around 12.13 words. No if any point of time if I need to stop charging then again going to get this done button. So that stops the charging process and it’s back to the main menu so it is a good couple of safety features built in but in in case.

if you entered the information wrong on the number of sales so the what date it automatically read sick from the bacteria and prevents you from charging so 1 additional thing to note that this configuration that you enter here he’s different for every more of for example there’s a labor charge more weight .

I’ve configured it to charge it up point 1 ends and this is what I want so badly and this for the label balance motivating and I’ve gone today to chat at 1 and 437 actually so every time the switch across different modes you need to make sure that you have to configure the by play accordingly it would not remember your last consideration for a more forgiving more. No additionally you have a couple of other settings that you can access it by going into the program and.

All right here. And you can see the war dates for the label battery which is 3.7 once decide have been configured default values so I would be like I would like to really mess around with these settings so let’s look at what else we can do with this setting section there is some configuration with respect to check payment for these batteries.

And some of the sensitivity settings for nickel metal hydride and a nickel cadmium. And some of the temperature settings for the homeless and said that you can plug in I kept. Capacity off. And one annoying thing with this unity is that it has this beep functionality every time you press a button and ideally beeps so you can turn off this beeping by agreeing to this option and. Clicking this to be turning this off but I would like to give this buzzer on because 88 really helps.

I don’t know to notify even in just in case if you will enter any information wrong and it verifies that a strong it just beeps off. So now we can see you don’t hear that beeping sound. Yes so that was a very quick on boxing and the fuel off the sky at sea level but instead just.

I hope but this video walkthrough for deal just in case if you plan to buy one thing just to get.

Hot Melt Glue Gun Unboxing

Hot Melt Glue Gun Unboxing
Hot Melt Glue Gun Unboxing

Hey guys welcome to technician in this article and be doing hands on review off the hot glue gun my standing. This not only scored 69 G. 20 B.. And it comes to this plastic packaging and they have only taken on this too good going here on the good fuel safety inspection from the C. flat. So looking into packaging it can be used on the radio.

Comedians like crafts fabrics flow toward Germany and for a better books and on the backside of this. We can see that it’s been imported by Stanley black and decker. And it’s president on 755 Indian rupees but day courted for about 499 on flax seed in on Amazon. Now let’s give these things a sign. And you can dig Logan itself.

So the quality is good and it feels very light it stated around 40 works in terms of power consumption. What’s different we have a large stand which helps keep the gun in a great position where we are using this and in different fields will hand the nozzle Richie’s nonrenewable and the damage of this not as early as 2 millimeters I also bought this.

Back off mistakes. My cleo and dispatch has the most critical sticks. I have taken out one of the glowsticks and it looks something. Flexible and transparent in colour. And it feels like a rubbish substance. So the length of this lipstick is 249 millimeters.

And the damage done he’s the minimum. So for those who haven’t heard of the Cuban delivery you food too for crafts and artwork and used a lot in Davis stuff as well so basically these used to blow to substances instantly inside this gun easy heating up C. H. through which the mistakes are faint I think this.

And using the string. Now the people of the metal muscle here gets heated up and down the glue stick near the screen also meant and it comes out so usually it takes about 5 minutes for the gun to get heated up fully and the glue melts around 120 degrees centigrade on route to 50 degree F. and he. And when we place this trigger.

And see something actually. Pushing the simplistic forward into the nozzle. So when we push the trigger the most includes. Comes out of the north and in a way consistent manner.

This whole look who’s very fast in about 5 to 10 seconds and hardened disappointing the services to which it supplied and this glue can be used to warn radio substances like plastic glass wood fabric ceramic items and cartons 3 people disturbed us now first thing is to insert this glue stick. Sign. And at cemex and goes.

I believe this to the gun from a piece of paper so it won’t spoil the surface beneath. And now I’ll plug this car into a bus so schools. It has been 5 minutes since have plugged in and the Logan should be fully heated up by now 30 foot piece of paper here. Just to make sure the glue doesn’t fall down. Anywhere. So I have a different substances here now so lizard to wooden blocks HLB gluing and gluing them together. And I have 2 metal pieces which are nothing but the clients. I’ve got 2 pieces of plastic camps here.

And I’m good for me the bank which has a. Brook street appeal which has tried to. Do it using the hot glue. Let me try to get some hot clothes dismissal by pulling the string. He did this. No editing these 2. Wooden blocks. Thank me put in here. We need to hold these 2 surfaces together for about 5 to 10 seconds before letting them free it usually takes a minute for the dealer to hire enough completely. Just give this here.

And I look for the plastic. Just hold for me for about 10 seconds. Kim this is Saint. Now ending this to clients which are. Probably the steel. And try to move them. I don’t think it’s really holding up to the metal. It’s just coming out and being trying. Kim this. 9 trainees me man. So that was the quick demo 50 glue gun took a more depressing corns. This feels to be a quality product and a compact and handy. And it’s good this 41 self heating fire which hit 70 going quickly in 45 minutes .

it’s good for do you have any projects and I didn’t see any dipping issues which many of the other have complained so all the while I had kept my gun here and they never saw any drops falling on the paper these were the 2 ropes that I initially tested. Noticable to consti nor the lease around women.

Wide and so you need to be careful if you’re not playing to smaller ATS under no special attachments north and provided and is a non dimmable nothing no the second thing is that ID card that comes a day days many firm and heavy so flexibility in a wind up playing a is a bit constrained and bill also this to and actually is in that forum a slight touch.

Mix this slogan for the product and also days nobody indicated on an LED that’s present on this Google and it’ll indicate to me that is the glue gun exploded on or off. So overall I feel it’s worth for the money in case if you are planning to use this for D. A. Y.

there you need quick an instantaneous for doing off the material to the substances that you use and I think this is the one for you. But if you’re around looking at some permanent warning of media center but a strong morning.

The Flashing Node MCU Firmwar

The Flashing Node MCU Firmwar
The Flashing Node MCU Firmwar

I’ll be showing you how to flash the newer MCU format until the ESP 8266. Wifi mode you. And so I would decided my first would you that I bought and. I was very much interested to use the. Lower court and by flashing the north and see from there.

So I started off with flashing this. More news the phone there but got into a lot of. He shoots wide in doing this so let me tell you what I faced initially and how I was able to finally flash the firmware financially I downloaded this node MCU flasher and try to.

Flash him. The firm whereby dome and Clinton era and the flashing stopped immediately after room. 7 percent. And so I went ahead and Google and finally. Totally useless 60 calm utility to flash the firmware but even this seems to be having the same problem and I even tried one more from. Yeah one more flash it’s called the U. S. B.. Yes the flash downloader and even this I feel the same problem.

So I tried so I wanted to try my hand on the. Lennox the button cord so I went ahead and downloaded D.. ESP our tool. Zdummyz.P. why. Focused. This is B. 2 older P. Y. from. This particular determine.com. And. Try to install the Titan. Framework and try to execute this. File. To flash the firmware. Soon. What I did for some. I just placed mine.

A former friend here. Her new infielder Cletus not been. When the Piketon. Directing and also please the ESP to order the way here. And. Try to flash the,nd to flash the. Flown there and let’s see how this goes. In DC and Maryland head of bracket right after the post. And. Let me just first recessed. Just. I have done recently we tried again.

It’s W. kilo one percent again. The solution today. Found. Was still. To read the court itself. The school. The idea here is. To. If. To reduce the. Blocksize. For. Vand Logan flash blog. To just 18 and for. Thanks to the fine. Now I’m going to. Find the,nd again. I probably will try to reset. The defending of the,nd. The the very slow process since I have been used to block sites.

The closest food. Really slow but. In fact it would complete 200 percent no you sit still at one percent. And I can see the blue colored lights flashing. And the connection so it’s pretty much simple yeah.

I think you probably weren’t known notice in Blacktown. I have connected she. GPIO 0 to the ground. And the odd X. in TX to the city of. USB interface. The R. X. with the T. X. and T. S. D. X. with go to the R. X.. And the 50 in the ground connections here.

From the wifi model is going into the C. deals cheering please. B. 50 and ground. And. The GPU is counted as they said earlier. And CP eighties film. Connected to the. We CCGS. Let’s see what is the best day in its 6 person now. Thanks for this video and come back to you in a short while.

Welcome back thanks so. It snowed 87 percent and it’s been like let’s still after 9 now. And it’s like 80 percent complete. So it’s going to completing a very sharp wine and. I can see it’s still early. Firmware is being flashed.

This is blinking at the 115 a. 2 double 0 boards 8. And I’m able to tell you one more thing yes. Best. So. Okay. So I want this. Well except lane just managed. Phone even if far. Close to $23 and. This is the primary reason I want this one was the day came across a lot of. Articles on the internet. The 2 reason for.

The firm they’re not being flashed properly is due to the. The current phone being low. Gusty USB. The current that flows out of the USP it’s very low and it’s not. Nearly enough for the phone would be flash and that’s the reason I tried putting this on board this and tried to fight about it from my phone bank and supply the 3 ward but.

This didn’t work. And. 94 percent I also bought. In other ESP 80 2:44 AM EST each. Toward. Wifi modules which. Is an integrated test development board and Hey the primary reason I bought this for my. 9 this model. Actually I turned with bait and I didn’t find any use because the phone there.

With interest in flash properly in a confusing anymore even using human orginal phone with what’s going on. Third point this development board and I tried to flash and you and I may face the same problem with this and finally I found solution. And the primary reason I went for death I thought. Having this additional power supply unit here we did keep our batteries .

I thought I I have a fairly but a chance to. Get success. But that didn’t happen even with the bad she’s 16 batteries and I think you know they’re very slow to the completion here. And bingo. Its down. And just. When this is complete. Let’s quickly. I love the moon the. GPIO 0 from the ground and delivered floating here.

For the day can operate. Test some,nds. And. Let me open this quickly. D.. Lula sketched. In order. And. Connect. To come to yes it’s connected. With 11482 doubles it upon. Okay so.

I was able to flash the firmware and just trying to give some comments. Through the level order and I will successfully. In order to offset this.

LG Smart ThinQ App Setup

LG Smart ThinQ App Setup
LG Smart ThinQ App Setup

Hey guys in this article we’re doing a quick to set up and configuration of the SmartThinQ app I’ve already installed it on my phone so let me go ahead and open the app. So I’ve already registered and signed into my account so currently it’s seasonal product easily disturbed so let me go ahead and add this washing machine.

So it is giving me a set of instructions before I started the configuration file click okay. So I able select this as a front loader washing machine. And it is asking me a question if it has the SmartThinQ local and I’ll click yes. It asking me if there is a battle on the washer yes does it have an LED time display yes.

No it’s asking me to press and hold the wifi button for 3 seconds on the patch Bennett and the wife LED will blink during this process so here’s the wifi button and it’ll keep it pressed. And you can see that the wifi button is linking here. Now it’s asking me to select the wifi networks and the password that you just go ahead and get it.

No it’s registering the product. I know the washing machine Adik to overcome. And you can see that the way fatalities on here so this watch mission is now going to stick to the. It’s not showing the status of the washer and it’s telling that it’s in standby mode.

And it also shows some useful information such as the wizarding community from accu weather so click on the washing on. And did a couple of flood cycles that are being shown here. And these will be active only if I select the remote start button on the washing machine so let me go ahead and do that it’s asking you to turn on the remote start yes so here they would start button and go ahead and see if that.

I have activated the remote start feature and it keeps giving me an alert saying that it’s ready to accept those comments from the app so be going with this and it’s showing me the cycles of flush. And frankly the cotton faithfully selected. Give me 5 minutes to change the wash cycles I’ll go here to the auction and I can select one of these options.

So let me go ahead and select makes. Second star does so thank calling for a wish to start if you go back and shoot some options so far download cycle. So I click on view all here. And they’ll decide the additional cycles that can be downloaded from the internet.

So there is a one on one single which I prefer and need someplace within one night duration. And in case if you wish to have only those rings and spin option you can just click that and it gets downloaded into this washer so let me go ahead and click this option. Download the washer. You can have only one download option on the washer at any point of time for this will overwrite my previous downloaded cycle that is the one.

I was sick a lot click okay. And he’s currently downloading it. Investing me if I need to use this option now please okay. For the watch program has started now on the machine and you can see that it is indicating an estimated time of 20 minutes or so and then spin cycle. So if I click this it is showing what all the in death during this process.

So you just bought this for now. Again if you make it anywhere I want you to school back into some other options now. So there are some notification options here. Then as soon as the washer completes the cycle you’ll get a notification on your smartphone that this the wash program is completed. And it’s just part of the thing is. Thank you for all the products of energy that added to your account going to get just the washer.

And I can give it an 18 T. for a wish to give. And it shows the network information which disparate disconnected. I want I can deliver this product from my account. Sure some information on that I have for example like and select the location analytics shows the software versions of the open source office that he lived in this app. And we also have a smart diagnosis helps in here.

So this is the youth to basically diagnose the problem and according case if it shows up on this deflect. I’m not trying this anytime film I’m not sure how to. Sure this. Options to you because I don’t have any data for on this machine. And go back and that is something on the customer support here. And it just opens the energy website support page click on that. And inside the washer. And for this machine there are a couple of options that are available if you want to clean that up and go to select this option.

Go back. There is an energy monitoring option within your choice all the cycles that are completed in that month in the recent past thank you I have deleted the products I don’t have anything showing here. So I guess that’s all of the options on this app and I find the notification option very useful for me because they get notified whenever the wash cycle is completed .

I come back and because the clothes for tonight other than that I don’t use the remote start option because IT started manually on the machine so that’s all I had to show up on this.