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The Sony GM Review

The Sony GM Review
The Sony GM Review

Checking out the brand new 24 millimeter f one point for G.M. lenses, Sony just announced it’s small.

It’s a really lightweight, especially compared to the cannon. And it’s reasonably priced. And just like any other G.M. lands, it is sharp.

So right now, I’m shooting with the 28 f 2.8 Tamron lens, the 20th seventy five. Let’s switch over to that 24 and see what difference we see. And that’s what 24 millimeter f one point forward looks like. It is a surprising amount of blur.

Sony really made a big point about how light and small this lenses.

And you guys are seeing the specs on screen right now. It definitely is the case, but it’s even more impressive when you actually hold it in your hand compared to, say, the cannon version. And don’t take my word for it.

Just take a look at Jason bungs expression when he got his hands on these lenses.

And just like are the G masters, I expect it to be very good. They had some print side by side against the alternatives, which looked great.

The corner sharpness looked really good and they talked about using a different element and the very front, which is very hard to produce and make lenses that way. But it really helps, especially with the corners, contrast and sharpness.

Another thing that mentioned multiple times is that the manual focusing ring is linear now instead of adjusting based off of your speed. I haven’t tested it just yet, but I definitely am excited to check that out.

And.So we just shot here in the woods. We didn’t get a lot of time here just because by time we got out here, there wasn’t a lot of time left.

But I got to shoot with a 24 one for doing some cliffs for Armondo.

I’ll have his link to channel and the description. And so far, I’m impressed. Especially if you want to get a wide angle with really shallow depth of field.

It does a great job, as you guys can see in some of these shots. The tracking for the autofocus is a little slower than other Sunni lenses. So I would suggest to kick it up from normal to fast.

So now I am on a boat. We just passed Alcatraz. Sony actually invited us out here to shoot, to look at the city and just kind of enjoy the time here. As far as the lens, I did switch it from normal audio focusing to the fast audio focusing mode.

It does seem a little bit slower, especially when you’re close to the lens.

Does it mean that it sucks that audio focusing actually does a pretty good job? It’s just a little bit slower. And there’s a few other Sony lenses where I do kind of tweak it to get the performance that I need.

And in general, when you’re shooting, if you’re doing sports, you want to change your settings to match what you’re trying to do. I also played with the manual focusing rig. Now it’s linear instead of kind of depending on how fast you turn it.

Most of those other electronic lenses make it very difficult to manual focus with this one that once I got used to it, it actually did really well. Even shooting wide open at one point eight.

There’s a couple other things I wanna mention. First off, you do have a customizable a button and an aperture ring so you can select aperture on the lens itself or set it to aid that we can control it from the body.

And that is both clicked and click, which is great for video. The lens hood also locks in, which I really like, and the filter is 67 millimeter. So it’s very convenient.

That shows off how small the lenses, the minimum focusing distance is also very close and allows you to get some really interesting perspectives while having a ton of depth of field and blur. And the aperture is eleven bladed.

So you’re gonna get ultra smooth Boca. And like you guys have seen from the shots, they are very, very nice and sharp with a lot of contrast, very little distortion, if any. And I’m not seeing anyone yelling.

A F one point four with an N d filter to lower down my shutter speed.

So overall, I am very impressive, this lens and I will be buying this lens when it ships for all of the reasons I already mentioned.

And the biggest one is the fact that you can get such a wide field of view while maintaining a shallow depth of field. And it gives you such an interesting perspective that is hard to match with other cameras and lenses.

If you do night photography and you shoot the sky in stars, this lens is going to be awesome because they really showed how little sagittal flaring you get compared to all of the competition, which ends up having your stars kind of spread out vertically with this flaring and it looks much better without it.

So the Sony event is coming to an end. We have to hand off these lenses soon.

So just to wrap up my thoughts on this new lens. Honestly, I was surprised. I liked it more than I thought I would. I have the twenty eight millimeter F two lens, which is a lot less expensive optically. This one is a lot better.

It’s a lot larger and heavier, but it is really small and light for the kind of lens that it is.

Price wise, like I mentioned, is a decent price. It is expensive. But if you’re somebody was in the need for some yards wide and really fast, there’s not very many other options except for that sigma lens, which I have a used to bus.

Far as I heard a thought of opening. It is quite a bit slower and has a lot of chromatic aberration as well. So I think if you’re a Sony shooter, you’re looking at something wide and fast. This is going to be a good option. So if you guys want to see more article.

iPhone 6 Plus Unboxing

iPhone 6 Plus Unboxing
iPhone 6 Plus Unboxing

Hey, guys, welcome to another article. I’m doing a iPhone six plus in boxing. I’m not MKC HD or am I take out this trust and knife here.

So basically, I have used Android since the very first Android phone hit the market.

If you guys know what that is without actually looking up on Google. Don’t cheat. Go and read a comment below. Let me know what phone that is. I was really young back then. I’ll give you guys a hint.

Basically, I’m using injured for a while and I’ve wanted to try yo, IOW, just for fun.

I mean, I like all sorts of electronics. I’m not biased in any sort of way. I like pretty much everything. So I’ve been wanting to try em out. And the one thing has been holding you back is that pretty much the iPhones all had super, super tiny screens.

This is the phone I’m using now. It’s a G3 has a five and a half inch screen.

Before this, I had the note three, which had a five point seven inch screen. I like big phones because I’m on my phone all the time, constantly.

He handle a little tiny screen like this. Finally, they release another kind of phone that is a lot larger and I’m sure they’re going to get a lot of Android users switching over. Okay, so this is the first time I’m seeing it.

Wow.Pretty cool. So here’s another reason why I am standing behind this camera. As you guys see, they’re making this article.

And I’m going to make article and I will be doing that in roughly forty five minutes about it. So I just got this phone. I want to test out the camera. The cool two hundred forty frames per second. Have the quality of an optical image stabilization.

It’s going to be article with one of my friends and I will have the behind the scenes up for you guys to check out what I did.the guys check out.

You guys could see the quality of this. Now, I wanted to use bring my jib, my slider, bunch of equipment, tripod, stuff like that, maybe make a little rig for it. But I realized, you know what?

I want to make a video for you guys to kind of show you guys you don’t need a fancy G.H. for the speed booster to be able to make, even if you have a phone.

Doesn’t matter. Does it have to be an iPhone? Doesn’t have to be an iPhone five.

It could be an Android phone, whatever. You could start film making and joke. Don’t kind of let your lack of, like, having a cool camera hold you back.

Start using something. Start gaining experience. I have absolutely no experience. This is my first iPhone with this. So we’ll see. What it could do is just kind of a little fun project. And I’m also.

Guys, if you guys have the exclusive I don’t have Adobe Premiere Pro.

I can’t afford three hundred bucks for final cut DaVinci Lite. They have editing program. It’s completely free. Doesn’t edit for k basically everything else you could do on it. I have a link and description for you guys for that. So let me see.

I guess I should turn this thing on. Hey, so you guys totally see how much of a new buy him with iPhones.

First impressions, I guess we’ll give you guys that. I guess it’s huge.

I mean, same size screen right there. Look how much bigger the iPhone is because they have to have a little button down there. So it is very large. It definitely feels thinner. The edges on here, a tapered on the G3. So I guess the G3 doesn’t feel that much thicker. But reality, this is thinner.

Year to see English.Yeah, other than that, I mean, this thing looks nice, looks really huge, which I like, I have big hands and I like having a huge screen.

I’ll say the G3 sucks. I had the No. Three for nine months.

I switched over. I wanted a nicer screen. I really don’t like this back button setup. I constantly turn off my phone, restart it, put in silent mode.

I don’t know when people are calling me, the battery dies out really quick because it’s really high resolution. I don’t really like it. A lot love. People love this phone.I thought I’d love it. I don’t like it.

The Panasonic FZ1000 Unboxing

The Panasonic FZ1000 Unboxing
The Panasonic FZ1000 Unboxing

Hey, guys, welcome to another article. This is the Panasonic F 1000 unboxing, I actually got the camera and one day early, so I’m really excited about that.

And I’m actually heading out to a birthday party for my brothers in a couple minutes here. So I’m actually going to take that and be able to shoot some Fourcade footage and take some photos for you guys as samples.

So, Glenn, open up the Amazon Prime box and we have the box with that FZ one thousand looks very similar to the GJ four box.

Looks very nice and simple. Let’s go and open up this camera. So if you guys didn’t see my other article, I posted it yesterday. I just go over everything that I love and I’m excited for about the scandal and why this camera is such a fantastic deal.

Nothing really else compares for the price. So we have the same software in your manual as of course, we can put that to the side.

And we have one extra flap here. All right. So I’ll wait to open that one. So we have a little Lenswood that comes with it for the builtin lens. We have a charger for the battery. Now, I can tell right away the battery does look different than my G.H. for battery.

So that’s a shame. I have a bunch of batteries for my G.H. for. So I’m guessing they won’t work with this camera.

But this one has just a wall plug, which is a little nicer than the actual extra cord there. It’s more convenient for me.

And we have a little Panasonic Lou mix strap right here as well. I’ll set that aside. Let’s see what else. So we have a lens cap right there, similar to the twelve. Twelve to thirty five. Size wise, a U.S. speed cable. And of course, we have ourselves a battery in here.

I’ll go and pull that out. Someone. I need that in a second. All right. So I think that was it. Now let’s grab the camera itself. OK, so set that aside.

Move this out of the way. All right, guys, there we go. We have the G.H. for Unbox.

So actually, never mind that the Jewish for very Zimmers used for the FZ 1000 bridge camera with a one inch sensor and shooting for K in 120 frames per second at Taine ATP. And I forgot to mention my last video, two 240 frames per second at 720 piece.

That’s very impressive. So first quick impressions. The plastic does feel a little bit cheaper up top than the GS for I’m guessing because the GJ four actually is metal, but still the same exact grip. It feels fantastic in my hand.

And the plastic doesn’t feel cheap. Likes on some other camera canon cameras.

Of course it feels less. Sorry. Excuse me. Feels less like less of a quality compared to metal camera. Like a seventeen hundred G.H. each for but still actually feels fairly solid. The button layout right here is similar.

There’s no little quick scroll type wheel here, but these other buttons do look similar here and up top. The button li it was a little bit different but you also have a on off switch different mode dials. That feels nice.

There’s no little lock up top here but I’ll get into more a side. But the lens looks very, very huge.

You guys are saying this, it’s very, very fat and I’m guessing it needs that because of the really large. Twenty five to four hundred zoom amount and you have your optical image stabilization switches. Let’s go and pop the screen open.

Now, I’m not sure, but it makes does seem that the screen smaller. Can’t say for sure guys, but I’ll be doing testing and I’ll do a side by side video for you guys. You, of course, have another switch right here for your selection of what photos you wanted to take. And let’s go and pop the bottom open.

So you have your SD card slot right there and battery. OK, so close to how I close this guy. There we go. The lens came out, man. I just sat very large. OK. So actually, the screen may not be smaller. I’m not sure I’ll have to check it out fast. AutoFocus. Wow, OK.

So there was the unboxing.

So that will be up soon. If you’re just finding article and and have a lot more content on the FTSE 1000 and comparisons to the Jewish.

For the low light, the quality of the image. Just a bunch of different stuff.

I’m very excited to use this camera. And if everything goes well, I have a feeling that I’m going to buy another one of these for my article. My wedding video crew to you. So there you go, guys.

Definitely ask in the description because,If you like this article. If you enjoyed it, go ahead and give me a thumbs up on that. So thank you, guys. And I will see you later. Bye.

Ursa Mini Pro 4.6K Review

Ursa Mini Pro 4.6K Review
Ursa Mini Pro 4.6K Review

Let’s go out and shoot some. I always felt like there’s something missing in my life. I just had this desire for something to fill my life, but I never really figured it out until I found out about logging. Now that I knew what I wanted to pursue, I was having some problems until I finally figured it out.

And to get some good coffee.Here’s your partner for yet joint.There’s one thing that I’ve learned is that good things are always Spetz.

Mine was making lots of showing off, you know, myself editing videos, but nobody was watching. And my mom commented once, that was nice.

That’s about it. Trying to crack the code. I know this is my destiny. Then I just hit the jackpot. Don’t tell anybody.

You have to do at least 10 bit. But if you’re a real pro, you have to shoot Grah.

That makes sense. First, I had a really hard time of how am I supposed to autofocus if I want to record myself in people’s pros. Don’t use autofocus. AutoFocus is only for amateurs. Thankfully, somebody wrote, if you want to track somebody, it’s very easy.

If you’re pro what you do, you just stop down and you have no problems. Shoot Ra. And that’s it. You know, if you’re a pro, that’s what you have to do.

You know, you look up to this guy. But, you know, it’s just it’s a shame, you know, now that I’ve realized this, he’s using a big camera. Did you see that? That’s autofocus. He’s definitely not a pro. I think I need to go leave some comments and inform and help him out if there’s one thing that I’ve learned.

He’s nice. That is, I need to start exercise. And if somebody gets noticed that common things seem getting fatter and fatter. And that’s true. And even though I’m disappointed in Casey, you know, all these. I’ll take that that suggestion get a little bit exercised.

All right. Getting a good workout in.Sorry if it’s a little bit shaky. Notice a cinema glass.No ibis, of course. No. The pro cameras have ibises doltish for the amateur camera.

Good workout. Oh.Yes, mile marker zero point zero one.Casey, you’re doing it further, but of course, he’s not a pro, sees those little Sony cameras up there for K or anything.

Of course, one benefit that Casey doesn’t have, but I do. He’s not holding out a professional ten pound camera, Ansley, while he’s doing his exercise. So I think that kind of makes up for the distance.

All right. Time to head to the office. That exciting life. You’d like it. I’m wrong that the Sony Sony.

Yeah. Why she’s referred to the autofocus is great. I don’t know. Are you kidding me? My battery’s bigger than your camera. Look at that. Tiny things. You know, I’m not going to waste my time with you. I’ll see you in the.

All right, guys, that’s it for the first episode. I know you guys want to see more, but hit that subscribe button so you guys don’t miss out on my future blogs.

If you guys want to see some real pro blogs, not none of that. Sony AutoFocus eight did all that junk.

Make sure you guys go out to these YouTube videos and not, you know, let everybody know the truth of what pros do and what pros don’t do and hopefully can convince Casey to step up to a real camera. All right, guys. See you in the next pro block.

Best Parts Of The New Sony A7

Best Parts Of The New Sony A7
Best Parts Of The New Sony A7

This article I’m talking about, the top five best features or best parts of the new Sony A7 is two now along with this video. I have another article titled The Top Five Downsizer Problems with the Sony Ace of Nesse two.

So we’re not just looking at the positives, we’re also looking at the negatives.

So after you watch this article, make sure to check that one out as well. Now, this camera came out about a month ago, and, of course, a lot of people are interested. It’s the successor to the really popular a seven S2.

And I want to talk about the top five features, at least from my side.

Of course, this is an opinion article. So you guys can comment below and let me know what you think the top five best parts of this camera are to you.

No one is going to be, of course, internal for Kate. Now, this was a reason why many people chose a G.H. for over the A7 s the original one because it didn’t have internal for K in the G.H. four did. Of course, you can output through HDMI for K, you have to use Excel recorder.

But now with this newer version, we definitely have it. It looks great.

The resolution is much higher. Obviously you have a lot more room you can crop in when you’re editing. Get a couple of different angles with one video file if you’re putting out a ten ADP file.

And in general it looks a lot sharper even if you’re downscaling to an ADP after you edit.

It’s really nice to have that internal four K number two is going to be 120 frames per second at 10 ADP. Now, a lot of people wanted to have a higher framer option when shooting full HD and now we do have it.

Sony is using a crop of the sensor, so it’s not using the full frame sensor. So you can get shallower, less shallow depth of field, more in focus, and you’re going to lose some of the wide. And on your lenses, it’s gonna be more zoomed in basically when you’re recording.

But because they’re using one to one pixel read out, we’re going to get clean images, no aliasing or any other image issues.

So if you’re a slow motion shooter, you want to shoot the 120 frames per second. We finally have it in this camera.

Number three is the built in image stabilization. Now, this is the third camera that Sony is including the ibis into. And it works really well. You can finally pick up your camera and without having a tripod or a shoulder, you can get usable hand-held results.

That’s if you have a prime lens. It doesn’t have the imagery position built in.

Or if you’re using an adapted lens, it still works. And it does a really good job. And if you have a lens that actually has the image stabilization inside the lens, optical image, civilization, it could actually use both to get even better results.

Some definitely glad that Sony included this in this camera. Number four is a low light performance. Of course, this is a huge reason, while a lot of people switched over to their original A7, as you have that really large full frame sensor, you have the low megapixel count. You have good processing.

And it makes for basically the best low light camera for video that’s out there, even cameras that costs multiple times more than this camera.

Now, the A7, S2 has the same sensor, has updated processing. So it does have a little bit better little light, but there’s nothing else that comes close to this camera. Number five is going to be the dynamic range.

Of course, this camera comes with √Āslaug to now has a slug three.

You have these are Cinny profiles. But even in the standard picture profiles, this camera still has better dynamic range than other cameras like the GJ four and the next one. You get more flexibility in the highlights, the shadows.

If you overexpose an image underexposed, it’s easier to fix those type of problems.

So it’s definitely nice to have that dynamic range. Thank you guys for watching this video, if you’re tough. Five is different than mine. Let me know in the comments section below. You guys enjoy this article.

Give me a thumbs up and make sure to check out my other video at the top five downsides or problems of the seven US two.So you guys don’t miss out on that one. I will see you guys in the next one.

SL99 Earbuds Review

SL99 Earbuds Review
SL99 Earbuds Review

Hey, guys, today on be talking about the US and all ninety nine earbuds, if you guys had a chance to watch my previous article on The Jaybird Blue but EXs, I mentioned that those didn’t last me all day.

And I do listen to earbuds all day long, so I had to pick up something else that would fill in the gap. And I chose these. The Soul by Ludicrus SL Ninety Nines.

I did quite a bit of research because I always like getting the best bang for the buck.

I like having a decent price and getting a really good product. I’m sure like most of you and reading some reviews, watching some videos, comparison, stuff like that. These just did really, really well compared to the beats compared to some other higher end earphones or earbuds.

So I bought them when I first looked these up. They’re about 80, 90 dollars on Amazon and MSR pe of about one hundred hours at Best Buy RadioShack. Other stores like those.

And when I was in the market again for another pair of earbuds looking up on Amazon, they dropped the price down to about fifty dollars, which was awesome because the Beats and the other earbuds I looked at were 100 to hundred fifty dollar mark.

And I’m super, super glad I bought them in the month and a half that I’ve had them.

I’ve just been kind of amazed by them. I know fifty dollars might sound like a lot to some. To some might sound really cheap. If you use a buying earbuds.

But I truly think these are the best bang for the buck earbuds that you can get. So first, I’ll say the negatives about these, if you guys want to hear those, and then I’ll see my positives. So the first negative on the league as I know about, is the size of these earbuds.

The actual outer part, when you put them in, they stick out quite a bit, just like the Jaybird Blue Bud Xs.

And when you put a hat on, when it fits tight against against the earbuds, if you want to cover your ears, it does put some pressure on if you wear it like a tight fitting hat.

So if it’s wintertime right now, which it is, that might be issue if you like, listening for a long time.

But I still listen with the hat on for hours and after a while the pressure does build up. The second downside of these is they are very particular when you put them in your ear. It took me quite a bit of time to get used to inserting it properly.

You can’t put him in too far or you don’t get very good bass and you can’t stick him out too much, I guess, or you don’t get a good bass.

You have to push him in a right kind of a medium setting and also kind of twist them back and then you get the optimum sounds. So it does take a little bit to get used to.

But when you’re used to inserting them, it’s not too hard. OK, guys, now the positives.

Pretty much everything else is amazing about these. First thing I mentioned is the sound quality is absolutely fantastic. Literally, every single day that I listen to these, I’m just amazed by how well they sound like, wow, these sounds so good.

Every single day for about a month and a half. Now, the reviews that I read, the comparisons all the time I spent into looking up what is the best bang for the buck. When I came down to these totally, totally right. They just sound great.

Absolutely awesome. Has enough low and that if you like, listening to techno music, electronic, whatever you like, just sounds awesome.

The mids are really good and the highs are really crisp and clean. Love it.

That’s all I’ll say about that. And I think, like I mentioned on the negatives, that these stick out quite a bit because they’re large. I think that’s the reason why it sounds so good, is because they are large with this larger area here.

They’re able to fit a bigger driver, a speaker in there.

And that just has pretty much makes more sound and better sound. They’re loud and and clean and just awesome. So that’s one next positive is this cable.

So a lot of times you get around cable on most earbuds or earphones and sometimes you get a flat cable. Those are getting more popular that don’t tangle like the round ones do. So what do these headphone company decided to do is make something right perfectly in the middle. So it’s almost like a oval shape. And I guess it’s just best of both worlds.

They’re super, super strong. I think the round ones are stronger than the flat cables, but they also don’t get folded up and all stuck together and in knots and stuff like that at all.

Next, positive I want to talk about is a durability. I’ve had these for a month and a half and they’re still doing really, really well. They look like they’re brand new.

I’ve had earphones that went out after a week just because the build quality really, really sucked. These just feel great.

And every point of connection, they’re just strong. They feel like they’re going to last a really long time. Another reason why they’re so durable is this little L plug right here. It’s really, really strong and it doesn’t put the stress on the cable.

So what happens when you plug them in? If you have force that is coming down on here, like if it’s in your pocket, jacket, jeans, whatever, it’s not messing up the cable.

A lot of the ear phones that have the cable sticking up. It’s going to bend it. Put pressure on your poor in your phone. It’s just it’s really bad in the cables go out that your phones die really quick.

So with this, no matter where you’re putting the pressure, it is not going to mess him up or at least are going to last a lot longer.

All right, guys, to wrap this up, if you’re in the market for some earbuds where you want to buy some as a gift for somebody else. I strongly recommend to pick these up. These are the best bang for the buck. Under two hundred dollars that you can get.

They’re absolutely fantastic for about 50 bucks. They sound amazing.

And most likely every single day you’re gonna listen to them and be like, wow, these are awesome.

Just like the just like what I do every single day. I know 50 dollars might sound like a little bit too much for some of you if you’re used to spending 10 or 20 dollars on earbuds. But it’s definitely worth it. You’re going to sound a lot better.

And they’re also going to last quite a bit longer than the cheaper ones are going to bias.

They’re going to likely save money in the long run by going with these. So strongly recommend them. There’s a link in the description where you guys can pick these up off of Amazon.

And I just hope you guys get these and you enjoy them. So thank you for watching, guys. If you like this article.

Hit that like one and only takes about two seconds. If you didn’t like it, you can also hit the dislike button. Write me a comment. If you guys bought one of these, let me know what you think.

Or if you think there’s some other earbuds that are really, really good for a good price to let me know and I’ll check those out. Thank you, guys.

Ryzen vs Hackintosh The Best Bang For The Buck

Ryzen vs Hackintosh The Best Bang For The Buck
Ryzen vs Hackintosh The Best Bang For The Buck

With the release of HMD risin eight core CPI use, we put together the best bang for the buck.

One of the most asked questions was if our rise and build can be turned into a Hakon Tosh. And the answer is no. The main reason is Apple’s never use a named processor, so it’s not officially supported by Mac OS.

Yes, there are a few people have gotten them to work, but it’s unreliable and very difficult to do.

So many of you know that our last Macintosh build was about the same price as this rise and build. So we’re gonna go ahead and compare the best bang for the buck hack and tausche versus the best bang for the buck.

Windows Editing P.c Now Arisan Build was an overclocked in our hack and Tausche is so since that’s not fair. We spent some time tweaking it and got a clock from three point four all the way up to four gigahertz, which resulted in a 12 percent boost in Sydney bench scores.

Premier only received a five percent boost since its poor optimization only uses 50 to 60 percent of the C.P.U, compared to 75 percent with our Hakon dush build overclocked at 4.5 gigahertz.

Before we get into the benchmarks, I wanted to give a big shout out to all the patrons who support us and make article like this possible as a thank you to them, we created an almost one and a half hour detailed step by step build guide for this B.S., starting from the parts in boxes all the way to Windows and driver installation.

That video is available on our patrie on page. So if you enjoy our channel and want to support feature article, consider supporting us and getting all the bonuses of being a patron.

We’ll leave a link in the description along with the full parts list for our build starting off.

We’re going to take a look at Cinna Bench, which is gonna show us the full rendering potential of each c.p.u. Our rise and build comes out seventy seven percent faster than our Hokkien Tausche, but it’ll be up to the editing programs to make use of this power.

We’ll start off with premier pro on both systems, rendering a five minute ten ADP clip with two Lutts and film Green Applied.

The rise and build is about 32 percent faster. Running the same tests in Fourcade shows a twenty two percent improvement. Moving onto the toughest task, which is for four key clips in Afwerki project, each with two Lutsen film gain applied and to close being reversed.

The rise in shows a thirty eight percent improvement. Now most editors don’t go through the hassle of setting up a hack and Tausche to use premiere.

They do it to use final cut, which is a much more efficient program.

So next, we’ll take a look at premiere on Ryazan versus final cut on our Hakon Tosh. Now, before I show you the numbers, I have to mention quick sync.

The reason why Apple computers render video so fast with final cut is the use of Intel’s Quixey chip that separates the rendering from encoding. This makes exporting really fast, which is nice, but it doesn’t improve your timeline editing experience.

The numbers I’ll be quoting are without quick sync because unlike a real Mac using quick sync on a hack and Tosh makes it less reliable.

So in a business environment, we don’t use it, but I will listed below so you guys can check out those numbers as well.

In our five minute tended to be test, Ryazan is about seventy four percent faster than our Hakon Tosh without quick sink in Fourcade, there’s less difference, but still a solid thirty seven percent advantage. Moving onto the toughest four by four K test are hacking. Tosh takes the lead here being forty five percent faster once again.

That was without quick so if you missed the numbers you can wash that part again.

But like I mentioned, we don’t use Quix ink on our Hakon Tosh as far as timeline’s moon. This both systems can play back full resolution Fourcade with a few effects if you stabilize footage.

This is where Final Cut Kills premiere with a twenty second Fourcade clip taking only 14 seconds to analyze compared to six minutes.

This isn’t because of rising but premier pros inefficiencies where it only uses about 10 percent of the processor and none of the graphics card compared to final cut, which maxes out both the C.P.U and g.P you resulting in very fast speeds.

So in conclusion, I’m really impressed with risin four thousand dollars. You’re getting a system with eight cores running at four gigahertz and this is really helping premier pro to be as fast. We’re faster in some tests compared to a hack and tausche where they usually were behind it. Both systems we’re using for course.

This is great for video editors since a majority of them use premier pro.

And if Adobe finally steps up and starts to optimize their system to use more than 50 to 60 percent of this processor, it’s gonna be even better if you haven’t seen our full rise in video. Definitely.

Check that out. We’ll have a card up above and a link in the article description, along with a full parts list to the system and a link to our patron page.

Weaken, support us for a few bucks a month and get access to the step by step build guide along with other bonuses. We definitely appreciate your support and that’s what makes article like this possible. Thank you.

Best Deal Thunderbolt Drive

Best Deal Thunderbolt Drive
Best Deal Thunderbolt Drive

Now that Forcades becoming a lot more popular, many filmmakers are upgrading their cameras to support this higher resolution.

Now, along with all those extra pixels, you also have a lot more data that you need store and the data needs to be read faster in order to edit smoothly. This is the Thunder before it’s an external enclosure that’s powered by Thunderbolt two and it supports four hard drives. With those drives, you can select different modes.

One of them being read five, which is my favorite. This setup comes bundled with some software called Soft Reed five. Their newest version.

And it allows you to have really high speed along with data protection with rate five. Your data is split up between the drives. This way, if a driver dies, you replace it.

And no data is lost. This specific one is 20 terabytes with 15 terabytes of usable storage in RE5 five mode. Along with the data protection, we have much faster speeds compared to a standard drive. It’s actually slightly faster than a standard SSD.

Not only dieser faster sequential speeds, the drives also have much faster seek times as well.

This storage solution isn’t cheap, but it’s actually a great deal for what you’re getting in the package. You have the enclosure, paperwork, power, cable, thunderbolt cable and the key to the front. The drafts come preprogramed in rate five with the rails attached.

So all you have to do is slide in the drives and plug it in. This unit has two Thunderbolt ports.

So if you’re editing on a machine with just one Thunderball output like this MacBook Air, you could still hook up an external display like this beast here and really get your editing on.

One of the reasons for the Thunder Bay’s great price compared to the competition is it uses a software rate solution compared to hardware raid. Software raid uses your C.P.U, which some people don’t like.

I tested how much C.P.U power is used and it was between two to eight percent more C.P.E. usage with an average of three percent compared to using the onboard SSD. And this is under full bandwidth usage, so regular usage will use less C.P.U power.

Also, keep in mind that this is on a base model. One point six gigahertz dual core MacBook Air.

So using it on a more powerful computer like a quad core that most people edit with, they’ll be even less of a C.P.U usage to run the Thunder Bay. I’ve been using this soft rate software for a while now with my hack and Tausche and it does a fantastic job.

I definitely notice a responsiveness difference compared to editing off of a single drive and it allowed me to multicam edit for K progress files where a single drive or even dual drives could be too slow to test compatibility.

I pulled out my four internal drives connected by Saeda and plug them into the Thunder Bay and vice versa.

My reader A showed up right away on my Mac book and the drives included with the Thunder Bay showed up on my and Tosh. This just shows how versatile the software and the enclosure is. This is not possible with hardware solutions like Lacy or Pegasus enclosures.

Both of those solutions also come with a set of drives and that’s the only way you could buy it. If you already have drives, you could buy the Thunder Bay either by itself or with a bundled software software for only eighty dollars more, which is over half off of retail.

The only downside I could think of is this device seems to be noisy if it’s right next to you on your desk.

The sound comes from the drives spinning, not the fan, which is fairly quiet.

This is the case with any enclosure, so it’s not really a fault of the product, just the way hard drives work. I’d suggest getting a longer cable and placing the Thunder Bay farther away from you to minimize the noise. I’ve been recommending the Thunder Bay for over a year now because you’re getting the best mix of everything.

Lots of space, really fast performance, data protection and a really good price.

Thank you guys for watching this article. If it’s been helpful.And if you guys have any questions you guys can ask in that comment section below.

Make sure. Check out the article description. Wahhab, have the link to this exact model as well as this case by itself. In the case bundled with that raid, five soft rate software that I really, really like.

If you guys want to see more article like this one. And I will see you guys in the next one.

The Olympus OMD EUM Review

The Olympus OMD EUM Review
The Olympus OMD EUM Review

Hey, guys,welcome to my five minute review of the Olympus OMD EUM one, mark two. Now we’re doing a full detailed review. It’s just over a half hour long focus on the article aspects. And since that review is so detailed, we go over so much topics.

It’s that long. I decided to make a five minute version of it for those you guys don’t want to watch the full thing.

Now, I’m not doing anything talking about photos, any stuff like that, because I really want to spend this last month of this camera and really dove deep just into article so I can learn as much in tests, do as much tests and comparisons and really give you guys great information. So that’s what we’re gonna be covering here in this five minutes.

The first thing I want to mention is the build quality and ergonomics.

Now, this is one of the best micro 430 cameras that have held in my hands. It feels really high quality. All the buttons, switches, dials, they feel really nice. And it feels like it’s gonna last a long time. And it definitely feels worthy of that price tag.

Which, of course, is two thousand dollars. It’s the most expensive microphone third’s camera that has been released so far, at least until the G.H. five comes out, which is similarly priced. I really like how easy it is to access all the settings.

The menu system is decently easy to learn, but on the video side, there are some menu options where you just trail in really deep and it does take some time to learn and figure it out.

Once you do, it’s not too difficult to know where you need to get.

Now, a couple quirks is if you want to adjust your ISO and your shutter and aperture, there’s a little switch that you have to flip up and down so you can either adjust your aperture and shutter speed or you have to flip a little switch first and then you can access ISO or your microphone input. So that’s a little quirky, but you do get used to it.

Now, if you want to adjust your microphone gain settings, you could do so, but all the dials are really clicking.

So if you’re using a shock and Mike, that is going to kind of get in the way, you might hear those clicks while you’re switching those settings. So be aware of that.

Now, while we’re talking about mikes, the the actual preamp in the camera for a video use is really bad. It’s one of the nodes most noisy preamps that I’ve ever use. And even if your feet are really high quality, loud signal into it, inset the internal gain settings to the very lowest setting.

It’s still quite audible that hiss. So if you’re gonna be using this for work and you want to use internal audio, you’re gonna have to be using post-production noise removal software, which is what I had to do with any article that I made with it.

Now the rear LCD and touchscreen works really well. It’s nice and bright and easy to see.

It’s not as sharp as Panasonic or Samsung or Canon, but you can’t use it to manual focus. So I like the way they did a couple of things, such as the levels. They don’t take a lot of the screen space, so you can still see if your horizon is level. And that’s a nice feature.

And also the histogram you. It doesn’t like stick out or take a lot of the screen space.

You want to turn it on and off. It’s small but long. And that’s kind of where you have to use for exposing because you can’t change the metering and camera in the video mode, you’re locked out. So you’re definitely gonna have to use the the histogram to do your exposure.

Couple of things I really like is the battery indicator is actually read out in minutes.

So, you know, if you have a half hour left or an hour, that makes it nice to use instead of having a percentage or even just a few bars of battery going into four key quality, the image is decent. But it’s not great.

I would say it’s about the average or a little below average as far as comparing to Panasonic or Fuji or Sony, a similar to the five D mark for which to me I’ve been using for K for over three years now.

It looks more like a two point seven K upscaled. Now one issue with that is the bitrate is very low.

Olympus really advertised their two hundred thirty seven bitrate, but it’s usually about thirty five average, sometimes hitting fifty, etc. If this is just a bug or why this is. But you can definitely see compression artifacts inside the four K video.

There is one flat mode which they call picture profile on and it’s not very flat.

It’s kind of like in-between a flat profile and a regular profile. But this is the mode that I would suggest because the other modes, the colors are kind of weird and the auto white balance is too sensitive and not very accurate compared to the other cameras I’ve used.

So definitely use that picture profile on, which doesn’t mean you’re gonna spend more time in post-production, adding, in contrast, saturation tweaking your colors, which is a shame because this is what I thought would be a nice run and gun camera, but it doesn’t seem like it’s turning out that way.

The low light performance isn’t great. It’s also average to a little bit below average.

Interestingly, the Panasonic’s that are cheaper actually perform better than this camera does, and that might have something to do with that bitrate onto dynamic range.

It also isn’t great average or maybe a little bit below average. It’s not bad. And impressively, when you lift up the shadows, they’re quite clean compared to the competition. But the highlights just get cut off.

So if you overexpose anything, it’s lost even in that flat picture profile video.

AutoFocus is also average to below. It’s better than what Panasonic offers, but nothing close to Sony or Canon, which is a shame because that would be great for fun and good filmmaking. Now, on a bright side, the ibis is very good.

It honestly is the best ibis around in handheld footage. Even with manual lenses look really nice and really stable.

So this is a huge plus. So in conclusion, if you’re looking to pick up this camera for a video or even a 50 50 photo video mix, I wouldn’t recommend it. Not that it’s a bad camera.

It’s a really good camera overall. But for that price point of two thousand dollars, it really doesn’t offer too much. It does have some Stena features like the really good ibis. But there’s a lot of areas as far as video where it’s average or below average.

And with the GJ five coming out for the same price point, I think that’s going to be a really great alternative, they guess, for watching this five minute review. If you guys want to see the full review, which is really detailed and we cover a lot of different topics we can cover here.

The Brand New GTX Titan Black Edition

The Brand New GTX Titan Black Edition
The Brand New GTX Titan Black Edition

Hey, guys, welcome to my unboxing. And over you article of the brand new G.T. Eckstein Black Edition. This is a top of line graphics card that was just released.

I ordered it as soon as it was available before it shortly sold out. And I just received it today. I’m going to be doing article . So I picked up this graphic, scarred not for playing video games, but for my brand new build that I’m putting together for four K video editing.

It’s going to be in Mac Pro Killers when I’m with the call it nothing against the Mac pros.

I actually would own right now if there wasn’t such a line and it didn’t give me more time to think about it and plan that I can actually make something that is portable and powerful without buying the Mac Pro, which is an amazing piece of hardware. So let’s start out with this on boxing. I’ll speak more about that a little bit later.

So we have this poster here, creepy looking guy, just one sided, I guess, to advertising it free EVGA if you’re going to put this on your wall. We’ll set that aside. We have a drivers desk. Don’t use these. Download the news drivers. We have a P.C. badge.

It’s actually metal, not a little sticker. I like most of them. And of course, you have your Emanuels warranty information, all that type of stuff. Well, we got some more stickers in here.

If you want to put those anywhere. All right. So we have some nice foam with some cutouts.

Looks like a shape of a graphics card with a little logo on there. Can move that aside. There is the G.T. X Titan black addition as a little bit weight to it. Feels good in the hand. Let’s see what’s in this little compartment in here.

We have a little power cable splitter.

If you don’t have enough power from your card or from your power supply for your card and we have another cable and we have a little DVR to Viji, a splitter. If you have older monitor, let’s grab the card here. So it looks get her, it feels hefty, can open up the seal here.

Make sure, guys, when you’re pulling out your graphics card, that you touch a metal object beforehand to get rid of that static electricity, you definitely don’t want to mess up a graphics card, especially one as expensive as this.

So there she is, the G Force G.T. X, tight black addition. The update of the original Titan then came out about a year ago. This one’s fully unlocked.

You have the two thousand eight hundred and eighty Kouda cause that’s what your video editing or your 3D design or whatever other program uses to speed up your rendering.

This card also has six gigabytes of memory. That is the main selling point for me. Instead of going with like a 780, which is almost as fast as the same Metacritic, cause this thing will hold a ton of texture. So if you’re doing for K anything else that takes a ton of memory.

This is the card that you want and this is why I chose this card for my Mac pro killer.

If you guys are interested in seeing the parts that I chose out to do this small build that’s going to compete and actually do better than a Mac pro for less money and still be portable.I have a list of the parts, some videos, how I put it together and benchmarks showing that off.

So here’s the G text Titan. Hopefully you guys enjoy this article . Hit a thumbs up, read a comment. Let me know what you guys think.