Feel World T7 7-inch On-Camera Monitor Review

Feel World T7 7-inch On-Camera Monitor Review
Feel World T7 7-inch On-Camera Monitor Review

Hey guys welcome back to another article today I’ll be doing a full review of the field world D. 7 on camera monitor as the name says this is a display that is used to monitor the live video feed from a camera when the attic Corning this is a 7 inch monitor that has a full HD display and comes with an IPS display panel.

it can accept 40 video input and has a ton of features to offer so let’s see what we get inside the box. So firstly we get some documentation and this includes a quality certificate and then we get a list of the items static and saying this is the package get the cell warranty card. And next is a user manual. So this has documentation off all the features.

This is the sunshade for the Monica. This will provide a sheet if you’re using the monitor all of those are in broad daylight. Just keep this aside and let’s see what we get inside this box. How to ball head is also provided inside the cell blocks and we also get some codes for it. Are you sure the usage of this in the later part of this article.

We get the schedule that is 1.5 meters in length this has a mini HDMI at one end and the other end is a normal human interface. Lastly the good dissension mounting frame that attached to the camera. So now let’s take a look at the monitor itself so the build quality is really good and it is very thin and the hold 40 east made out of aluminium. So this is very light in weight and has good durability underdog we have a total of 8 buttons and a starting with the left we have 2 function button.

s if when and if to decide like shortcut keys and we can assign any of the ku assist features on this button next is the navigation buttons left and right there is a menu button here followed by the down and the a federal case for navigation and in the end we have a couple of buttons these buttons have a nice click and they look perfectly fine.

On the left hand side there is a 3.5 millimeter headphone Jack that can be used to monitor the audio on headphones this is really useful in case if your camera does not have an audio Jack below this we have to do my ports the one below AS the input port that can accept 4 K. signal what is the estimate okay report and this is useful especially when you need to connect the signal to another monitor automatic guarding unit. And below there is a public check that accepts the mortgage of calypso DC apart on the monitor.

There are 2.20 school holds one at the top and the bottom for mounting options and the at the bottom the have a USB port here that is used to upgrade the phone that. There is nothing much on the right side. And on the back we have a couple of 4 wins all I don’t to dissipate the heat that is generated inside the cell monitor.

The test tool in built speakers one on the left and one on the right for audio monitoring at the same that we have this back to the plate this works on the Sony F. stay locked by trees you can also choose between other types of battery plates such as Panasonic and canon but please unlock provided in this up package and you need to buy this separately.

I am also a bottle such batteries for this but bus and let me open and show this to you. Circumspect in this box. So this is a new game I on the rechargeable battery and the model is scored N. B. F. 960 role. It also works on the N. B. F. and 970 also this battery is rated 7.awards and has a capacity of 70 200 M. hitch. This battery is a bit bulky in size you can get a lighter and smaller ones that have the capacity so 8000 and the hitch asked whether.

So if they are using these batteries then we also require a charger in order to chat to the Smarties and I bought this night quarter you’ll S. M. 3 hello for this purpose so this is a bit expensive charges but I think it’s really good so now let’s take a look at the specifications of this Juanita. It has a 7 inch IPS display with a resolution of 1920 by 1200 pixels it can accept 4 K. signals and also 1080 P. at 60 hertz there is also no put his team my port for connecting additional display or an external recording unit the pixel density is.

I don’t 323 PP I and has a contrast ratio of good 0 east won the opener guessing he’s made out of aluminium and it is about 18 MM and thickness and base about 328 grams it has a battery plate off type F. 970 and has a DC Jack that can accept well wards it has a wide viewing angle of 160 degrees comes with a 3.5 millimeter headphone Jack and also has an in built speakers and Leslie it has the I. P. C. 709 color calibration so now let’s put this on and take a look at some of the features.

I have connected the output from my PC on to the ceremony as you can see the brightness is very good hello Sir accurate and the picture looks pretty sharp and clear since it is an I. B. S. band in the viewing angles are also great. There is an indicator on the top right corner could display the battery level. The audio levels are shown on the bottom left of the screen and it shows the color audio leader that can be turned off if it is not required.

It also offers a couple of fun assist feature that is helpful while you are composing the video of the several assist free just a fine for them to be very useful the first one is the histogram. So this is a graphical representation of deep water distribution in the image the next feature that I like is the false colors.

So this shows an analysis of the exposure in the media center regions of the image this feature can also give you some hangs on the visible and non visible regions in this image the cholesterol shown here Chris one to the values on the I. any scheme that is shown here on the screen. The next feature is the focus assist so let me go ahead and done this on. So when this option is turned on it marks the end just off the objects that are in focus with a great green or blue color.

And in the middle we also get an option to choose the color. And the last one that I like is the old exposure feature so let me go ahead and turn this on. So when this option is turned on it marks the region that old exposed to it bagman lines. And this will help you to set the right exposure that is needed for the scene the other options including the zoom function. The animal freak more. Good function. Image flip. Image freeze functions.

This may not be so important but it is good to have just in case if you need to use them. They’re getting the battery life using the cell battery I really haven’t measured anything but it can last for several hours to get there when used with this 7200000000 bet back 3 in the morning is powered off it still continues to drain the battery slowly this is because the LED here continues to grow even when it exploded off hence it is better to remove the battery when you’re not using this money to. It has a push button release mechanism and a discourse the body from falling out.

As far as the design goes the navigation buttons here could have been placed to get that it’s sometimes really annoys to switch the finger positions when navigating the menu but once you get used to it I think it should be pretty easy. The monitor does get one after a couple of 4 minutes what it does continue to work without any issues. So now let me show you how this money dirty looks with the sun shade on and does this is how it looks like and this will help to reduce the glare and improve the visibility when using the monitor in all directions. Overall I am very much impressed with this someone needed for its price.

it offers a lot it has a good bed and a slim design it’s a budget monitored with a good image quality and viewing angles they made has a very good clarity and this really helps you to check what objects are in focus you got a whole different experience when you start using this on camera monitor and after having used the big didn’t display camera there is a big difference indeed.

When we compared this with the smaller display on the camera then there is a lot more detailed studies captured on this I’ll be good Juanita and this includes focus lighting and composition.

It also offers a useful features and assists suggests displaying audio levels histogram false color S. focus assist and over exposure if you’re looking for a budget 7 inch on camera monitor with good quality display and features then I think this one is a good option to consider.

So guys that’s all I had to say on this field would be 7 on camera monitor if you like this article. I found it helpful don’t forget to give this article.


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