Anker Power Port Speed 5 Ports – 63W USB Charger

Anker Power Port Speed 5 Ports - 63W USB Charger
Anker Power Port Speed 5 Ports - 63W USB Charger

Hey guys this is a review of the anchor public port USB charger so this is Qualcomm quick charge 3 enabled and it can foster cats to a system that supports quick charging so this has 4 USB output ports and in this article I should be doing free testing and measuring the actual output from the USB ports but first let’s open the box and see what we get inside.

And insane we gave the chapter 7. There is a feedback card. And will combine. This has all the specifications for this subject you. There is an excess city blocks. So we get this easy means of public given. And we also get this on his hip strip so this can be used to stick the charger to the side or underneath the table.

And we also get this medical cable thank. So let’s take a look at the charger itself. So this fills up pretty heavy and invisible 200 grams it has a matte finish and the edges are rounded. It is made up of 4 plastic but still has a premium up finish so on this side we just see the anchor logo. And to the back we see a power socket for the AC mains.

So on the French side we have a blue LED power indicator on the top and below are 4 USB charging ports. The first 2 ports that are blue in color the support quick charge 3 fast charging and this is indicated by the self quick chance logo here. And the below 3 USB ports are port followed by Q. 42. So on the back we see the specifications of this charger.

So it takes a C. mains input between 0 go 40 wards the court deliberated Opotiki 63 walks the book a chance 3 USB ports can output at work H. all 43.6 to 6.5 awards at the ends between 6.4 A. Wallace and 9 orders at the whims and Maynor extra balloon set cutting. The bullet thank you ports O. puts a total of 5 weeks act 4.8 Ms however the credit will be limited to a Max of 2.4 and on every political pork.

So now let me go ahead and put water on this chart just. So this is no power on and I’ve also connected this energy meter to the AC input so that we can measure the total power consumption off this charger. So you can see that the LED here a stone on indicated that this has been public and I have a couple of 4 devices to test so let me just bring it here.

Okay guys these other devices that I’m going to test and chats so this is the product of N. 0 bare power bank does that mean old April which supports a quick charging there’s a sluice as inform my exploratory this is a bad a first generation and lastly take me for a so except for me note April the other 2 is this does not support a quick chatting and I also have this USB meter which I’ll be connecting to this I’ll put book the measure of the power consumption from each of the output port.

And as you can see the board consumption he says the awards because I’m not connected anything to this attack took. So let me go ahead and connect the cables to all these devices. You can see that it is currently utilizing the quick chats the functionality. You can notice that the boat consume here keeps on increasing as and when I had to do with this.

I have connected all the devices and couldn’t take its being attached and you can see above the bar consumption of about 38 walks from this township. So let’s see what is the pot consumption off the so device from the but what I do port here by connecting this thing has been made.

So you can see that the current consumption from the boat a group work here is about 1.8 and settle for a point towards to see if the I. Q. board support phone better than the original charges so let me go ahead and connect the cell phone to this prorated charges. It looks like this is also doing the same amount of current and up which which is about 1.8:06 am saying 5.2 warrants.

Hello can I get this back to the boat thank you for let’s also measure the output from this quick charge 3 report. And as of now it’s currently consuming I don’t 1.4 and sent for awards. Not talking about the charging technology this uses anchors the property but what I. Q. and a war teach boost technology.

it can deliver fast charge 2 devices that do not support quick charge Ankara also claims that this has the universal compatibility and it is optimized for charging all the devices and the booklet church 3 supported like this B. ports can charge and support device up to 4 times faster when compared to a standard tension.

This judge it has safety features of beating and this includes the surge protection short circuit prevention and temperature controlled. When nothing is plugged into the USB ports and it’s on standby power consumption it consumes less than point Frank wants. So although I think the starter performs really well and does a good job in providing optimized testing for most of the devices.

it contains a wide range of for smartphones I plan to use this charger for testing all my god did th and so far it seems to be looking pretty. Hello so use this site has the strip to install the structure beneath my desk and this actually clears up my desk and also reduces cable clutter. I did I used to connect to multiple times just to see clicks on the power strip no it takes just one AC outlet from my poor strip and fleece of the remaining outlets for connecting that pick up things .

if you have multiple USB devices and you are looking up to buy a good quality might be poor PSP charger then I think this is a good option to consider so guys that’s all I had to sleep on this thank god but what for the speech after enabled this article was useful to you.


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