Redmi Note 8 Pro Unboxing & Overview

Redmi Note 8 Pro Unboxing & Overview
Redmi Note 8 Pro Unboxing & Overview

Hey guys welcome back to another article I’m very much excited today because I just bought the red mi note 8 pro and I’m just waiting to get my hands on it so this is the Indian unit and I went for the 6 GB ram radiant with the 64 GB of storage space. 3 color options to choose from which is a common green shadow black and hello white .

I went for the shadow black color and I ordered this on the website and got it delivered in this FAQ so I also got a leaflet from show me with the showcase all the products manufactured by them. So let’s take a quick go head the main features of this form and he said the selling point off this fall this comes with a 64 megapixel camera which is a quad camera setup.

it includes an ultra light and a microlens as what is the first phone by show me that has a 64 megapixel and for the first time show me has put in a mediatek Helio D. 90 D. processor in this this is a possible forms will when it comes to gaming and graphics there’s a 20 megapixel EA selfie camera up this form and lastly it comes with the photos and find 1000000 bad battery within 18 what quick charger. Other heading featured off the cell phone is that it comes in late with the Alexa assistant here.

so there’s going to be interesting as we now have a what’s your assistant they didn’t that’s capable of voice interactions on music playback sitting alone I’m so traffic news with that and many more features few of the specifications are listed out here. So that’s good on books this and check the form itself. So as you should be good RT P. your keys so let me pull this out. We get some documentation.

Meeting this coming out. So this is a transparent go in with a little bit of sheen and black colors here in this. Good. And next we have the form itself. So let me give this a site and let’s check what else we get within the cell blocks. So we get a USB C. datebook cable. We also get up fast Chad. This is needed at 18 what’s so now let’s take a look at the form itself so let me be the sticker off.

So the front is the concluding gorilla glass and it has an orchard design on the top I know this has a 20 megapixel selfie camera and the back is also made out of fiberglass and the let me be Lisa stickers off. So you can see a quad camera set up here and there are 3 cameras please the one below .

I know that and there is a fingerprint scanner here at the bottom the fourth cameras please set right down next to the set of cameras and that there is an LED flash hello this is the fourth camera. End up on the dock we have the noise cancellation microphone here and then I had a blast of. To the right side BC the William record and upload button. And moving to the bottom of the CD 3.5 MM headphone Jack followed by the type C. port followed by the primary microphone and a speaker grille.

And moving on to the left side of the seat to us looks here and let me go ahead and remove the slots. So this lotus for the primary nano sim. And the other slot has a place holder for a micro SD card and the secondly nano sim. Now let me go ahead and vote on this the phone for the first time. And in the meantime let me go through the full specifications of this phone so this is barred by the media take he’ll G. 90 T. octa core processor it hasn’t ideas full HD screen with a screen size of 6.5 inches it comes with either 6 GB or 8 GB ram capacity with 64 GB or 128 GB storage space.

it supports dual nano sim with a dedicated space for adding a micro SD card it has a quad camera setup 64 megapixel primary came up with F. 1.79 but Schiff and the other cameras include an 8 megapixel ultra wide camera 2 megapixel camera for the macro shots and 2 megapixel camera for depth sensing. There is also a selfie camera on the front which is 20 megapixels and then I had blasted on the top the food come for the buy 2 get busted your photos and finding me and us and what does it that is rated at 80 once.

it has a 9052 certification and comes with android 9 operating system so guys let’s move to the set up our kids and it’s loaded with the menu I didn’t listen and let me go ahead and proceed with the set up so it’s not asking me to choose the language. In the country I can select India. And it’s asking me to select the wifi network and it just keeps on now. Terms and conditions. Checking for the sim card. India is asking for a couple of permissions for the global services. Send you the engine diagnostics off.

And the LX 76. It’s not asking me to set up the fingerprint so let me go ahead and do that led into the bin so. For now enter 1111. 1111. It’s asking me to record the fingerprints now. Okay it’s ended successfully. I’m turning off some of the things which I don’t really like the schools. And we’re almost done with the set up and it’s concluding that apps. Okay guys the set up is now complete so let me go ahead and reduce the brightness a little bit.

So there are a couple of apps that that a pre installed on this phone so it comes with the medium it might be and also in the Alex which is a very nice feature which M. yet but discovered. And let’s see how much that’s basically get out of the box for storage so let me go to on my device. And check out the the storage space. And out of the box we get to about 53.37 GB for free storage space.

And let’s look at what is the what’s an awful meal wife you can see that it’s 10.4.2 which has been pretty loaded with this unit so the new I. 10 is based on the android quite so show me launch the mu I. 11 on last week and it contains a lot of phone book features I happen to check the time table on one of the show on the forms and they don’t look blind folded me north April is supposed to happen in the middle of December.

Okay guys let’s look at the camera performance now and and give the required permissions for the camera. Maybe for the land up in disarray Glenmore and V. edit one X. zoom when I click on this icon list which took 2 X. zoom. And when I click on it again lives which took wide angle more. This is a great option to switch to 64 megapixel more and it’s going to be done by clicking on this button here. And we also have a Michael Moore who have to go back to the 40 more and click on this Michael icon here. We can see that it focuses pretty fast.

And there’s also a couple of other options which is the 50 or more you. Which can be turned on. And it doesn’t anymore. Which can be turned on if you request. These are some of the sample images shot on this camera in indoor and outdoor lighting conditions as it can see the microlens does a very good job here you may decide crisp and sharp focus as well and the minimum distance of 4 focusing you stuff about 20 millimeters focusing speed is also quick these images are shot from the primary camera music such shock .

when due date colossal natural the 64 megapixel contains enough storage space but the advantage here is that begins woman to see much finer details with the closing of the quality in the portrait mode background blurring is good you can also adjust the level of blindness in the camera interface which is taken in the wide angle mort but what’s a lot of ground and looks really nice.

all right guys that was a quick unboxing and an old view of the let me note 8 will be doing a couple of more videos for distinct gaming performance on this form and also a video to see how the Alexa works on this device so please stay tuned for my upcoming videos and let me know what you think about this for in the comments section below.

if you have any further questions on this form didn’t please don’t hesitate to post them in the comments section below this article was useful to you .


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