Rode Wireless Go Unboxing & Review

Rode Wireless Go Unboxing & Review
Rode Wireless Go Unboxing & Review

Hey guys this article is going to be interesting because I’ll be doing a full review of this rule by law school microphone. This is a compact wireless unit that has an inbuilt microphone and her calls it the world’s smallest most what’s the daily compact microphone system so is this any good and how’s the performance and sound quality what is the transmission rage let’s start exploding in this article.

so I have already been books this unit and I’ve been using this for a little white I just put them back in this books so that you can see how this comes back. Should we go ahead and open this box. And we get a quick start guide indicating all the different options on the unit.

And we’ll forget how to use this transmitter and receiver units. And me see the transmitter and receiver itself. So let me pull this out. So we get to USB C. type short cables for attaching these units. They’re moving the noise they do this and decide court date cats so these are she exploded Nicolette debating microphone on the transmitter to block the wind which might cause any nice.

NXP good this is C. to 3.5 millimeter 3.5 millimeters DNS batch given this hasn’t quite finish. And lastly we get a kind of both for the microphone and the X. cities. So now let’s take a look at the main components that’s the transmitter and the receiver in dose of exercise both of these have the same dimensions one of these components are made of plastic but these have a premium finish looks good and feels solid.

So the transmitter has a power button at the bottom. You need me go ahead and vote this on. And on the topic in situ blue LEDs so this is for indicating the link to the transmitter and the other one is for the public. There is a U. S. B. C. paperwork present on the site this issue for charging the biggest in the battery and on the top you can see that there is a built in microphone here.

And we also see a 2.5 millimeter Jack and this we can connect an external lavalier microphone. And on the front of the CD or branding and on the back we have a clip and this is used to clip this to a piece of clothing. And let’s take a look at the receiver now and similarly it has a power button at the top so let me go ahead and put this on. And explored on and do the same V. CD USB C. tape attaching com port used to test the built in battery.

This is gonna be one family we did but Jack to connect this to the camera. And on the friendly have the road branding and below this BC I need to split the CD back delivers football did you see what and the transmitter. Connection link status is displayed right here and I tiny scale display the audio DB levels.

And as I mentioned before there is a game sitting option using this gain sitting but then again I just the game sitting all right that’s 0 minus 6 minus 20 DB. Reset is indicated at the bottom of this display thank you. You may want to select these physics based on the game sitting on your camp that’s usually done down the gain to the minimum in the camera and then adjust it on the door to see what according to the actual sound evidence now talking about double by T. both of these units have a built in lithium polymer battery and this gives us a run time off up to 7 US.

it can also be used by an excellent charging this is a good feature as we can use up what a bank for a long running sessions for us to keep in touch while it’s in use and about the latency in the process awful audio transmission and reception it’s just the 6 milliseconds and this is as good as long delay in terms of sound quality the baiting clip on microphone in though transmitter.

It’s actually all booked a great sound this is an omni directional microphone and hence picks up sound from all directions it provides very crisp and clear audio and also reduces background noise a bit and this is the voice levels also the western side really crisp and an excellent good good dips lemons the connection protocol is the standard digital transmission the 2.4 gigahertz frequency same as the home wifi frequency.

The transmitter and the receiver should always be in the line of sight without any obstacles in between otherwise there could be a connection dropped what it does connect automatically once it’s in the line of sight no talking about divide Lestrange discontents make audio up to 70 meters provided the 2 units in the line of sight one thing to note that easy.

you cannot use multiple transmitters simultaneously without single a sequel the system is designed to operate as a bit and you can only receive audio from one transmitter at any point of time. Using this tiny display on the receiver we can easily monitor the audio levels the display is quite bright this one too fast and accurate.

it has different colors to indicate the audio levels if we start to clip and then it indicates it with orange and red colors the backside of this the receiver also has a clip and this can be put on your belts pockets are shared. But the unique part is that this is a cultural connected so this can be fixed on the camera by just floating on the top of the camera in the Schumann there are 2 issues that are provided in the books and this can be used to attach it to the microphone on the transmitter.

So we have 2 plastic hooks here and there we just need to keep it on the microphone. And just press it in place. What do you want to be a little careful because this can easily fall off if we do slightly pushed. Now let’s do a series of audio tests and comparisons right now you’re listening to the sound from my Sony loudly and microphones that plug into my camera.

I will unplug this and connected to the road thanks we’ve done and I’m also going to get this DNS given from DTC work into my camera. Okay so I have connected the level of microphone to the transmitter and I have clipped it onto my shirt make no you’re listening to the sound from the it’ll reflect less cool with my Sony let let microphone attached to the transmitter. You’re watching technician on your bill this is a Mike test testing 123 hello be removing this I attached a microphone and let’s see here through the end big microphone.

I know you’re listening to the road fight let’s go click on to my T. shirt this is a some captured from the in big microphone on the transmitter unit watching technician on your job this is a Mike test testing 123. Photo I think that all right let’s go is a very simple to use Mike system but professional quality sound and performance the unique selling point of the system is that the transmitter has a built in Levelland microphone and a clip this means that it can double up as either a clip on microphone on it can be used as a break back with an external magnetic microphone.

This is very simple what if a plug and play system that comes paired out of the box and we don’t have to worry about the frequencies to scan on sept. It is very compact and easy to carry everything including the X. cities does fit in within the credibility that has been provided.

It is a very available Mike system and has something for everyone and this includes journalists YouTubers bloggers and also for budget filmmakers perfect okay did according to the next level.


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