Zhiyun Crane Plus DSLR Gimbal Unboxing

Zhiyun Crane Plus DSLR Gimbal Unboxing
Zhiyun Crane Plus DSLR Gimbal Unboxing

Hey guys welcome back to my tech channel and today I’ll be doing a quick unboxing and review of dizzy one crane plus via select gamers so without waiting any further let’s check it out. On the books we see the branding on one side and on the other side some of the features listed along with the contents in the box and don’t here we see some of the cameras that are supported by this gamble .

o let’s open it and see what we have inside. Inside the package we get this really nice looking hard case that is easy to get it offers good protection as well. And you can see that it’s very well organized inside the case. Firstly we get some documentation and a user manual and next is an anti slip grip tape that can be rolled around the handle for additional grip if it is slippery. The good the store lithium ion batteries and a charger.

The bodies out of paper 26 find it and each of these are rated at 2.7 words 3600000000 bit us and as for the charger it has a micro USB port and needs to be bothered with the fireworks charger and can take a cunning powerful 2.4 Ms. This is the handle that needs to be attached to the main game but unit and the batteries will go inside this.

On the bottom side we see a 38 to quarter 20 adapter that can be taken out if you want them on the scan button on it K. Parkhead. We get this to screw for mounting the camera on to begin with. And next we get this lent support bracket which will be useful if you’re using a zoom lens there especially longer and the bracket that supports this .

we get 2 cables for connecting camera to the game with one of these support the Panasonic and that supports the canon camera. This can also be used to power the camera from the game. Next is a mini type work and I think this is a very good addition to the get that soon has provided this can be screwed on to the handle and can be used to place the gamble in upright position for time lapse article.

this has the head Daddy’s quarter 20 often hinge and lastly let’s take a look at the game itself so this is a 3 axis Gimble and contest 3 or 4 brushless motors that can support payloads between 250 grams in 2.5 kilograms this can easily balanced most of the disallowed and medalists cameras the data within this age range.

the best quality is fantastic and it just feels so premium in the hands of the deep water has a micro USB port that can be used to power in Texas city attached to the Gimbel including the camera no this is a balancing plate that has been redesigned when compared to the green V. 2. The camera needs to be mounted on displayed using the sub blade mounting screw the plate can be moved back and forth to balance the camera and its latest recently .

it can be locked in a position when the camera is balanced also there are some markings for making a note of the exact point at which the camera balance of the friend we also see the sliding mount and this is used to adjust the lend support but the likes of the type 44 days it serves as an extended group so as to give a better stability when holding and digging sharks moving on to the controls B. C. a big Tom controlled directional button this button can be more up and down for getting the camera to pan the camera the joystick needs to be moved to the left or right there’s an LED indicator on the top right corner.

this will blink for tanks to ping to get the batteries for 3 times for 35 percent good times for 50 percent and one thing for 25 percent less than the more button here that allows us to change between 5 modes of operation. Next to this if the shutter button that can take just and blew the second button east as soon Florida so the sugar and zoom functions what when used with bated SUNY camera or where this even camera app on the Panasonic camera this rooms later can be used to control the focus.

to the side we see a second micro USB port which is used only for firmware upgrades and does that pretty much all the controls and options next we get on this Kimble now let’s put all these things together and balance the camera on the game. So I have a Nikon D. 5000 a mortal and this race about 2 kilograms including the 35 MM lens that have mounted along with the battery I use this quarter 20 board and died in this to the base plate on the game the base plate slides back and forth to balance the camera.

We need to go one axis at that time and we have a couple of E. axis to work with firstly the Texas if the camera is to the front or back then we need to loosen the screw attached to this base plate and move the plate backward or forward to balance the camera and then tightened the screw.

I am currently holding the whole axis more good with my hands and only looking conducted axis know that the camera is balanced on the Texas we can now look at the rule exes and see which direction the camera is tilting. Then we need to loosen the screw on this road motor and I just the by pushing in the opposite direction of the camera rolls.

this is done to balance the camera no the camera is balanced control Texas that’s about it no to balance the camera on the pan axis I usually try to make the camera balanced with its lens facing upward direction and this can be done by adjusting the I’m on the road with it once this is balanced we may need to really work on that date and will access again in order to balance the camera after this is completely balanced the camera will stay in the same position .

we moved by hand without falling off in any other direction the camera is pretty much balanced no so let me go ahead and publish this on by holding the power button for 2 to 3 seconds. So this is for don and by default it goes to the pan full of more. In this mode it will always follow the direction of the band the ticket is locked in this morning and you can see that even .

if I did the gamble the camera stays locked in the same position pressing the mode button once will switch the more powerful up more here the camera will be locked in the position on all the 3 axis and they do not follow any of my moment double tapping the more button will switch.

it to plan for the more I did for the more clicking the more button twice will switch it to selfie more Epping get 3 more times we take the demon back to its original position one of the unique features of the scheme will that be all the more to fix to this more Vini protecting more put in once but for a moment and click it again the bill anymore the camera would follow your movement along the real axis and it can go up to 45 degrees the P.

will be mourned lets you add more creativity can your shocks and give us a different dimension to the scene the number you can also be used in inverted more and this is used for taking low level ground towards the switch to this mode we just need to flip the game with upside down quickly this can be done when the gamble is still powered on it can be also done by putting the game when in standby mode by pressing and holding the mode button and then rotating the camera to interdict.

Talking about the battery performance he decided to give out on 15 ourself and fame when the camera is properly balanced the game is very quite and operates silently without any sound nice the given can be controlled using an app as well the app uses Bluetooth to connect and communicate with the king.

but I’ve already downloaded and installed the app on my android phone this app allows adjustments to mortar and also has a what should the joystick to public the Kimball other features of the game will ease the smart follow feature that allows us to track moving objects with the phone and the game will be followed that object to this .

I just need to select the smart follow option on the app and drug addicting around object and the game will start falling object the app also allows to configure and member time lapse settings a new feature here is the motion memory buried a loose to create advanced camera movements and save them so that they can build can use it at a later point of time this can be done by selecting the moving timelapse option and then positioning the gamble and adding viewpoints on the app we can add up to 58 points and also configured the Rolex this as well after entering the time interval and duration .

we just have to press the start button to start the time lapse option the settings are saved automatically for me to use sort of wrap it up I really like this game but in terms of its compactness it can be easily packed and carried in a backpack went on travel well.

it’s compact it can also balance a DSLR camera which is a big plus they’re not a bunch of features like DP William Moore object tracking motion memory time lapse that can be made use for creativity and adding more uniqueness to the shark 1 corn is that there is no visual indicator off the more that is currently operating and.

You will have to figure it out all by yourself also you can know exactly how much button batteries left and have to go over the LED indicator that blinks and indicates that less than 25 percent 50 percent 75 percent or 100 percent so that the article.


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