SteelSeries Arctis 7 Wireless Gaming Headset

SteelSeries Arctis 7 Wireless Gaming Headset
SteelSeries Arctis 7 Wireless Gaming Headset

Hey guys welcome back to another video I’ve been in the gaming for the past couple of months and I usually play Fortnite but G. and G. D. 5 I wanted to upgrade my city and hence a plug this species I. P. 7 wireless headset .

I’m already on the books this is a unique and I’ve been using this for the past 2 to 3 days I just put them back inside so that you can see how it comes packed inside the box we get this beautiful looking headset and be find another smaller books .

which is an accessory kit with product information guide in multiple languages and the feedback card next we get this wireless transmitter. The mobile on a console cable that has a kind of mini USB plug 1 in and on the other end it has a 443.5 millimeter plug the distinguished for connecting the microphone and audio and lastly we get this a micro USB cable that is used for charging the batteries and also for phone with updates.

This is a closed back 86 which means that the backside eclipse of the driver a completely sealed this is mainly to prevent the background sound within the room from looking inside your cups as a conceded on the winds on the backside of this year. So now let’s take a closer look at the controls on this headset this is about but in here which is like an LED lit to indicate the VDS Bacchae Levitz.

And next is a daily for check mix that allows you to balance and I just allowed myself the way school in the in game sound. There is a tactile maybe bump to indicate the midpoint between the 2 levels of the audio source on the other side of the vehicle there is a push button for muting the microphone next to this is a dell that he’s pretty small to operate.

hello this is a USB mini Jack followed by 3.5 millimeter input Jack for audio sharing. And lastly we have this a micro USB socket for charging the in the factories and also use performance upgrades also do not dead this micro USB cable cannot be used to transmit audio however the mini USB cables can be used to transmit.

the audio can divided more so this has a USB mini board act one in and on the other end it has a 4.2.5 millimeter black. For this new wave can be plugged in directly to the mobile device without having the need to follow what we had said not the wireless transmitter. But in the way of mortar the audio is not so loud S. T. by listening as there is no application in order but had said.

A splitter can be bought separately like this one if you have a separate socket for microphone and audio on your PC or laptop. Looking at the build quality it feels very premium and it’s got dysplastic up yet cups with small trouble courting the headband is made of fermented mostly aluminium and we need that we have a plastic support the other models of artists have a plastic head back .

so this is a very good upgrade the civil joins off the ear cups are good and it’s not very tight not too loose the self adjusting fabric is bit elastic and stretches a bit. The length can be adjusted using the velcro and it can be removed and replaced with other designs that can be bought separately.

The purpose of this headband is different all kinds of hardships and for a comfortable there. It basically takes off the weight on the years and distributed on the head evenly. One Cordoba this headset is that it does not have the height adjustment so you are only limited to this much of height from the top of your head yes on the flip side it has the worst adjustment and it can almost put any person with white hair.

It has a retractable microphone that can be pulled out when to quit. It is a little flexible and it stays in one position been ported out which is good. It also has the red LED light indicator if it’s not. This is a mute button at the back of the head for that can be used to mute or unmute the microphone .

you’re not listening to the audio from the microphone off this headset with no changes to the sound regarding the quality of the sound recorded from the microphone it is clear and it’s D. day has a bit of bass and it’s got good clarity of voice background noise cancellation feature that reduces all the background sound and only picks.

the sound that is near to the microphone this works to some extent as you can hear that I’m currently typing on the keyboard and it does take a little bit of sound from it. These vehicles have it leave questions the best of the best and it’s got a textured appearance and the center the question is lieutenant so when I read the headset I can feel a little bit of hardness due to the convicts housing off that day but beneath.

it was comfortable reading this headset for long US and I did not feel it too heavy and most of the great gets distributed around the head through the elastic headband. Now let’s take a look at the transmitter which is a very compact unit with white LED on the front to indicate the status if it’s blinking then the headset is either sleeping or disconnected.

Give the white LED solid then it means that the hit cities connected and connection he’s fine. This runs on a US be politics and it is rated at 5 Wilson pointed millions there is a betting button on the side that is used to be if they had stayed with the transmitter bidding is usually north creek where as it comes paired with in the box on the backside that R. 23.5 millimeter sockets. One is the line in which .

we can connect an audio input source and the other is the line up which we can connect the speakers for this hub of the transmitted will automatically log the signal to the headset the fifties on otherwise it will drop the audio to the speakers this works on a plug and play setup process using the SteelSeries engine 3 software that I’ve already downloaded the firmware updates can be done using this software.

Also a lot of customizations to the audio can be done using the equalizer and dynamic range compression there is also a set on more with DTS X. that gives a larger collection of audio sound. As with the studio mode some sun much closer to the yes and much clearer.

Not talking about the sound quality it’s loud enough and a very clear the mid range is good but not so much of the base however the beats phone 20 it has a good prevalence Pennywise’s some crisp and clear. Regarding the wireless signals it works on the 2.4 gigahertz frequency band.

it is quite powerful as per the specification the rain dystrophy around 40 feet without any obstacles from my experience I was able to receive the signals quickly still 30 feet with one of the ones in between there was no background noise or hissing sound the wireless mode and the sound was crisp and clear without any delay with respect to back to life steel city’s claims about 20 for us.

but the chance I got about 20 us before the light started blinking indicating low battery of around 10 to 19 percent. The head **** off by itself when it is idle for some time when there’s no audio signal but when the signal is back .

it wouldn’t turn on by itself and needs to be done manually there is no RGB lighting on this headset unlike the Arctis fight that has an RGB lighting I chose this wireless headset because what had said have cables hanging down the ear cups and it is sometimes online to manage this cables when reading also the cable sometimes slips against the shared her shoulder causing given life which can be heard within the theater cups.

Given management is another challenge as to how to rub this in available space to the PC on the contrary but let’s fix it gives us the convenience of freedom for movement.

it’s easy to position hang the headset thank god 8 as well another advantage of this headset is that it can be used in the way of more as well but using the supplied cable.So guys that’s all they had for this article and make sure to give this video like if it.


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