Backup UPS – APC BX1100C In Unboxing

Backup UPS - APC BX1100C In Unboxing
Backup UPS - APC BX1100C In Unboxing

Hey guys welcome back to my tech channel in this article I’ll be doing a quick unboxing and review off a UPS that I recently bought for my computer the model is called A. B. C. B. X. 1100 feet I. N. so I will be going over the features and specifications runtimes and also I will discuss the U. P. S. on my computer.

On the box we see couple of 5 features and its icons on the front of the box on the other side that I have some more features with descriptions I should be coding these features in this video good side there are some technical specifications and on the top you will see a table that mentions the run time off the UPS for various devices .

so let’s quickly on books and see what we have got inside the box we get a product registration form an envelope some warranty information safety information and a user manual. And this has loads on package contains installation opening on the UBS Bacchae placement specifications status indicators troubleshooting information and many more also the get the report on quality assurance test indicating the test procedures and results .

that was done at the time of packaging by the manufacturers so let’s take a closer look at the UPS itself it weighs about 90 days and it’s made of good quality plastic it has a power cord of flint 1.4 meters and the 6 Sam 3 been Indian plug at the end of the card on the front panel B. C. couple of buttons and status LED. The first button used boat on our border off the unit and the LED in the button turns green when pressed if there are any others then it returned read.

The second but an 8 foot battery saver option pressing this button will activate the battery C. would feature and offers consistent on time during the lifetime of the body it includes the battery life good times when the line came off the connected equipment will reduce when this feature is anybody. And lastly we see an LED dirty the status indicator during charging of the battery on the sides of the U. B. S. we see a couple of friends for cooling and dissipating the heat generated by the electronic circuits inside and there is nothing much on the top.

On the bottom side the they decide but elevated and precludes outwards this helping instability when the UPS isn’t standing position and moving onto the backside we see a lot of power outlets it has 4 photo plates with battery backup and surge protection and one additional outlet but subsequently protection.

It has been mentioned in the manual to use this example related plug and we should not connect such protectors are extension cords to these outlets. Moving down we see a cut will break a 30 foot switch here this is a very good feature but in the U. PS we tripped cutting off the blood if there is any order condition pressing this button will reset the totals that could break up and the unit will start operating normally.

Also here inside there is a cooling fan that is meant for calling the electronic components when running on battery power. I’m talking about the specifications it takes an input of 30 words AC and it hasn’t on the mortgage production of 144 awards and an old mortgage protection of 290 what is the. The output is rated at 1.

one give you are 660 what’s the switching time all the transfer time is around 10 milliseconds and it has an efficiency of 72 percent at full load while running on the backup. It has such protection and also all the protection that can be reset when overloaded it turns on blue caloric maintenance free sealed lead acid batteries with each having a capacity off 7 and I was.

The recharge time of the batteries is roughly around 6 sides now let’s talk about it’s features that are highlighted for this unit. Firstly it is compatible with Jen sits on a home in orders and can be connected to them next is the older prediction betting it detects high lord and tips the unit for protection the next feature is the cold start compatibility vetting vacant .

but 1 of the connected device when the utility pole but is off next is the battery saver mode that when turned on it will enhance the battery life of the UPS there is a such protection in case of spike in the main Sportage and safeguards to connected devices lastly it has the idiotic or the automatic will gauge the collision read.

it connects and regulates the main tour dates by boosting or trimming the mortgage fifties to high or too low without using the battery power when talking about switching off but from means to Betty do need will switch to battery but what if the input voltage does not need to undo or damage or the old mortgage insurance what if there are any wooded fluctuations .

if the input frequency is out of range if the U. B. as is running on battery more and the batteries they would switch is on in the U. P. S. was shut down if the connected lord gross less than 30 watts of power for more than 5 minutes.

so if you’re planning to use this UPS for boating smaller devices such as wifi router then we need to turn off the battery saver more off so that the U. P. S. for luck auto shut off this UPS has got a lot of us do disintegrated what was your and audible indicators it beeps every minute while.

it’s running on battery mode and when running low on power it has various types of beep sounds and LED flashing buttons for indicating alerts such as school load sharks and cute over temperature shutdown indicator by 3 D. placement and many other events now let’s talk about the run game of this unit when it is running on battery there 2 more 01 needs with the batteries they were more on and. Other for the battery saver mode off.

I think concede a single home BC of it 19 inch LCD monitor should offer roughly around 50 minutes of runtime when the by the sea would mornings off you can also see the VDSL loads and different times that is listed on the heat B. C. website there is shown on the screen .

I had no problem putting on my gaming PC and forget 27 inch LED monitor but this UPS and it worked perfectly fine. As you can see the charging LEDs has dawned on indicating that the batteries being charged at the moment when the main supply is switched off you can see that the computer space on running on battery but what.

The switch remains to but he was really smart and there was no lag on I also tested the coldest start feature on this you PS during the course started the connected device made all lot of bone momentarily to start up I have removed the power cord of the U. P. S. from the main supply and then done on UPS as it can see the cornstarch also works fine without any issue.

I also measured how much power this UPS will draw during the charging process and you can see that it costs roughly around 60 words during the process I also took some time to measure the output voltage of the UPS when it was running on battery and it outputs a mortgage of around R. 215 wards at 50 hertz .

I also did a test to check the run game for my computer after fully charging this you PS my computer draws about 200 watts of power during idle after booting windows 10 so I switched off the main boat and let the U. P. S. run on battery should last but though measurements given on the ABC website I got a backup came off 35 minutes before.

it started to give a warning beep of shut down so that song for this article guys I hope but this article .


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