Yeelight Xiaomi Smart LED Bulb Unboxing

Yeelight Xiaomi Smart LED Bulb Unboxing
Yeelight Xiaomi Smart LED Bulb Unboxing

If you’re looking to make your home just a little smarter than this one is definitely the very basic device that you need to get started Hey guys welcome to technician and I’ll be doing a quick unboxing and review this delight smuggled from Shami so let’s get to it.

So this is an LED smart bulb that you can control using your smart phone or the internet so let me quickly unlocks this and see what we have inside. So in the package we get this marble and the manual so my name has got instructions fully in the Chinese language and we can see some of the instructions for during the set up.

And also it has the list of specifications that are listed on here. So let’s look at the politics and now so this but it has got a very good finish and a very good look so does a lot of metallic finish he had at the bottom but it actually is a plastic and they don’t buy kid looks to be a blast.

but again does the plastic and the bottom is a bit of heavy and it makes about a 170 grams. Not talking about the specifications of this bug it works on 220 wards at AC and it is rated at 9 once the well has a school day book E. 27 base and I had to buy this Screwtape to bring type adapter as my house is a group of it though dependable but holders.

The cooler temperatures can be adjusted anywhere between the range of 4000 700 to 6004 ended up killing me and it works on the 2.4 gigahertz wifi frequencies bind and works on paper not boulder CO 11 V. G. N. a specification so for wifi. And lastly the brightness so off this bunch of a sedated at 600 lumens.

so now let’s quickly do the set up of this well. And I have already installed the D. like dog app from Google play store on my phone so let me go ahead and open this app. So now it is asking me to agree to the terms and conditions of the app. And I have to select which server I’m going to connect so I will select mainland China.

I know I have to sign in with my and my other computer so it’ll be my phone number and password so let me go ahead and enter the credentials. So now it’s asking for a couple of permission so I’m just glad and random. No I have logged into the account so let me go ahead and and the US. And then select a ladybug colonus anyway.

So now it’s asking me to vote on this budget. So now that the bulb is turned on and go ahead and click the next button. Third the advice and let me go ahead and select that. So it’s asking me to clean the credentials for the wifi network. 6 is updating connection status. And it is connected successfully to the spark plug. Third has either developed to the list of 4 devices.

so next I will go to this room that and tried to create a rule. I’ll select the icon as the living room. I thank the living. He says selling the one which has to be added to the living room. And then. So no I have a room with the one belt so the living room so whenever I can add multiple bugs do this living room and when I when I one day just a tap on this button.

it’ll dawn on on going off the boil. And I can go back to the device tab here and click on the button. To give me some of the options to play around with a bunch. So they can see I have a list of presets here which is sunset Sunday night more into the Collette presents and also I’ve got another precinct for choosing the color of whiteness which is ranging from appeal to white. Cool one white.

So I can select anything I want and the color changes according to that. I like. This somewhat having the incandescent down feeling off the light color. The next day I also have the color and then I can choose from this Collette Bennett so I am more around this circle here and the color changes instantly.

There is another option order flow read the light changes do it different colors one after another after a given interval and cycles through the collapse this can be completely customized to a which color I want to cycle through and what interests. I’m going back to the recommended a present here so I can select from various options like for example the candles flicker here which flickr intermediate clean to give a feel of candlelight.

Or it could be of a movie but in the light actually dims to kind of whitening and there is another handy feature rating I can save the money sitting still of brexit and saved in the favorites so I’ve been a pretty Saito name here. 4 percent one and save this.

And it saved us successfully so whenever they want I can distill come to this favorite sendo applied the preset instantly rather than me having to repeat all the settings and adjust them if the daily. And they’re a bunch of other options out here on the job and the company said colors.

that I can choose from the red green blue yellow and other colors and I can also select favorite that needs to be applied. I’m not sure at the right so the present study just seemed appearing here. And there is another a nice feature which is a color picker so this feature that allows me to basically.

The color of my choice from any any source here so for example I have this mad with multiple colors and let me select a blue color. Right so this is a very good feature men and I can match the room color any object in the room to find a plan for the next feature is the music more bad the bulb changes color death but the music that is being played in the room .

so you can see that it is changing but my wife’s currently play a small musically right now. So basically it picks up the music from the smartphone microphone and then a place that the but. So those are the options in the system manual and let me go back to the main screen here and there is another dad called the scene so let me create a scene here this is similar to the shark goods that could be .

so I did but there’s something different for example I can go ahead and select this icon here Paul Lambert the land here and click next and select available test we map for this and I can put the setting that I want to apply for example done off and click done.

So this is a short cut as they said earlier so when I when I want them to change the state of the bottom I just open the app and click straight away on the icon and it turns off instantly. And there is also an option to and he said this month to the factory settings this probably you might want to do.

this because you want to I agree with the set up process on a different from wifi connection on probably there I said it did not go through in the first attempt so this can be arrested by switching the bulb on and off successively fighting single you know with a gap of 2 seconds so after you do this the bulb actually changes.

its color one by one and glow stadium on white and this will indicate that the world has been reset. So that’s what I feel that the bulk of it is a very good and they’re talking about the brightness it is sufficiently bright for almost 400 square feet but again it depends on the individual preference.

if you want you can add multiple bugs in case if you need more light and you can apply all the settings and preferences on the additional value cool operator synchronously with the other violence.


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