Xiaomi Mijia 1080P Smart IP Security Camera Review

Xiaomi Mijia 1080P Smart IP Security Camera Review
Xiaomi Mijia 1080P Smart IP Security Camera Review

Hey guys welcome back to another articleand today I’ll be doing a full review off this a security camera from shown me that can record a full HD article and it comes with a bunch of features. So how good is this camera and are these features really useful let’s find it out.

So as you can see I have already been using this camera for quite sometime and as a result I have already on the books it but let me show you guys what we’d really get inside this box so we get this camera itself and apart from that you can see that that some of features that Honda showcased here on this box.

Inside we get a manual user manual which is in English with some instructions on how to fix this camera. And we also get this stuff many of the Jews and Chinese. And in addition to that we get this about a break and despite a break is that it did add to home 5 awards and a 2 M. B. S.

so this camera is powered using this micro USB and I will be using go about a bank instead so let’s start with the physical overview of this camera and also itself features so this camera can record of full HD videos which is 1080 P. with audio as well and on the French side of this camera you’ll find us so let’s hear below.

this is a small LED right here which indicates the status and this can be turned off using the app the surrounding this camera a 6 infrared LEDs which are basically used for a night vision and this camera can be removed from the stand on the base by just turning this black colored ring here in the clockwise direction and I can remove this unique itself and the stand is made up of 4 plastic.

it’s so so the good devoted to position the camera over any place could be a desk or it could be a kitchen counter and below this stand you’ll find some kind of a yeah but I used a mixture it is in fact the report for better grip and on the backside of this camera be fine this morning hold here hello there it has the microphone in bait for capturing the audio and next to that is the micro USB port. For boating on the camera.

And also to the left you can see that that is a micro SD slot here which can accept cards up to 64 draft picks and lastly on the back so you can see couple of for a speaker grille holes inside it has a big speaker for outputting the sound for this camera connects to a router what do you do when Florida and fighting you go hug this band of internet and it has a Bluetooth in between cheese.

you’ll still do the initial setup and configuration where the app that is being provided and these available on play store for android. So let me know jump into the set up for this the camera and and first of public this camera using the power bank. You can see that the status indicator is now on. So I have already downloaded the and my whole mouth and from the play store and I have already installed.

it so let me go ahead and open the app so now I have to add a new device and then click on this plus my cute. Right now it’s asking me to turn on the Bluetooth mice my phone. You can only be detected though the camera out there and it’s also making some kind of announcement but using Chinese so click on this camera icon here and now it’s asking me to selected okay which is ready for selected orderly.

Thank. I know it says it’s connected to the device and it’s trying to communicate with a device. The device is connected and it’s already configured so you’re seeing the live feed from this stuff camera here so this is the home page on the main page of this camera app and if you have got a bunch of options right here.

so I can switch between the landscape and the poor credo more here so when I click on the send button he just switches to the. Landscape mode so right here the truth the data transfer rate. And the next you have this Hichki mode here so I can switch between 3 options which is the H. D. auto and the lord is the mission right now the Hichki is being selected. For the next icon here.

you’ll see the speaker icon so when I click on that it’ll basically on mute the microphone on my smartphone and the sound of what I what I talk a little smartphone he’s basically a delivered under the camera so the way I do it is by holding this microphone button here hello this is a test.

Hello hi de hi de hi. So that’s how you hear the sound and you can see is there’s some Michael because the microphone and the speaker very close together. So moving on to the other option on that queue can see is the screenshot here so when I click on that. It basically captures the frame and that point of time you need just to sit on the SD card and you can cancel the card a video in fact this all these records of video on the SD card but just in case if you need a space space vehicle live feed off on the video.

you can always go ahead and click on this button and start supporting as you can see and you can’t stop it and the next one is the sleep icon which will put your camera in the sleep more and the reserve menu as well here so when I click on that I got a bunch of from multiple options the first one is the camera settings click on this.

you can see that I can switch off or switch on the status light that glows on this camera and expand also have a data usage warning in case I’m viewing this footage would be a 3 G. or 4 G. internet connection the next to the sleep setting so that I can configure the duration than this camera needs to going to sleep more .

the next day the inmates sittings the first option is a watermark which is nothing but the date and time stamp that gets displayed at the top of the screen and there’s also a lens distortion correction where in you can turn on tool correct the distortion effect from the lens said basically crops the image to make .

it a perfect rectangle rather than up close and the lens cut which is which is to the sites of the image so you lose someone owned a farm area in the image and the next option is the wide dynamic range of the WDRB did a very great feature that is made available on this camera.

So the way you do it is just go here and I turned the option on the colors are more vibrant and also I have notices that it removes any delay at all and that is present due to better exposure to the light source so as I said earlier this camera is equipped with a 16 Friday down at least.

I can turn that on or off it works out pretty well in the night without any light source that’s captured significant amount of 90 days in the match so you can see the images on black and white yes you can as well see the LEDs it’s 880 something for this night vision I have an option to switch on automatically so detects the amount of flight and automatically switches between the 2 modes.

And the next option is the manager storage option. There you can see a couple of options to configure the V. you’ll want to add a card they can always recorded today speaker call you can record in England the motion is detected .

it also shows the status of the indica so when I click here to see what is the capacity and how much data has been already stored on this account and you also get some options to format the line on mon this to kind of. In the last option is the NASA network storage so just in case.

if you lose your camera then you lose your files as well right so to avoid this you can configure a nasty way through it and it will sink the videos and they stored on your SD card with that in the nass storage for the next debate is basically connected to the router and it communicates directly with the lifesaver this camera.

there’s a configuration which you can do so at times it basically translates all the fines present on this is because I’m and to the next audit check frequent intervals said take this and I don’t have a nice stories do a bike well how a trade was by by putting them USB stick to the relevant data that has a USB port in my notebook .

so I just plugged in the USB and configured Edison has delays in that okay settings and then I was able to get the files that were stored on the SD card onto the USB thumb drive this camera also acts as a beanie get to me so what it does is a basically a case to connect either show me devices that are around you using the blue book and it basically takes the internet because it’s connected to the router and it provides the internet to other devices that are I don’t deal so this is like a mini gate via .

I would say and guess if you have other so many places for example could be a viable or not it could be a smart doing basically that can communicate and the last featured that I’d like to show is the detection settings here so here you can see 2 options one is to come in on the motion detection and the other one is to configure the level of sensitivity in for the motion detector.

Third down on this and I see another bunch of options 30 contractual detection settings and I’m pleased with the key great here so I can configure which ATM in this great it needs to detect the motion fellow configure that the rightmost portion of this image. So this area marked for motion detection so I have and I will click on done.

Hello trigger the motion detected by this morning my hand in that region. 7 got that alert on this door open that alert. So no it’s befitting the video streams from the camera to the smartphone so this is recorded for acting sick in duration and you will find this clipping the detection records here. And going back to the live feed a missed 1.

the show which is this bang line here so I can just use mine come to scrawl across the timeline to view the video and you’ve got some tickets here for the switching between the dates for this for 2 days and I can switch to yesterday’s recording by moving here the live footage and the recordings on the record can be accessed on to view it from anywhere in the world using this smartphone app and one more thing that I discovered was that.

if your smartphone and your camera and connected to the same home wifi network on your realtor then it does not use the internet to stream this video just stream sit locally within your network and I was able to see the live video feed on my mobile phone he went after emailing the land cable that was connected to my relative and I think there’s a very clear down feature just to save on your age and this camera also utilizes a very small amount of public.

And it is not necessary to use this supplied I’m happier in fact as you so I was able to put on this camera using my power banks. So considering the price of this camera and the features that it comes back with I think it’s a very good deal the motion detection especially on a specific to a particular region I really like this feature I’m very much .

I know somebody was impressed though very much of the night vision capability of this camera considering the fact that did was complete darkness and one mortar highlight of this camera is the wide dynamic green chili cheese nobody could feature and it works .

if you get a nice and also you get go rich color in the image so that’s all I had to say about this camera . I hope this video was useful to you.


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