Amazon Echo Dot Review

Amazon Echo Dot Alexa Review
Amazon Echo Dot Alexa Review

Hey guys welcome back to another article so there’s been a couple of days so since I started using this Amazon echo.I go to this imported from the US but I’ve been using the Indian watching after that was recently released on the Google play store there are some specific skills for the Indian market which includes services .

so could be giving you an in depth review of just Amazon echo.and I will also talk about except the abilities and its limitations so I have already on the books and I have posted a separate article on it I guess if you’re interested in watching that article.

you can find that link in the description below. So in this article the mostly giving my opinion and my personal expediency de I conduct on these points that you see on the screen and it includes info about the power consumption the sound quality Bluetooth this one ‘s name a smart home connectivity the calling services and many other features so do please stay till the end of this week you will get an insight of all the capabilities of Alexa.

So to begin with let’s start with the pot consumption so the unit is very compact as you can see and it is basically meant to be plugged into the power socket all the times for the purpose is to answer the questions for former test when you needed immediately rather than you having to pick up your smartphone and search for it. So having said that one question that you meet us case doesn’t consume a lot of pot the answer is no.

When it is idle or not doing anything it just consumes around 1.4 what’s up buddy and when it is and setting you up for 1 of them it consumes around 2.165.

So if you live it items for the holiday it might consume around 40 works of blood which is almost the same a little more than a TV on a stand by more. Since the bar consumption is very low I was able to bought this unit on my laptop USB port anyone from the bottom line .

now let’s see how the sound clarity and low quality he’s from this unit all I did last month sampling music from the starting price. Alexa. Tell me a joke with the fact. The ancient Babylonians were the first to record sightings of Jupiter in around the seventh or eighth century. No do any form factor and the pot consumption in this study is a good song .

which is crisp and clear the voice quality and loudness is acceptable otherwise has got a balanced bass and treble Levin’s I’m playing music might not sound that great but it is definitely better than the song from my nexus 6 be smart for. So let’s listen to a sample of something from someone. Alexa. Play music from someone.

The chart busters from solid. So it sounds the best when this unit is placed on a flat surface hello this is because the speaker is located at the bottom and the sun comes out from the so regulations and the bottom is here and the sponsors of the surface beneath which is insane more like this .

so now let’s talk about the blue book and the oxygen present on this thought good luck so you can use this unit as a Bluetooth speaker as well you can bet it with your smartphone and play music from any plant or even from your do so let’s listen to a sample music no.

The difference between this and other compact Bluetooth speaker is that the others have buttons on the production and they have an internal body to body but having said that we cannot compare to a court document approved because as a Buck bus off a court order it’s completely different but it’s good that it has this feature.

you can also bet this device with another Bluetooth speaker on a somewhat and get back to some expedience. So this is a small town but from a poor clinics which are quite a bit with a conduct. No device. I think so. Play music from silent. Hindi chartbusters from someone. Alex. The keep in mind is that I can have only one device connected to the the time so I cannot have both the devices my nexus 6 P. and the sun but connected with that this is not possible.

Talking about the performance I would say it is just amazing so the response to most of my qualities have been very quick and this one ‘s name is usually less than 2 seconds so let’s take a random question no I know it’s time it looks. Just the facts. Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun and the largest in the solar system looks. Tell me about Mumbai. Is the capital city of the Indian state of Maharashtra. Like some.

Newton’s laws of motion. Isaac Newton’s 3 laws of motion good good such a gentle information this is much faster than a searching on the internet when it does not find any and said he’d usually takes around 3 seconds to come back with no answer I think so. How many websites out there on the internet. Sorry I’m not sure.

So now let’s talk about the connectivity of the dust my devices so I think second control and check the status of for smart home devices such as lights cameras thermostats and other devices you can order the decks might do is this I don’t deal and you can also link up this marked the way that owns the equinox these are not so widely used in India except for the smart place such as Philips hue which many people use here.

No that is also one more feature which is neat calling service currently Amazon is offering free calling services in US Canada and Mexico so if you’re on one off in these countries and then you can place free wife calls through the for any number and also to any of your contact list on your phone.

If you have your phone number as your caller ID additionally calls can also be placed to any of your contacts who use Alexa device now this feature is not yet available for Indian users as of now. There are a bunch of flood third party services that support the clinics these include services so you know videos music news podcasts audiobooks and radio tens some of the widely used our services including Amazon music which is a paid service .

it also includes Bindura into 45 which is not available in India but for Indian users Amazon has tied up with the southern music and also with the union video. It did I wanted to mention is the wife but just letting you can place orders on Amazon when you are busy doing the work are for example okay .

because it’s a one click payment method for this you can add a white scored which helps to control who is allowed to make but justice on the device and each speaker can have their own wife court for that but Jesus there is another feature called it goes by the law what section on ESP. This feature allows you to how much people do exist in your house perhaps in all the bedrooms living room and kitchen.

so it does put you off your location you can ask questions using your voice and only one device which is closest to you would pick up your life and setting. Now coming to the last point which given us doesn’t really serve the purpose now let’s talk about the main objective of this gadget the a hands free voice controlled device that has an intelligent dog.

what’s the listing by name Alexa so you can use your voice to ask questions to get useful information from the internet and also ask an acceptable form videos fast so that you can be more productive so the whites the commission part it easily the nicest our Indian accent and the natural language .

it is not really necessary that you’ll see the same sentence as given in the minute you can ask a question actually and it doesn’t understand it. Not talking about the context it doesn’t really remember context in many scenarios so for example if you ask Alexa who’s Newton and then ask Alexa when was he born it wouldn’t remember the context as to whom it is really different. No this is the wisest died one Amazon account.

so if there are multiple people using this device in your house then it has a feature called to your voice in the act using this we can create a a wise preferred to buy low and expect to use your voice to Boston idea expedience. The voice properly stored on the cloud and you do this you don’t have good nice you when you’ll speak to Alexa also do not all questions and things that you ask also stored in the cloud including your voice,nds.

Alexei loves the sun according and other information from third party services answered the question and include the expedience. There is an option to beat all this according and you can do it on the Amazon web page. So coming to the final part is this new ways what buying my answer would be it really depends.

if I want to go hands free and I don’t find enough time to look out for information on my smartphone on the computer then but I had I would wait but again what we just said yellow you with and to what extent these features Saudi illegal food it really matters. This is something one has to think before making a bet on the budget.

Also some of the services block what can India for example I don’t know and Spotify but Amazon music is a brief survey to begin really live there and Amazon put in Unisys has made up its sovereign music as well and also do you need to DO is available here the voice calling feature to extend number is not enabled in India as if no smart home connectivity services may be limited now unless .

you have a smart home enabled device but having said that there are a bunch of features that makes life much easier like the commonly used a lot stainless reminders quick answers to questions general knowledge of calculations like auditions for the reports news channels a traffic reports and many other things. Some guys that was my first impressions and my review on the Amazon echo.

which was recently launched in India I hope this was informative to you so guys what do you think about this device did you really find it useful please leave your opinion in the comments section below if you like this video please go ahead and give .


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