Redmi 3s Prime Unboxing & Initial Impressions

Redmi 3s Prime Unboxing & Initial Impressions
Redmi 3s Prime Unboxing & Initial Impressions

Hey guys today I just bought a new smartphone from show me it’s called the redmi 3 S. prime and I bought this on Flipkart in a flash sale which lasted for about 30 seconds to one minute before the stocks got over so this is a budget oriented smartphone of it price range for less than 10000 Indian rupees.

So this product is actually made in India in fact in to tour district in on there but they should so this morning was released in the month of August 2016 and it is continuing to have a very good demand in the market even to this day so let me quickly and books.

this and see what we have got inside the box it was the. So this is a gold articlein which I bought and it also features with the gray and said look at this. So right in the books we have the smartphone itself. And apart from that we also get some quick. Documentation stuff here. I believe it should be the warranty card. Yes and we also get this sim card insertion blue. Thank. And we also get this.

A USB cable micro USB cable in fact. And lastly the goodness of charges which is rated at 5 you will get signed up when we don’t get any other Texas cities like except the disputed sentences a budget oriented form. So here is the handset itself and exports of financial ideas display panels.

so they should be getting a good view of the screen when we look at it from all the angles and this comes to me though for the low middle body and with the seed of battery inside and this feels very light in weight and mesa motel 144 grams and it feels very comfortable to hold and I think it can be operator just with the 1 hand.

So let me give you a physical order view of this unit so on the front side of the conceit we have the touch capacitive buttons right here at the bottom for accessing the same paths of the home button and the back button and up 1.

to know dad he said these buttons I’m not. Backlit so there would be any light coming out of these buttons and up here we have the light sensor and the front facing camera and on the backside VCD a speaker at the bottom right here there’s a speaker grille and we have a fingerprint sensor over here. And the next we have the camera flash in the lead up on a 13 megapixel camera.

The body here is on on T. mobile so he deserves a capacity of 4000 B. or us so they should last for at least a one to 2 days without having the need to be checked. On the top of the have this so 2.5 millimeter headphone Jack followed by an eye at Leicester.

And a noise cancellation microphone over here. And to the side we have the William rocker and the power button to turn on the floor and turn it off or it can be used for the Lubbock in aspen. Hando it was the bottom side of the CD how Maine microphone here. And a USB micro USB port for charging and $0.99 for. And to the other side we have a sim tray so let me go ahead and open this.

Right so as you can see a basically this is a hybrid of us like me to say that up in addition to the fullest of sim card you can either putting a second same all you can put in a micro SD card for expanding your storage so you can use either one of them I love the second seem oddly is because there is a trade off in what do you your preference sees for you to use.

So let me go ahead and part of this study was on for the very first time and in the meantime I’ll go over to the specification of this form so this is form that comes with the Qualcomm snapdragon 430 or 64 bit octa core processor clocked at 1.4 gigahertz there is an additional fine 04 E. D. B. U.

it comes with 3 GB ram 32 GB internal storage expandable to 128 GB with the external SD card exports to find a BSL hasty display which is something going to be and it got a camera on the rear facing camera is a 13 megapixel autofocus and defining the big some front facing camera would you fix it focus.

it has a battery full 4000 100000000 beat us and support fast charging and elite is a non bailable my team which is leading me on and it also sports a fingerprint sensor on the back and also has a big FM radio and doesn’t do the same form which comes with the hi makes lock and of last but the log the least of it supports the Forgy and why so what A. D. so the first board is still. Going on and he I think it’s pretty much booted up. So right now it’s deciding the region in the country.

The first we’ll just completed and let me go to the settings and go to about phone. So it shows that at the end of motion that it runs so if the boxes so much middle 6.01 and it runs on the custom you I mean it’s quite the meal I would use a toilet seat was in the portal into member ID is would you be able to for each of you get around hopefully able 24 GB and let’s look at how much rain we get on the freedom forum applications so that money.

So we get about 1.90 B. off of freedom which is available for the applications that can be installed so let’s quickly set up the fingerprint scanner and see how well this before and so when we go to settings then log screen and password fingerprint add a fingerprint. Good been. Okay it’s asking me to place my finger for it on a card.

Multiple banks and it’s giving me a haptic feedback this basically learning process within it takes about 10 samples of my fingerprint from all the angles. And it’s being recorded. So let me go ahead and lock this one. Yeah say just dump on looks it very fast and I don’t see much delay in this I’m looking process. And the company claims 8 does the on local I think within point 3 seconds in duration.

Yeah it’s pretty much fast. Looking over the camera the camera has this feature called the phase detection autofocus so it just focuses within a fraction of a second which is point 1 of a second and it’s very ultrafast focusing go feature which the company claims and that it came with a sports.

but you know for a for a 2 run single and the front facing camera sports an approach of if up to about 2 different focusing is fixed focus and that it camera does a lot of focusing back and put cameras can record video sector 1080 B.. Which is full HD so let me go ahead and open the camera app just to see how fast I can focus big purchase. It gives a beep sound S. another so focused and I did not see any kind of for lack of such. And let’s see how hopeless the textile is captured in these photos.

Yeah I think the separating good enough. He does a good job of following them focusing and taking out the purchase. So here are some of the samples of the photos taken from the camera. The older shorts have come up nice and it seems to be performing well enough good lighting conditions and it’s got the good details and beaches.

it’s not ready or saturated it does a good job of auto focusing and you can get some good though that the field if you focus it properly no foot in the sharks and in low light places do does a decent job of capturing photos of a diligent grains the major which is usually expected out of this budget cameras. Now let’s look at how the sound quality is so you just go and open my channel.

And play one article family channel. So this one comes with then I had blasted over here so you can use this form to control any of funeral home appliances such as TV AC or home theater that runs on in further noted more controlled.

And it also comes with a lot of other census let go of the gravity since a delight in finding a compass and proximity and guide which is needed for what your reality now this phone you can also get it in the 2 GB variant I know this comes but that a much lesser price but some get off in the features for the 2 GB variant the internal storage space is limited to 16 GB and there is no fingerprint scanner on the 2 GB radiant.

So this 1 compared to the dog Illinois okay 6 but in terms of its features no I bought this for me because I wanted a smaller form factor in terms of taken this over the phone the Linux okay 6 body slightly too good when compared to daughter and me a D. S. prime in terms of weight I feel love books phone survey the same rights available to 124 and 145 grams the lady will get 6 buying a house.

I put a hand in terms of its camera performance and the screen displayed as a dog features a full HD screen with the ones that are gonna be of it that much of a higher pixel density. So this phone seems to offer good features for the price point the only one that I see is the hybrid does seem slow to read it you can either use on his Dick on August 2 same and there’s no mention of flood the screen protection vision.

if it is has a coordinating the gorilla glass scratch protection does not really mentioned anywhere in the specification. So that’s it for now guys on this on boxing and the initial impression falafel the show made me 3 S. prime so do stay tuned for for the article.

so I should be doing a review on the gaming performance and the camera performance in the coming days so if you have any questions on this form then feel free to post your comments in the middle section .


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