LG Smart ThinQ App Setup

LG Smart ThinQ App Setup
LG Smart ThinQ App Setup

Hey guys in this article we’re doing a quick to set up and configuration of the SmartThinQ app I’ve already installed it on my phone so let me go ahead and open the app. So I’ve already registered and signed into my account so currently it’s seasonal product easily disturbed so let me go ahead and add this washing machine.

So it is giving me a set of instructions before I started the configuration file click okay. So I able select this as a front loader washing machine. And it is asking me a question if it has the SmartThinQ local and I’ll click yes. It asking me if there is a battle on the washer yes does it have an LED time display yes.

No it’s asking me to press and hold the wifi button for 3 seconds on the patch Bennett and the wife LED will blink during this process so here’s the wifi button and it’ll keep it pressed. And you can see that the wifi button is linking here. Now it’s asking me to select the wifi networks and the password that you just go ahead and get it.

No it’s registering the product. I know the washing machine Adik to overcome. And you can see that the way fatalities on here so this watch mission is now going to stick to the. It’s not showing the status of the washer and it’s telling that it’s in standby mode.

And it also shows some useful information such as the wizarding community from accu weather so click on the washing on. And did a couple of flood cycles that are being shown here. And these will be active only if I select the remote start button on the washing machine so let me go ahead and do that it’s asking you to turn on the remote start yes so here they would start button and go ahead and see if that.

I have activated the remote start feature and it keeps giving me an alert saying that it’s ready to accept those comments from the app so be going with this and it’s showing me the cycles of flush. And frankly the cotton faithfully selected. Give me 5 minutes to change the wash cycles I’ll go here to the auction and I can select one of these options.

So let me go ahead and select makes. Second star does so thank calling for a wish to start if you go back and shoot some options so far download cycle. So I click on view all here. And they’ll decide the additional cycles that can be downloaded from the internet.

So there is a one on one single which I prefer and need someplace within one night duration. And in case if you wish to have only those rings and spin option you can just click that and it gets downloaded into this washer so let me go ahead and click this option. Download the washer. You can have only one download option on the washer at any point of time for this will overwrite my previous downloaded cycle that is the one.

I was sick a lot click okay. And he’s currently downloading it. Investing me if I need to use this option now please okay. For the watch program has started now on the machine and you can see that it is indicating an estimated time of 20 minutes or so and then spin cycle. So if I click this it is showing what all the in death during this process.

So you just bought this for now. Again if you make it anywhere I want you to school back into some other options now. So there are some notification options here. Then as soon as the washer completes the cycle you’ll get a notification on your smartphone that this the wash program is completed. And it’s just part of the thing is. Thank you for all the products of energy that added to your account going to get just the washer.

And I can give it an 18 T. for a wish to give. And it shows the network information which disparate disconnected. I want I can deliver this product from my account. Sure some information on that I have for example like and select the location analytics shows the software versions of the open source office that he lived in this app. And we also have a smart diagnosis helps in here.

So this is the youth to basically diagnose the problem and according case if it shows up on this deflect. I’m not trying this anytime film I’m not sure how to. Sure this. Options to you because I don’t have any data for on this machine. And go back and that is something on the customer support here. And it just opens the energy website support page click on that. And inside the washer. And for this machine there are a couple of options that are available if you want to clean that up and go to select this option.

Go back. There is an energy monitoring option within your choice all the cycles that are completed in that month in the recent past thank you I have deleted the products I don’t have anything showing here. So I guess that’s all of the options on this app and I find the notification option very useful for me because they get notified whenever the wash cycle is completed .

I come back and because the clothes for tonight other than that I don’t use the remote start option because IT started manually on the machine so that’s all I had to show up on this.


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