SKYRC iMAX B6 LiPro Balance Charger Unboxing

SKYRC iMAX B6 LiPro Balance Charger Unboxing
SKYRC iMAX B6 LiPro Balance Charger Unboxing

Hey guys today I’m going to do an unboxing and a full review of the sky at the IMAX B. 6 balanced budget so this is a 50 watt gone but instructed with a Max so cut and go for up to 5 M. saying this desert is mostly used for judging label batteries that are used in the radio controlled police are nice but it also does charge other types of batteries such as lithium ferro phosphate.

there’s a lady am I on nickel metal hydride nickel cadmium lead acid battery now some of the special features that are highlighted here and you can see that it’s gonna microprocessor controlled up but instead Jr and Newton has a dispatch feature and also it’s gonna be a programming more to store our lord get up.

Then you can also test the federal phosphate doc batteries and it’s going to be C. monitoring work then you can plug into a USB link connected and connected to a PC to monitor the charging and it’s got a temperature sensor board when you can attach to external sensor to monitor the outside temperature.

now let’s not wait and just open the box and put it into the either side of the box where you type let some of the features and how to connect the battery and the line put parcels here and with some of the other things that come along with this unit second pause the article in just in case if you want to take a look at this box.

Now let me just go ahead and open this box. Consisted of 8 comes with this manual and it seems to be fairly you know in detail in the instructions set up all the information and the things that are necessary to operate this charges and is an English. Seems to be very good.

And next we have the unit itself. You can find a lot of I makes me 6 clones available in the market so you need to make sure you need to buy the one there is genuine because they look very similar and the way you can identify a which is a genuine which is a clone is by taking a look at the bottom of this unit meeting you can see underground sticker here thanks also go to scratch no 80 of waiting .

you can just scratch and get a quarter and you can enter this court in this class the website to verify whether he’ll unity’s engine line on a clone. Now it also comes with a bunch of false. He was here. The. So just give these looks thank. So firstly this is the primary and acted for the output and this has got a 40 man bun and then plug here.

And the other side has a dean’s plug. So we can kind of just wanna plug to the output sockets thank you. In the unit. And use this side of the dean’s adapter to plug in any kind of other real cables that feed it and the other end of this cable plugs in straight into the batteries. So in addition to this domain put given us a good this other additional cables there’s a Futaba audix charging cable.

And this is the GST connective. And this is the alligator clips. And lastly we have the XTC 60 connective and the other in has the deans connector. Additionally we also get this input connected which has scored a 5.40 MM up look at epic one end and the other end has greatly connectors. Now this flexing straight into this input socket on the unit. And gathering can be connected to a lead acid battery.

No alternatively you can also use upon and after rated up to 60 what’s. And while it’s. He said the C. word is for 11 to 18 wards as input and it smacks charging bodies a few words and Max dispatch eighties so fireworks and it can charge the battery with the country into a 40.1 M. spool file ends which can be configured manually. No it has also got a temperature of a sense of second here that can be you still owe money to the outside temperature of the unit and also.

you can connect a USB PC link right here to the same board and monitor the charging of vitamin does someone in BC now on the other side we see that you have this output boards which is a banana plug sockets. And you see a lot of for a balanced judging boards now if you have a label but he like the one.

they have here hi this is rated at 2200000000 band I signed up it says 3 cell battery and he said the charging of the balance leads here. For this blessing straight into the cell but instead in boards. Now on the top we see a couple of buttons and we see a a CD screen so this season though 16 character a 2 line display screen and down here are the buttons.

For a king in the configuration and doing the operations so let me go ahead and note down on the black. So for this demo I’ll be using about it after. Tell us the kind of the XP 68 active. And then connect the battery. The. You can see have already boarded on and it’s currently showing me the program select more and it’s giving me the option to select the type of party no currently it’s showing S. label battery .

I can cycle through the different types of body by selecting the body type quote end here so to select a nickel metal hydride this disconnect the nickel cadmium battery this to select lead acid battery. So go ahead and select label Betty and click the start button hit the enter button here thank. So then it lets me a list of 4 or more started available within the label so if there’s a more which is called like what charge.

I can cycle through the different modes by using this document and incoming buttons. So there’s a label balance mode the label fast judging more than able storage label discharge they put charge so for now I’ll go ahead and select this label balance charging more so in this model the individual cells what did you say being one of monitored and a tad just evenly across the sense. And what you see here.

Is the rate at which the battery needs to be charged and this can be configured so I’ll go ahead and press enter. 17 secrets blinking and I can implement or determine this value well one amp so and usually. You put that one in.

So usually it’s recommended to charge label by pretty ida the based on the seating so usually the recommended notating the charges reduced one C. for a label by 3 so if X. rated so this battery is rated at 2200 milligrams of a cheese like 2.2 amps. And I can safely jobs had that free appointments but for now .

I’ll just go ahead and use the one and. A chance 8 celebrate an internet I can also change the Booker where did she get TS it needs to be words that were in place. So once this is set to start charging the battery I’ll have to hold this. Albertan Ando. 8 starts deducting the by type second going into that.

So this phone that does a decent job I think and I mean it is it has strayed from the body that eats a $0.3. And. What I have in duties this which is also $0.3 so it’s matching and it is now asking me to confirm that this is right so if I don’t do it within the given time that is around 10 seconds it goes back to the previous option on the menu so let me go ahead and click the confirm button.

Right so now it started charging and as you can see the this is the one amp charging related that I had and dirt and here you’ll see that the voltage of the batteries around 11.40 wards. And it also shows up the time lapsed since the judge has started. And this is the number of amps being put into the battery this in millions so it is already put around 30 milligrams into the battery.

No I can also get additional information on this charging by pressing this income intended comento button so so now you can see that dates listing of the individual a sell order just so the facility is around 2.8 face again and on 2.84 and the tax ID number 3.84 lawyers. So does social issue the encoded which is configured to be 12.6 boards for 3 cell battery and once added just add water damage the charging stops at that moment.

And you can also see the importance of working age from this product and is situated around 12.13 words. No if any point of time if I need to stop charging then again going to get this done button. So that stops the charging process and it’s back to the main menu so it is a good couple of safety features built in but in in case.

if you entered the information wrong on the number of sales so the what date it automatically read sick from the bacteria and prevents you from charging so 1 additional thing to note that this configuration that you enter here he’s different for every more of for example there’s a labor charge more weight .

I’ve configured it to charge it up point 1 ends and this is what I want so badly and this for the label balance motivating and I’ve gone today to chat at 1 and 437 actually so every time the switch across different modes you need to make sure that you have to configure the by play accordingly it would not remember your last consideration for a more forgiving more. No additionally you have a couple of other settings that you can access it by going into the program and.

All right here. And you can see the war dates for the label battery which is 3.7 once decide have been configured default values so I would be like I would like to really mess around with these settings so let’s look at what else we can do with this setting section there is some configuration with respect to check payment for these batteries.

And some of the sensitivity settings for nickel metal hydride and a nickel cadmium. And some of the temperature settings for the homeless and said that you can plug in I kept. Capacity off. And one annoying thing with this unity is that it has this beep functionality every time you press a button and ideally beeps so you can turn off this beeping by agreeing to this option and. Clicking this to be turning this off but I would like to give this buzzer on because 88 really helps.

I don’t know to notify even in just in case if you will enter any information wrong and it verifies that a strong it just beeps off. So now we can see you don’t hear that beeping sound. Yes so that was a very quick on boxing and the fuel off the sky at sea level but instead just.

I hope but this video walkthrough for deal just in case if you plan to buy one thing just to get.


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