Sony Wireless Bluetooth Speaker SRS-XB10 Review

Sony Wireless Bluetooth Speaker SRS-XB10 Review
Sony Wireless Bluetooth Speaker SRS-XB10 Review

Hey what’s going on guys and welcome back to another artcile today I’ll be reviewing a wireless speaker from Sony and the model is called S. at S. X. B. Dan I have already unlocked this and I’ve used this for a couple of days so I’ll go ahead and read on books this for you guys by the end of this video I will also play some sample sounds and music so that you can get an idea of how it sounds like.

In the box we get a micro USB cable for charging the wireless speaker noted that a wall adapter is not provided in this package next we get the wireless speaker. And lastly some documentation that includes a quick start guide and reference guide quick start guide has a pictorial representation of how bad the speaker with smart phone and also on the controls on the speaker.

It also shows the procedure to add additional speakers to get this deal affect the difference good has some info on specification Bluetooth information talking about the design D. Sindical and measures about 75 millimeters in diameter entities around 91 millimetres stalled it visible to 60 grams and is almost the same size as the regular coffee mug .

it is compact portable and easy to carry around it comes with the strap the firm for hanging the speaker to nail art hook this also serves as a great deal if you want the speaker to be placed horizontally inside that a single driver that he’s facing upwards and delivers a balance on filling the room a metal grill is placed on the top to protect.

the driver there is a passive radiator that faces down and has 4 openings at the bottom the body is made of plastic and it has a small club raised but silicon Expedia the bottom of this because it is having a more highly textured coating for about 4 but did group and to prevent the speaker from moving around due to some vibration the quality of the materials and the baby looks to be very good and it feels durable.

it’s water resistant and its complaint with I. B. X. fi specification it can take a small splash object of water but it should not be immersed in water there is a small waterproof compartment on the back and we see a 3.5 millimeter audio input Jack this is used to play sounds from non Bluetooth devices next is the reset pin hole for hardy said of the speaker.

There is a micro USB port for charging the in big battery there are some indicators and buttons on the speaker first one is the charging indicator followed by the microphone. Next is an indicator for left and right speaker and this leads up in another excluding speaker it’s been with this speaker on the top.

there is a play and pause button. I think the play button twice will skip to the next track long press of the play button will initiate Google assistant on android and city on iPhone the play button is also used to receive calls when paired with a smartphone when playing music on Bluetooth there’s no button to skip to the previous track next is the add button .

which is used to bear another X. B. didn’t speak up to go to studio sound experience we see William down and William of buttons here at the end we see about wooden and there isn’t a lady indicated below it that lights up .

when the speaker is powered on long press of the power button will initiate Bluetooth betting process that can be discovered by a smartphone this speaker comes with NFC for easy pairing process by just tapping an NFC enabled smartphone begin easily bid the speaker with a smart phone and connect to it the Bluetooth range is good.

I was able to listen to the sounds up to 30 feet within the house the speaker can be connected with only 1 device at that time but the left is rated as up to 60 no es with William Levin at 10 with full volume it will last for about 5:00 hours it has an in built lithium ion battery that is rated at 3.7 once in 1400 milli amp.

yet class he did take a few about 4.5 hours to fully charge the battery the speaker they turn off by itself if it is idle for more than 15 minutes the speaker can also be used to big white schools and the microphone does a good job in capturing decent quality sound .

I am very much impressed with the sound quality of the speaker and the amount of bass it produces it can easily fill sound in a small room there is only 146 millimeter driver but the possibility it does that does a good job in delivering low base the base is 20 and has good clarity up to 34 of the volume levels beyond this limit you may start hitting discarded sounds the mid level phones are good but good clarity in.

You will conflict and sees the highs are also impressive but sharp and crisp sounds giving the speaker in a great position to deliver some balance some filling the entire room. I think the speaker how doesn’t believe makes it more direction and you can hear more of a local and high speed data so let’s listen to some sample someone’s on this because. The guys to wrap it up this is a good speaker .

if you’re considering only playing music with Bluetooth on where the auxiliary input if you prefer other features such as playing from a micro SD card I’m going to do with B. C. or D. U. S. B. then you may want to look for other options but if you’re but but sees portability and compactness but good sound output good battery life water resistant and white school compatibility then.

I think this may be the one for you let me know what you think about the speaker in the comments below I hope this article.


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