Amazon Echo Dot Unboxing & Setup

Amazon Echo Dot Unboxing & Setup
Amazon Echo Dot Unboxing & Setup

Hey what’s up guys I happen to get this Amazon echo.from US and then be doing an unboxing and the set up of this device this was recently launched in India by Amazon and it’s available on Amazon India for C. N. Amazon also launched the Alexa app there is an Indian version on please daughter sometime this week so I will be using this Indian version of the app the consequences of this device in the next article.

I’ll be doing an in depth review and a free demo off all the features of this Amazon echo.for the front you will see a couple of things on the comments that you can give it to this device and on the backside you will see a couple of features that are listed here you can just pause the article and and condemn.

So on this 30 conceivable of connectivity options listed wifi Bluetooth and Alexa voice service and you can use services from Pandora Spotify Amazon music as well but please note that dump Brando 9 sporty Faye I’m not available in India as such so it’s not yet accessible from India so but you can still access Amazon music which is a big cities you need to do is free of cost so you can even use that service in India.

And do not that this is a second generation of Amazon echo.. And it comes with the bottom I know my goodness became. So let’s open this box and see what we have in Saint. So these are the things that could be good fit in the box the first being the quick start guide which shows all the steps required for configuring this device.

The next is a small card here which shows some of the comments that you can give it to the Amazon is the micro USB cable here this is a 5 foot Clint and is used to put on this device and the next is the 1 of the product or the white blood and is used to buy this device using the cable and do not that it has you’ll stay low for friends here but despite after supports 240 words as well.

So now let’s take a closer look at the device itself on the top with you deciding which is nothing but an a leading that list every time you give comments to this device will have this to what it would look good for increasing and decreasing the one you. Next we have this move but in here which you can use it to temporarily pause the device from listening to the comments and if you’re in a meeting or something you can use a button.

And we also have this action button here which you can use this to activate it manually tools accept comments rather than having to see the,nd Alexa they can use the square button. Next we can see this when you look it up here for this is used for the microphones to pick up some other notable 7 microphones present on this device and these are placed all around the device and one cool thing about.

this is that the device can detect the direction from which you are speaking and a console on the microphone a lady a drink in that direction for example if you’re looking from this direction the LED and I teared up a little and if you’re looking from this side the LED grow from here to here third basically I’ll find sort from which direction of talking and picks up the sound from that particular microphone.

And on the side of the sea this Amazon local here. And on the other side we see this a micro USB slot for voting this device and also we see this 3.5 MM headphone Jack so we can use an office cable to connect this device to a bigger phone system and get much better sound for music playback and down here we see a couple of friends here for the sound to come out of the speaker and talking about the big quality.

it is very nice and the site set up with a glossy and if it does beg your fingerprints on it comes in 2 variants white and black color the bottom is likely to put ice so that they do not slip off for surfaces many displaced. It is pretty small in size and it weighs about 163 grams and you can stuff it whatever you want in the house.

The best part of this device is the microphones on it either mentioned earlier it has about 753 microphones inside I never heard that these microphones are very sensitive and it can pick up comments from different groups even without you having to yellow speak loudly so this is pretty impressive which I still have group right. It has a speaker at the bottom.

I never did that it works really well the speaker when sub list a little about it for us to bounce the someone off the surface with a displaced. Now let’s quickly do the set up of this device I have with me nexus 6 P. which I’m going to use download the app from the apps store in India. So I’ll go ahead and open this. I’ll go ahead and vote on this device.

They have my board on the device and it’s been working and in the meantime I have also logged on to the Amazon Alexa app. Hello. Your Amazon ready for set up just follow the instructions in your Alexa. I will begin the set up now. It’s asking me to to study ways which is a product.

And I have selected listing yes the language here. In connection wifi. It is asking me to connect manually to this device from my mobile phone by choosing the wifi connections in the settings. You’ve connected to echo.go ahead and finish the set up in your Alexa app. No it’s connected to the same device and press continue.

Now it’s asking me to sign on to my calc. Feb getting the credentials no it’s still connecting. Thanks in the set up is complete. And it’s asking me to select all. Hello I want to use the economic plan Bluetooth audio cable or speaker sensitiveness because. And I think the set up is done. So where is the set up is now complete and done.

I’m going to tell you a couple of full compliance and then use this move that came along with this. Tickets. I think so. Tell me a joke. Why do which is a brand name thanks. I don’t know which which is which. Okay Alex what’s the weather in New Delhi.

Right now in New Delhi Delhi it’s 26 degrees with partly cloudy skies throughout the night you can expect more of the same with the loft 17 degrees. Thanks and that was available you can see that as in the name of the,nd the same thing also reflects in the.

So let me go ahead and ask with some more things look so what do you mean 9. 6 what is the weather in Mumbai. Currently in the lay my head on straight it’s 30 degrees with dreary skies tonight you can expect clear skies with the north 26 big dogs. The destruction of the medically that looks fit and I let him for 17. Alarm set for 7:00 AM tomorrow. An excel. We accept. I’m Alexa and I’m here to help. Alex what can you do.

You can tell me to turn up the volume play music create a to do list look up a topic on wikipedia to find out more check out the things to try page in the Alexa app so guys I also mentioned about the 7 microphones that that housed inside this unit and the illegals in the direction of the sound from where it’s coming from so right .

now I am giving the coming from this direction noted right from this direction and subsequently from disconnection they can see that the committee would be more brighter in this sport here making sure the,nd collects up and subsequently he had 8. Close. Okay let me I’m going to try from the side here. I lex up.

And now I came from the same. Thanks. So that was a very quick unboxing and setup article off of the device the stadium for a demo video off all the comments that you can now use on these Amazon echo.


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