Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Review

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Review
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Review

Hey guys this is the review of the galaxy active to watch which Simpson released the last year and this is the NET eat all the food you radiant off the watch that supports mobile network using number sitting on the E. sim feature I’ve been reading this watch for a couple of days and in this article.

I would linger in the in depth review of this watch and I’ll be sharing my experience reading this and also dealing with some of the useful not so useful features of this watch so please stay to the end of this article so this watch comes in 2 sizes that is the 44 millimeter and the 40 millimeters .

so what’s the 1 that I have what is the 40 millimeter watch in India Simpson released only be 44 millimeter wishin I wanted a smaller data for my interest and hence I go disassociate from the US as the 40 millimeter watchin what’s available there .

now this 1 is also available we don’t the ATP feature and that uses local twitch in 5 and a wifi for sinking the data so this wasn’t that easy and devotion has so many off 1.4 GB ram and 4 GB internal storage memory what is the global portion has 768 in B. off ramp with 4 GB internal storage. There are a bunch of force sensors in bait on this what I know this includes the GPS accelerometer data census and bottom we don’t hi good money to any ambient light sensor.

So this is how the packaging looks like and I’ve already taken over the watch so let’s open it and see what we get insight. And the watch face on the dell is housed inside this. Books. We get the strap inside this. Me get some documentation that includes user manual I guess.

Maybe a quick start guide yes. You also get some towns and conditions. And lastly we gave this self wireless charging. So this is the magnetic charger. And has a U. S. B. A. D. at the end. And this does is it actually will send one ampere. So now let’s take a look at the watch itself so this N. B. model comes with a stainless steel finish I’m going with the black color.

But the blue ocean is made of aluminium. It fits pretty light and no visible 27 grams the only motion is much alike go to any place of work 26 grams and this is of course without the strap the what is available in various colors including the blacks a lot and glory anymore comes the delay that strap .

this is the latest step that you see what the blue book motors has abstract the steps are very mobile and can be changed if you don’t like that there are a whole bunch of 4 straps that are sold on Amazon and get really good not talking about the build quality I think this has got a super buff the finish and looks very premium this is so light.

I can and it’s this nicely on those restaurant 1 that we go ahead and read this on my wrist so guys this is how the watcher looks like when worn on the wrist thanks very lightweight and feels very solid than once and hence the build quality is superb and looks a very premium isolated 10 and space and nicely on the wrist.

when it’s warm and it’s got an excellent fit and feel and it seems very likely and really compact and I wanted this well this site is for my address and guess if you have a bigger and wider rest maybe you can going for 40 for me we do question so this 1 has a 1.2 inch screen about 3030 millimeter secular I’m a big screen.

I’ll be connecting gorilla glass D. X. bless the screen is nice and bright and it’s easy to read both indoors and outdoors now let’s take a physical or view off this watch no to the left is the speaker grill here and out to the right R. 2 buttons 1 of the top and 1 at the bottom. So the first one is the back button here. And the bottom button is the home button.

There’s a microphone that is housed in between these 2 but that’s and on the backside we have the heart rate sensor with 8 photodiodes and an accelerometer and also ET ECG sensor the ECG feature is not yet made available but I’m sure something is going to roll out the feature through an OTA update very soon.

So this one ‘s on the Tyson based but it will always fortune 4.0 well the navigations and animations in the manual our bodies moved and instant I noticed about the flag and the U. R. doesn’t respond immediately soon after a reboot but I think it’s probably loading all the services in the system and after a minute the lawyer was responsible as usual.

There is a touch sensitive rotating basis and we can scroll through the screen so notifications absolute vengeance by moving the finger on the basis. Maybe for this feature yes Sir going off it can be enabled in the settings on the watch if it is needed.

We can also add and remove widgets and customize the look and feel of the manuals. And the features of this phone on the 80 model we can make and receive phone calls and also send and receive SMS we don’t haven’t bedded with that smartphone will get notifications from the apps such as whatsapp Facebook and other apps when connected to a smartphone .

where it’s very easy to read through messages and respond to them either through Weiss keypad or hydrating one later time. Hi this is a test message. Also works great and here’s a quick demo project the sound quality from the speaker. I’m trying to log. I don’t want. The ones. Okay.

From the time you want strong microphone and speaker. Michael. Washing and there’s the leader. No for the non ATP model of the cell phone all these features work well connected order Bluetooth this watch has couple of for Invicta widgets and apps such as calendar.

which you can feeding your appointments are loose you can also get better information specific to your location it comes with the voice assistant called Bixby and this is similar to Alexa or the Google assistant but I would say this is not so intelligent ask the Google assistant or Alexa what began yes Bixby to add items to calendar scuttles marketing suggests lights on any other devices you can assist in workloads and also play music on Spotify.

Bixby can you please tell me the time. 12:18 PM mix 3 how is the weather in New Delhi. At 10 degrees rights now. 60. Can you please tell me this can you. I find anything. Bixby. Can you please tell me the news. I just stopped. Bixby. Can you set an alarm for 9:00 AM in the morning tomorrow.

I’m already set. there is an apt for this in The Simpsons stored that can be downloaded and installed this works on a D. E. and Google more. It’s going because. But it’s cool. You can also have work we did on this watch and get grease on your wrist.

they’re not a con awful watch faces to choose from a couple of them are already available on this watch itself I’m more watch faces available on the radio but act on the form a few of the watch faces are premium and can be bought on the app and then sync to the watch .

you can also customize the watch face but your outfit and all you need to do is just take a picture off your outfit using the available app on the phone and then use that he needs to generate a design and this can be used as a watch face with a little bit of customization and as for the music it’s going to be support for a support.

if you have a premium subscription you can download the songs and also use a streaming so these 2 deadly play music on the watch without having to use the smartphone you can either listen to it on your wireless headset on on the speaker of this watch this is a perfect fit for those who would like to listen to music .

what you doing what comes with the need to carry your smartphone for these workout sessions you can also transfer songs from the smartphone to the watch and then play the songs using the default to music played on the watch the watch can also be used to pause play or skip tracks and you can use it as a remote controlled for music played on the smartphone and you can also use it to control the music on Spotify soundcloud YouTube are grown .

there is also an always on display that shifts the blame all this on the watch face but again this can impact the battery life of the watch for the day when it comes to health it’s going to be ECG sensor at the back end of something easier to release and will be updated for this to work there is a heart rate sensor at the back.

this can detect high angle heartache and can I live view on this but for this the watch needs to be constantly checking. Your heart it frequently and that can affect the battery life slip cracking is available on this so watch and it doesn’t detect sleep one nicely now it’s going to stress tracking as well and offered suggestions and guidance is for breathing exercises to get peace of mind when you are against.

I haven’t used this feature but I think it probably make use of the heart rate sensor in order to protect the stress levels the what cannot connect movements and exercises automatically without you having to set up my newly discounted X. 7 types of workloads and this includes a walking running cycling rowing elliptical trainer dynamic workload and swimming and of course.

it has a ton of other work cracking features and this has to be selected manually and then started for tracking this watch has a remote connection feature via the watch can sink the wifi connection provided from your phone into this watch this enabled the watch to connect to your wifi network like your home and receive all the notifications.

however when I trade sinking on the wifi I did not get any notifications and the options on the Simpson writable apart Grado. When it comes to your ability this watch has an IP 68 certification and has water resistance rating of 50 meters under ISO standards however this is not really suited for a diving on high places what activities in terms of battery life.

I have the notifications going on GPS is turned off the 80 was on in the automotive and the automatic what Kobe diction was on with the settings I got a battery life of about 140 so this can be charged using the some magnetic wireless charging based on the dock .

it takes about 2:00 hours to fully charge the watch from 0 200 plus for the galaxy active watch 2 he’s a great watch the rules and works on both android and iOS it looks very premium with a solid base and no with a ton of features this .

AT Watson is good fix for those who’d want to miss any calls while on the white coat on without having to carry your smartphone are you need to be in the proximity of the smartphones a Bluetooth signal in order to get the full features of this form because they missed calls on notifications will work fine.

when it comes to setting up the 80 featured on this so watch something has mentioned on its website that this watch can work on it daily and your mobile networks in India I am using the Jio prepaid sim and this works perfectly fine I was able to bed this watch onto my phone.

however when I tried this with the Intel he never broke so it is is that this only works on the post paid plans so even I tried on the post paid plan but I had a tough time sitting up the number shading but the betting features on this watch .

however I later discovered that it it does not support this specific car unlocked models to watch so in case if you want to use the 80 wash and then. You gotta buy this watch in India the unlocked version from the US does not work on it but you can get this up and running on the GOP great article speak Sam.

So guys that’s all I had to say on this the Simpson galaxy active.


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