Portable Display Monitor 13.3 Inch 2K USB Powered

Portable Display Monitor 13.3 Inch 2K USB Powered
Portable Display Monitor 13.3 Inch 2K USB Powered

Hey guys welcome back to the article this is a portable LED monitor that I recently bought a used this as a secondary monitor for my computer. And to use this as an external monitor for my camera so this is a very unique product since its compact portable and works on both from the U. S. B. port and also this is a good gift ideas 22 so we don’t waiting for their next open the box and see what we get inside.

We get dispatched you might too many H. DMI cable and that this is about 1.3 meters in length. And next week get a micro USB cable and a disease you for putting the money to

. And we’ll forget this US bank for placing the monitor on the table. Let’s leave the good that someone entered it since so this is a 13.3 inch up to get morning that and the support cemex visitation for 2560 by 1440 and we also get a full HD video and off to someone who does the good thing about the someone .

who did exactly banner days based ideas so I’m hoping that the viewing angles should be very good for this money to. So let me move this a protective collect so that we can see the screen and you can see this is a glossy finish and seems to be very good the body of this some money that it’s completely made up for me.

it’s quite sturdy and seems to be a blast. And then a third of the someone you don’t the input output ports that located. So it comes with a 32 minute delay for for connecting the input source and below this B. C. D. 2.5 millimeter headphone Jack for audio all.

This monitor can be poured in 2 ways one is using the micro USB ports that you see here and the other one where the DC politics which is the regular micro USB port this works on mortgages between fireworks and Pulitzer DC and it requests to himself cutting.

On the backside of this money does we see couple of 4 buttons so the first one is the power button which is right here and it has an LED indicator to indicate the policy status. And following this he’s the auto button here which is used to select the input select.

And next we seek to navigation buttons up and down so this can also be used to reduce or increase the one you off the list because yes this has to invite speakers which you see here lastly we get DSL menu button for adjusting the brightness contrast and color display settings so on the backside you also see this for a holes for mounting the stand of the vesa mount and here.

you see all the indications are the labels for this looks here. So let’s look at the specification of this a portable display monitor as listed on the part of speech so this 1 makes about US 685 grams and the display ratio is a 16 eastern 9 this 1’s time is around 2 milliseconds and the screen database W. LED has a contrast ratio of 4 700 east once and has a viewing angle of 170 degrees.

so let me place this morning on the stand it has been so polite and could be connecting the hasty my cables and portable to this morning. It was like this. The 4 siblings about what I’ll be using this P. 30000 a major power bank so let me go in and plug all the press. Is to use the cable which will grow here. In the morning there has no been voted on and you can see that the display is crisp and clear.

I’m just going to give this the US people and we did it in CD’s with the support of bank and the monitor so we can make sure that the work date and the current consumption. And you can see that it’s going to be consuming about 5.11291.5 and and the group ID for consumption is about 8 what’s. The resolution of this someone.

you don’t he said 2560 by 1440. And the viewing angle he’s also good on the display but only does suggest the brightness contrast to be forgiven which is about 50 percent hello open some websites and show you how it looks on this morning. So currently you’re seeing my YouTube page and let me go ahead and play some article.

Hey guys welcome back to another video. A couple of days since I started using this good luck I go to this imported from US what did you think that you didn’t want to act that was recently released on the Golden Fleece.

So that’s how it sounds from the inventor speaker and now it’s just open some photos and show you how it looks like. One of the use of the someone you did he said it can be proved to me that the mobile phone display using the Comcast are using the images he’s the only kid with.

the leading probably wouldn’t be really good as you might loose frames in that well but I would say connecting Randy Mitchell today many people probably would give you a better gaming experience so let’s talk about the pros and cons of this morning this one is good in all the aspects .

it’s got the ideas are displayed has a good definition displays bright crisp and clear it also has an inbuilt speakers and can be used to watch movies play games better and louder audio vendor moblie phone.

The only one from my side is that did speak soon 88 year. Which you can see when I bring in some white background I plan to ask for a replacement of this morning and I hopefully should get a defect free product so guys that’s all I have for you in this article hope this was useful to you .


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