FS Racing 1 -10 Marauder Desert Buggy Unboxing

FS Racing 1 -10 Marauder Desert Buggy Unboxing
FS Racing 1 -10 Marauder Desert Buggy Unboxing

Hey guys this unboxing and review of the one thing scale I speak up I’ve already taken out of the hotel package and then just you doing this to shore to how this comes packaged the let me go ahead and able in this package.

This is another thing that is more economical and it comes as an idea which means the box this is ready to run for those of you who are just getting into the hobby if you don’t want to sell a lot of money on expensive lesson then I guess is the best option for you.

Now this is the best motor version and it comes with a 4 wheel drive you also get a breathless motion of the car with a much higher rate than we thought said to much higher speed. But I would recommend the breast Wilson once you become a pro then you can probably fully customize this gun with brushless motor.

I’m a good gift but the shocks and much more activities so let’s just get straight into the unboxing. So what do we get this wall plug adapter so does the U. K. based style and we can use this tool plug in a charger. Next week in the soft judges who does a good job there which is very good I don’t know 9.6 sorts of DC and a 350 0 yes for this can be used to charge the battery that comes along with the script.

Next we get this back with the user manual inside it. And we also get this and then if you. And you also get some basis. Can be used with the socks and you can use this tool I just this spring tension of the shocks. Next we have a sticker sheet. So you can add some extra stickers to your document you’ll stay on these are not pretty good so you can use the scissors to cut this because then you can you left but your style.

The cap put into you. So there’s an instruction manual and this is in English. So it has the troubleshooting guide. A couple of safety inspection. And it does all the work of the drawings on the design of the car. Showing all the parts and it snowed numbers. The the pipes you listed for this and if you need a replacement part then you can go order this part number and order it online. No lipstick on the car accident.

That comes with this new package. So good 30 mode here along with this box. 31 comes back in this mailbox here. Not talking about this anymore on the transmitter this feels very good in the hand and it’s very comfortable to hold thank goodness for bread here which provides good grip to hold and on the north. And it’s also going to throw collapsible and dinner. If you can pull it all together. And this operates at a frequency of 2.4 gigahertz and there’s an on off switch here.

But you can flick it with your tongue turn it off turn off or on the remote. And up here you have the student room and talk with him now here we have both which is the first one is for fitting the throttle between law and fully booked the second switches for switching the direction of the student.

So down here we have a couple of for speeding and targeted concludes. The only downside of this remotely let it runs on a double a batteries which you have to put it here on the bottom. No most of the remote these days so put it on for W. F.. It’s just that it adds more weight and the cost for 4 additional batteries as well. But other than that the movie’s pretty good. I am also did ease the DC circuit here.

Of which is very good at 12 votes to 50000000 B. S. I am really not sure as to why this is being provided here probably I would doubt it’s for charging the batteries if in case if you’re using rechargeable batteries well I let a portion of date on this later on once I start using this remote. Are there isn’t any user manual to operate this remote so you let a figure out of all these controls your food.

but I think it is pretty easy and they should not be a big deal the next may have the body itself so it’s a lot of cool design with hatch Freeman the stylish sale. It also comes with the 4 LED lights up here on the front side. This will help you keep track of the car while driving in the dark inside the car you also see no cool little driver and the co pilot sitting inside.

It also comes with the spare tire on the back which is fully usable doesn’t give a feel bad for one then you can just remove this not appear and just let the staff know looking at the car itself it’s got a solid aluminium chassis down here I took 3 different shows a slipper clutch a waterproof electronics if you look at the chassis the schools at all and countersunk here.

Soon the schools doesn’t project outwards the components used out of free high quality and it has so many metal parts including the chassis of the double on the plane and get on the right track. So this is about 400 millimeters in length. And the birthdays around off to make a payment. From the stage to the stage.

And the height is around the 180 frame and now on to the front you see this bumper here. 30 she did with the metal sheet for this will probably take all the heads if you bump up with us on any of the conflation I think. Number electronics inside all you need do is to go to the store what it looks like you. And the kids lives backwards.

When this happens here on the bumper. And you also see some west which are popping up. And so in a minute. No these are the words that connect to the LED lights on the front these are connected using the J. status.

The suspension system is completely adjustable and each will has got its own independent auditor for the shop it’s got this nice call a little. Averages aluminium. The angle of the suspension can also be adjusted to food your driving style. And getting.

So there are 3 mounting points in all and you can choose the one that suits your needs. As they can see the suspension he is a very good. On the back. It feels a bit saggy here. And probably I think it’s due to the extra weight of this bad and all the get assembly anymore on it from the right side of the pack.

But you can probably on the list of this sharks here a little bit so that you know you get that even. Chassis base and this completely gives you more stability. So you can use these mounting points here to lift this Safia. No talking about go back to the here. It can be removed by taking off the so. Lips. If you like this for a couple.

So this comes with a 6 cylinder because Michael hi today by 3 of 87.towards with a capacity of 4800 and the MP at US. And I think go for a brisk modern this is pretty good enough but if you plan to upgrade to a brushless motor then you probably will not go back and. No the compartment here he’s very cleverly designed.

It’s got this little not just here. Yeah 112 north. Thank you. So you can put your wife of the badly to it and understand for the most of the label but anything go to the height can be adjusted here on these pillars so that you can hook up these clips based on the height of the label right. Now coming to the PC. We have this on and off switch right here.

That means to me in a little bit. The. So you can see this on and off switch here. And then once we’ve done this on all these electronics 1.up. So this is the best DSC rejuvenated at 1:20 AM in the. The motor is connected to the ESPN April 8 so full proportional speed in both forward and he was static since.

The easy also has that he’d seen so that you can upgrade it so be impatient the polite on the phone foreman and there are jumper looks on the ESP thank you. You can use this to switch on or off the reverse function of the client and the second zone .

but it’s a good store within the budget type of which will be either going to commit to highlight all the like pull the battery now based on the selection the auto quote off of entry go to the by tweet and but results so far. No the yes he also has a BCO. So this season .

he did I thought 6 wards and influence. Next we have the waterproof receiver box here. Although it’s waterproof well it is advisable not to submerge this crowded market but you can use it as a splash guard you know wanna build up so Florida just splashing around. 855 months. No coming to the server. So you can see this so will you.

This is the fourth global them so well and it’s quite far from. And it’s going to this on a medium heat sink you can see the. Meghan and I believe on this doesn’t have a subtle Salish.

You know the good book season closed in this compartment and it’s going to clear the window for you to inspect the working order to examine any of that and paid off the other gives insight now to access this particular compartment all .

you’ve got to do it so I remove these what happens when the body clips therefore 12 and 340 clips here and you probably have to do more all this cool stuff said on this so casing. Now coming to the S.. So these fads rated in the state.

And the I’m hoping it will have a very good group has its head in the. All rights Philadelphia for. And then the best size is roughly around 11 centimeters so 110 millimeters in diameter. I am the victim of the attack. This is beyond the 40 millimeters in this. So that so nice they had to say about this I see buggy.

Overall I feel very happy about this got to ask the components you lose the are of very high quality. And it’s going to be a large amount of megabytes and it feels so I’m ready for the worst I’ll be taking this for but I’ve probably a post on the article on this in the coming days.


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