Adding External Antenna to Netgear

Adding External Antenna to Netgear
Adding External Antenna to Netgear

Hey guys welcome to another article and today I would like to add a couple of external tank next to my internet from so this is the need to get a DG ended 37 double 0 a record that I bought a couple of years ago I know this model is kind of fun dated model right now also the stroke and does not have any kind of external antennas as such the range of these non back great.

so get this motor I usually keep it in the ground floor and I get ready I’ll see the signal so I’m here in my room since there is a concrete the roof of the net and also to break was that separate they don’t gonna hang this room.

so I total of adding an external antenna that would probably increase the range so this is a dual low band which works on 2.4 gigahertz as well less than the 5 gigahertz .

I’m not expecting too much off on increasing the range but I hope I mean at least be placed over the boundary of the signals. So what do you so cool hi gain antennas here so the longer one did you see this is V. 2.4 gigahertz 14 B. B. A. and then.

And these 2 are they do a bandeau 60 BA and. So the support of 5.8 gigahertz frequency as with so I’m going to use this tool 60 beds and that’s for the 2.4 gigahertz frequency and I probably won’t do this longer and then because so I you just want to try it out over .

this the smaller internet first and then probably a little bit longer and then it just gets the strength based on the strength of the signal. Additionally I also bought diesel you offend me BC I do I’d be SME big data and data cables.

So these antennas can be screwed on to one of the and here like this. And the other end basically goes to the socket on the wifi chipset board so subway level I just kind of measured the signal strength that I currently get here on this table. So I haven’t started the quarter by 3 and laser and I go to signal strength of about minus 7580 DB.

Hello I have opened the the case and now we can see the wifi chipset here. So let me zoom in a little bit thank so no these 2 are the antenna connectors 45 gigahertz bind and these 2 are the conduct its 42.4 gigahertz frequency. Now let me just go ahead and disconnect these 2 cables.

It’s so simple as just pulling this week get fully. 7 the name of the store big day love connect us. So the next step is to mark 2 points on this case for me to do the whole so these 2 holes I’ll be fixing the store connect does here. So let me go ahead and mark the points that I need to do the whole. So no I go to the levels amid in between these 2 companies here. And another whole some and disappoint.

So let me go ahead and mark the points. So let me go into the levels. So you want to deliberate and later on a switch to a bigger one. Hello I am switching to the bigger deliberate here. I think I still need to make this a little bit more.

because it’s still not going insane. So let me go ahead and clean up this mess here so did we have a deep cleaned up the staff so I also had to. John this kind of a bridge that was coming in the path of this whole so now I made it a neat and clean so let’s just go ahead and 60 connector snow. So this is the first one select means woman a little bit.

And they just have to put in this. Connect here. In the statement. Similarly the one. Thank you someplace to technically commit more. W. with. The conduct is in place. And all we have to do is no turning this back to overdraw. Chipset so I think I also removed the the 2 internet 45 gigahertz band so let me go ahead and connect those 2 as well.

This is a new entrant. So then we are with the connected cables he had to use a little bit of blasting oracle business into the socket so let me go ahead and put discovered back in place. No I have placed the order of the case back in position and let me go ahead and put the screws. So let me know connect the internist. So the and in a certain place and now it’s just a matter of putting back this open back in the same place.

I just went and bought this phone and come back and measured the signal strength right here on this table Hey guys I’m back after voting on the road so with the internet and you can see that no a good signal strength is about 70 DB so roughly we have gained a photo ID be a signal strength.

I would say I would use celebrity good what I think of this not exceptional but I am pretty much happy with the game that I’ve guarded by placing these winter months on the 2.4 gigahertz them bank so .


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