My Mac pro Killer Build

My Mac pro Killer Build
My Mac pro Killer Build

Hey, guys,Welcome to part one of the three part series of my Mac pro killer build. I was very impressed with the Mac pro and I actually ordered one.

And the order didn’t work out because of how small it was and how portable it was. I’ve been spending quite a long time lugging around big, heavy laptops because I need something portable.

So I know a lot of people hated on the Mac Pro. I really like it, but I had some time to think about and plan and look around to see if I can build something as powerful or more powerful for the same amount of money while still being portable.

First, I didn’t think I could do it. Then later I realized after having time to wait for the Mac pro line to come down, it’s currently on a two month ordered list.

I figured I can make one and I have the three here. It’s right next to me. So it’s already built.

I’m already using it. I’m already loving it. And I’m putting out these article for you guys. If you’re interested in making something that small or maybe even you don’t need it to be portable, but you still want something that small and it’s going to be powerful and you’re not going to spend as much as a Mac pro.

This article’s for you guys. So part one is just the parts that I chose and why. So let’s look at those.

All right, guys, to start out, I have the case. It’s a Rosewell legacy, you three. I have article on this, so go check that out. It’s a very small, super lightweight, all aluminum case that fits everything I need, even though it’s kind of tight. Bye, love. Look at this case.

Only has one 120 millimeter fin in the back, but it’s still going to work out fine for me.

Next, we have the Intel AI seven forty nine thirty K. This is the newest six core that Intel put out. This is super important for your video editing build is what sets it apart from other computers. If you’re gonna be editing, you need the performance of a six score to be able to handle multiple HD or even four case streams. So this is why I chose this processor.

Now, Intel six core processors don’t come with Cooler’s, which is perfect because you shouldn’t use it anyways. This is the A B I by Coursera. It’s a 120 millimeter. All in one water cooling kit that works really well.

The Riedy is actually a little bit thicker than most with two fans with a Push-Pull setup.

This is what’s going to keep the processor cool and allow me to overclock. Next, I got the Arctic mix for thermal compound. This thing lasts forever and it performs really well. It’s worth investing. Kanaks, your daughters. I’m getting the best thermal compound you can get.

Next is another super important part of your video editing billed as a graphics card.

And I have the GTA X Eckstein Black Edition. Now, I got this card because it’s six gigabytes of RAM and I’m maybe doing four K editing, so it’s going to be super important. If you’re doing 10 AVP video editing, I would suggest going this with the seven ADT Eye.

Now that’s just about as powerful as this card, but it just has less ram, which is totally fine if you’re doing 10 ATP editing for memory.

I went with 32 gigs of G Skill, 1866 Reum. Now this is superimportant for video editing programs as they’ll use as much as you can give them. Get at least 32 gigs, 64 if you can pull it off.

I can only put 32 gigs on this motherboard. For storage, I have to assess these in to standard hard drives, and it’s all going to fit inside a case.

A 250 gig for the operating system and programs, a 120 gig for all the scratch files for video editing and two three terabyte hard drives running in raid zero for maximum performance.

These are gonna hold all my video files and all my other media. Now I will be running Windows eight point one. I don’t mind the changes that they’ve made. And there’s actually a performance gain over Windows seven. As for the motherboard, I have this ACIS rampage for Gene.

Now, this is really my only option that would actually hold a six core processor.

Give me four slots for my 32 gigs, the RAM, and still be in a micro ATX form factor to fit inside a small size. Case is kind of on the pricey side and it’s the most expensive motherboard I’ve ever purchased. But for a build like this, when I want maximum performance in a small size, it’s absolutely essential. Has a bunch of other features that work really well as well to power.

This computer is of course there are M 650 power supply.

It’s going to give me plenty of power. It’s gold rated. It’s ultra quiet. Most of the time the fan doesn’t even run. And when it does, it’s ultra quiet and it’s also fully modular. So I only use the cables that I need and it’s going to help me cut down on all those extra wires inside of the case. All right, guys, thank you for watching this article. I hope you enjoyed it.

If you did, go ahead and give me a, like, low. It only takes about two seconds of your time, and that helps me out.

Also, if you would have gotten a different part instead of something I chose. Right.

I belong to the scripture. I’d love to hear all your guys opinions and maybe that would help somebody else out. And if you want to see part two, which is me building the computer and part three, which is the proof that this computer actually does what it says it does.

Last but not least, those links in the description to the party. Guys, if you want to do some research, check those out. They’ll be right below. So thank you guys for watching and have a wonderful day. See you.


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