This Monopod Right Here Cover By Ayla Rana

This Monopod Right Here
This Monopod Right Here

Today we’re gonna be talking about monopod and not just regular monopod, special monopod that is designed for article use, you see this monopod right here is standing all by itself. I am not touching it, supporting it at all.

This is a man forto and I believe they’re the first ones that invented or kind of brought this to market. Got it popular. This and my other hand is a banjo.

This is a new competitor to the man photo. And I’m making an article comparison, kind of a little bit of a review, depending on which one you should get. Should you buy a photo that’s been out for a while? Everybody absolutely loves and raves about.

Or should you give this Banro chance? Which is a new competitor on the market.

Now, I’m just gonna tell you guys straight up, about a week ago, I did my first wedding and I had these for about a week before that. And I was gonna grab one of them to work with my wedding, which is, of course, serious business.

I grabbed the Banro. So and I’ll tell you guys why I did that. Now, these are very, very similar.

They each had awesome feet. They had the fluid cartridge. There are a couple of different versions. Some have a twisty. This is a little snap lock.

They both have really nice fluid drag heads up top. They’re lightweight. They both have really, really good build quality. The 1 main difference that made me choose the banjo and which is which.

The reason why I believe the Benowa is a better monopod overall is the fact it has two cartridges. There are 2 drag heads for pans.

Now, I’m not going Tish’s man. Frodo is just standing here.

But the man Frodo only has this one at the base. setups on your level, ground, or unleveled ground, and you slide it or you pan like that.

This banjo, which is why I think it’s a superior product, has an additional 1 right here. The man Frodo does not your head just screws on. That’s it.

Here you can all lose in this and you can additional Panhead right there, which I think it’s awesome because when you are, let’s say, at a not level surface or you’re doing some interesting angle or just want to get Westshore possible.

And if you’re doing some planning, if this is locked up and you have to pan with this complete monopod, you cannot just hold on here and give it more support while you’re planning because you have to pan out the whole thing. So you have to twist your wrist.

Do some awkward motions and you not be able to steady a shot with the Ben Ro. You can unscrew this a little bit. Grab on, get a steady hold, and then you could still complete your pan with the other hand, just like you would on a tripod with this man, Frodo.

So this is why I believe this banjo overall is a better buy. Not only is it a 100$ cheaper, on average, but the prices do fluctuate. This is about 300$.

This guy is about 200 dollars, even if they’re both 300$. I would go to Banro. And last week when I went to shoot my first wedding, I did go to Ben Rowe. So being that this is 100$ cheaper and you get the added functionality, definitely I would say go with the Banro.

Manfro, too, was made in Italy.

I believe this Banro is made in China. And this is kind of you can say kind of a knockoff or kind of like their own version or they’re kind of stole that idea, something like that. typically, a company does that, especially if they’re made in China, the quality goes down dramatically. I’ve bought a couple of tripods from China.

And when you compare them to, let’s say, a man, Frodo, a tripod-like what this camera that’s recording there now is on it. Just usually it’s heavier.

The materials are worse. The fit finish is worse. Just you could tell it’s a lot cheaper.

I was really surprised with this ban because all the metalwork is really nice. The finish was nice. You could just tell holding in your hand the quality. I would say is on par with this man Proteau. So I really, really surprised me.

So if you guys don’t have a monopod like this, if you’ve been kind of thinking about it, if you do type shooting where you need to move around quickly or they’d be in it advantageous, definitely need to go, Anees.

I wouldn’t really even hesitate about it. So I sang suggest it for you guys.

And if you’ve been thinking, should I try to go and save some money at the Banro? Maybe you won’t be good. Or should I spend more money, go with them in Frodo if it’s even available.

You can stop worrying about that. Pick up the Banro and you’re going to be very, very happy with it. And just in general, gonna love having a video monopod that’s gonna give you awesome results, pretty much where you can get with the tripod.

Except in a package like this that is lightweight, stable.

And is amazing. So I hope you guys enjoy this article. Hopefully, it was helpful.

I know if I saw this article when I was looking and comparing this to online, it would be helpful to me. You guys enjoyed it. I have a link in the description. You guys can go ahead if you’re going to buy this on Amazon.

Click on that link. And that just gives me a little bit of kickback from Amazon.

If you have comments, questions, you guys, of course, can write that below and I’ll try to answer.


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