About Memory Cards Review

About Memory Cards Review
About Memory Cards Review

Hey, guys, today we’re gonna be talking about memory cards for the G each four and how you can save yourself a lot of money. Now, this is a Kingston 64 gigabyte U. H. S AI class three.

Hopefully I said that correctly. This is a memory card that Panasonic recommended to everybody to use in their g h fours.

Now, my biggest question, when I was researching the G h four right after was announced when all the specs guy released is do I really have to use these cards? And this is really the only card that’s out there right now that’s available in this speed.

And it’s one hundred and ten dollars. Now, one hundred and ten dollars might not be a lot if you are making YouTube videos, if you don’t have to record a ton of footage at once. And if you’re spending a bunch of money on the G.H. for, you could play for this card. But there are people like me that are getting into, let’s say, wedding videographer.

Where I need a lot of these cards. I need ten to fifteen cards just for myself.

And my second shooter is gonna have to buy his own cards as well. That’s a lot of money. It’s a thousand to fifteen hundred dollars more than that actually for these cards.

And my biggest question is, do I really need to use these? So this card right here is the SanDisk. Forty five megabytes per second extreme. This is a 32 gig, but they have 64 gigs as well and 128 gig. Now, this is one hundred ten dollars. If this was a 64 gig, it would be about 60 dollars. So almost half the price. So I have quite a bit ities.

And as soon as I got my G.H. for I didn’t even get this in the mail until just today.

And I said this card and I started messing around and it works perfectly fine. Now this card is forty five megabytes per second, which is enough to do the four K video and the high bit rate 10 ADP video.

So I’m not sure why Panasonic told people you have to use this card.

Maybe they just wanted to make sure that if somebody is buying cards to get one, that’s going to be the guaranteed fast enough to work. That kind of makes sense. But you guys can save yourselves a lot of money and use these cards and make sure that they’re SanDisk extreme cards. Don’t buy another brand.

I’ve got other brands before and they’re slower than they’re rated.

Maybe the reason these work in here is because they’re actually as fast as they’re rated. Other card manufacturers will give you like the top end speed that it can go. And a lot of times it’s half of that. So this actually goes at forty five megabytes per second is fast enough for that for K in the high bit rate, 10 ATP.

So don’t buy these cards unless you have a ton of money and you really don’t care.

Or maybe you just don’t need a lot of footage. So you just want to buy just because. But you guys could buy these cards. Save yourselves on money. I’m going to have a link in the description to Amazon, where you can buy these for about 60 dollars for the 64 gigabyte, or you can buy a small one if you’d like.

But do keep in mind, if you’re shooting for K 64 gig card like this holds about an hour and a half. Now, if you’re shooting high bit rate 10 ADP, it’s about forty five minutes.

So chances are you’re going to need more than one card. So grab these SanDisk, go hit up that link. And I also just wanted to make a quick mention. I picked up four of these batteries. These are Chinese batteries and they work really, really nice.

A lot of times those Chinese batteries that don’t work, they don’t tell you much battery life you have left. So I did some research and I pick these up now for twenty two dollars.

You can get two of these batteries. And this is just a charger for them. And this is about nine bucks on Amazon. I have links in the description for this as well. Now the Panasonic battery is about forty five to fifty dollars or for that same price or just a little bit more. I bought four of these. I’m actually have one in the camera right now.

And I bought a battery charger like this. So these were fantastic. I like buying high quality stuff, but I also like buying something that is high quality but less here of a price if I didn’t have to spend that much money.

Sometimes you have to spend a lot of money. Right now I’m using a man, Frodo Tripod, because a cheap the cheap tripods really are cheap and it’s worth spending more money and getting a nice tripod.

But sometimes you can spend a bit less money and still get exactly what you’re paying for.

And it’s going to work fantastic like these batteries. So if you guys want to see more article about the Jeep forum and to be doing a lot of different stuff, I bought a lot of nice lenses, the speed booster.

So I’m using all Nikon Glass on the Jeep for so I’ll have videos about that and I’ll have some other different article as well.

And also, I’m making a website called G.H. for Chuter dot com. That will be out really shortly. So you guys can bookmark that Web site.

And it’s just going to be a forum for a G.H. for users and people that want to buy a Jeep for want to find out more about it to go on there and chat just like any other forum. But. Specific to the GJ for so you guys bookmark that and you can join me on there shortly.

So thank you guys for watching this article. If you have any comments, go ahead and ask them below. And I’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have about the G.H. for and I have these links in the description if you want to get a good deal on a card. So thank you guys for watching and I’ll see you later.


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