Seagate Backup Fast USB 3.0

Seagate Backup Fast USB 3.0
Seagate Backup Fast USB 3.0

Hey, guys, today I’m going to be talking about this. This is a Seagate back up, plus fast additions, hard drive. Now, you might be wondering why are you making article about a hard drive? Hard drives are boring. Everybody knows about them.

Make article about something else. Now, this is where you’re wrong.

First off, I like making article about things I’m excited about and things I may bring value to you. And I think this is both. I’m very excited about it and I think it could bring a tremendous value to you. Now, this is obviously a portable hard drive.

Now the features are its USP 3.0 powered and it’s only USP 3.0. One plug to power, this whole thing. You don’t need any plugs into the wall.

You don’t need to be messing with a bunch of wires. One wire. That’s it. Which is absolutely fantastic, too. This is four terabytes in the set in my hand right here. I four terabytes of storage. Now there are actually two Samsung drives in here and they are in grade zero.

So you’re getting really fast performance in a tiny package all powered by one connection.

That is pretty much universal. So that is amazing. Now, the reason I bought this, if you guys saw my earlier video, I had a video about this little case that you can put SSD into. Now, I had a Samsung SSD in here, and it’s a great option for having really fast storage.

Now, this runs about 350 megabytes per second. And it’s a great option and it is quite pricey.

And it’s only one terabyte is the max you could do. Now, if you’re shooting for footage, especially ones like me, one wedding can be five hundred gigabytes, maybe even more. So this thing will fill up after, you know, two projects. It’s done.

So I needed some more space. Now, four terabytes is going to give me a lot farther.

This is not as fast, but still it is quite fast. It’s 220 megabytes per second, which is good enough. I think it’s fantastic. Not as good, but when you need the extra space to definitely take something like this. Now, here is my other Seagate drive. Now, this just has one hard drive in here and it’s one terabyte drive, and I absolutely love it.

This really kind of freed me after having one of those big external hard drives where you have to plug it in the wall and it’s really slow. You Asby 2.0.

This was a really big refresher and I absolutely loved it.

So going to something like this is going to be fantastic as well. Now, this one is actually smaller or shorter. I would say it is thicker, it’s heavier, but it’s not twice as thick. But, you know, it’s getting there. But still, it’s absolutely fantastic. It’s even shorter when you compare it to this entire case. It’s over an inch shorter. And which is the Spartz really crazy.

Here is my wallet right here. If you look is about the same size as my wallet, but it’s actually thinner than my wallet.

If I shove this into my pocket, it’s actually more comfortable having this and lighter than having my wallet in there, which is amazing. So what do you get when you get this hard drive?

Obviously, you get the hardware itself already talked about the specs and they do list that.

It’s a metal design, which I can’t really tell if it’s metal or not. I’m guessing what’s on the packaging has to be. But it does feel more sturdy than my other Seagate drive. Now, they also provide you with two sets of USP 3.0 cable, USP 3.0 cables.

Now, you don’t need to use both of them. You don’t need to them to give power to here.

What they did is they actually gave you two sets so you can choose which one you want to use. I think that is absolutely fantastic. They’re giving you a little bit more value when they don’t have to spend the money to do this.

They’re doing it just to kind of help you out if you need a longer cable. If your computer down below your desk, something like that, you can use the long one. If you’re like me and I’m have the Mac pro on my door sitting on my desk right there.

The short one is absolutely fantastic. Going to have a huge long cable.

I’m getting twisted up in different areas. You can use this one, which is awesome. So the last thing is you get a manual. And just the main feature on Gober is it has a three year warranty on there, another warranty similar to other hard drive, one to use.

But I was really happy to see this. A three or one, two, one. This is the raids.

Your drive, people say, has more risk in it. But compared to other hard drives, I have a one year warranty, basically get three times as much. Now, I had a Western digital harddrive that had a one year warranty and I went out a month after my warranty, which really, really stuck because I couldn’t really do anything about it. So three years is awesome to have.

And even though you have that warranty, you guys please back up your data.

Please have an extra hard drive. Get a five terabyte Seagate for one hundred eighty bucks, a slow version, backup all your stuff onto there. If you can back up into the cloud with a service like back, please do that as well.

So you don’t want to lose any raw data. So the reason why I picked up this hard drive before we go into some tests is the pride. Well, all the specs that I mentioned and the price, this guy is two hundred and seventy dollars.

The price could be going down if you’re watching this article later.

But what you get for two hundred seventy dollars is absolutely fantastic. I didn’t find anything else out there that matched up. Had the storage, the one plug, the price, the performance. Nothing really compares out there.

I was looking at like Lee CEG drive bunch of different options and either they’re a lot larger, a lot slower. You have to plug it into wall in a lot more expensive war.

Combination of those. This is small, fast, one plug and lots of storage, which is fantastic. So as you guys play, tell them I highly recommend this so far. Now the numbers are 220 megabytes per second for the speed of this hard drive. But we’re gonna go ahead and do a quick test and I’ll show you guys what it’s getting on my computer.

All right, guys, here is that black magic speed test. This one says to 34, right, and to 20 read now it would average around here and go about 200 at the lowest. And that actually go up to 270. Read and write at the height. So definitely really fast for such a small drive.

All right, guys. So hopefully this video was interesting for you guys.

Hopefully bring some value, either entertainment value, just killing some time or gave you a great suggestion for the next hard drive that you guys should buy. Or maybe a present for somebody else. Any of that stuff would be just fine for me.

So if you guys are interested in this hard drive or just any more information, you guys can check out the description. I’ll have a link on there. Now, if you guys have any questions about the Seagate drive or anything else, go and ask them ascription.

I’ll definitely get back to you guys. And of course, if you guys are interested in the G.H. for check out G.H. for Chuter dot com.

Just a forum about the GJ for you guys can talk to me over there and other people.

And lastly, if you guys are interested in more information about the speed boost, the revenue website called Speed History Guide dot com with more information. Speed Racer, just a nice organized place for that. And I’m putting out some guys.

Check that out. So thank you guys for watching. Hopefully you enjoy this article and I will see you guys later.


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