Rosewill Legacy U3 Case Unboxing

    Rosewill Legacy U3 Case Unboxing
    Rosewill Legacy U3 Case Unboxing

    Hey, guys, welcome to my unboxing an overview article of the Rosewell, U3 Aluminum Micro ATX case. In the beginning, I’m going to have this unboxing and then this can be followed by some nice shots of the case.

    And then I’m gonna see if I can fit the fairly large ten and a half inch G.T. X tight black edition graphics card in this small case.

    And then I’m gonna take this case and fit it into a backpack and check to make sure that it’s portable. That’s a number one reason I’m building this. So starting off. That was the manual right there. And we have this box here, which has all your hardware mounting, Oshin screws and stuff like that. So there is the front of the case already.

    You could see you have your to the USP 3.0 ports on the front and your audio output and input and that power switch. So take the box off here.

    So you see it’s packaged fairly well with those two pieces of foam on the front or the top in the bottom of it could take those off.

    So initial first impression is this case is super, super light. I figured it would be light because it’s all aluminum, but it’s just really unrealistic. Just holding your hand how lightweight this case is. But even though it’s so lightweight, it’s crazy how light it is.

    This thing feels solid already, just having held it just a little bit. There’s the bottom.

    There has some vents for your graphics cards going to be sucking air in through there. And you also have your mounting option for hard drives. Think you can put out three and a half inch Schriver to two and a half inch drives. So there is the front.

    Once again, there’s a little On-Off power switch. Feels good, just clicking right there.

    And just all the aluminum feels really premium. If you owned Apple products, you should know how this feels. It is definitely not cheap aluminum. It just feels really nice. So you have thumbscrews for your PCI ports on the back of a grill.

    We’ll screen for your 120 Mila fan and it just doesn’t really flex. It’s very powerful. You have a fan switch speed selection. If you’re going to use that built-In fan, I’m going to be putting something else in there.

    All right. We can take off this side panel here. You have your thumb screws which have little plastic washers on there, maybe rubber washers. So let’s take the panel off.

    I guess you just pull out a little bit and then pull towards yourself will come off.

    So once again, everything just feels really, really nice in your in the hand. Definitely built. Well, you had these all felt a little cut outs, I guess. So maybe stuff from vibration or just seal it better. And here’s your side.

    A little mounting option for a single three 1/2 inch hard drive.

    And I know you can put a two and half inch in there, maybe can kind of rig to two and half inch hard drive there, if you like. Once again, just this whole case feels really nice. You know, I really any sharp edges or anything like that, you would expect from a cheap case, I guess, and just feel solid. You have that little cables for the front power switch right there.

    And let’s see here. See you guys can check out the inside there. I’m really love in this case already there. There’s the bottom. You could see. Flip it around here. So you guys can check it out.

    So this is going to be my Mac pro killer, as I’m calling it.

    I would actually own a Mac pro, the two thousand thirteen late 2013 model if it didn’t have a two month waiting list. I wanted something that small and it had to be portable. That’s number one. So I was doing research and I didn’t think I could build something as powerful. I would also be portable, but I figured I learned that I could.

    So this is about the smallest case. I would fit the hardware that I needed. And as you’ll see later,the build that I put in barely fits in here.

    So I’m just super happy with this case. If you guys interested in small kids, they can pack some power. This is it. So here’s a shot of the G.T. X tight black edition right next to the case.

    And as you see, this really makes the case look small with this large graphics card right next to it. And here’s another shot from the side.

    So the graph score is actually an angle. So it actually be a little bit taller. And I was nervous when I got the case to see if I’ll actually fit. If you look at this shot here, the graphics card is about as wide as the cases, but it actually does fit inside the case.

    So that is a huge plus graphs, cards, 10 and a half inches.

    So if you look here, it actually does touch the side of the case here. But the graphics doesn’t have any connectors or anything on the other side other than just the metal of the heat sink. So it shouldn’t have any problems.

    All as you guys know, if I do have any problems about. I’m really happy it fits.

    So here is the backpack that I purchased to fit this case in to and it’s actually a suitcase style backpack, so doesn’t have a bunch of little compartments like your standard backpacks.

    And it’s actually a bit large, larger than I need. But I wanted to be on the safe side. Guys, I’ll have a link in the description to this backpack and also to the case to check out.

    So you guys will see that article and I’ll have that up soon. If you guys have another case you like that’s also small, you can comment and like this article if you enjoyed it. Thank you, guys. And have a wonderful day.


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