Comparison Between Canon C200 vs Panasonic G7/Cover By Ayla Rana

    Comparison Between Canon C200 vs Panasonic G7
    Comparison Between Canon C200 vs Panasonic G7

    Welcome to my comparison of the Panasonic G7 versus Canon C 200.

    Now, before you guys burn me at the stake, only you know that there is a world of a difference between these cameras.

    I know that I’ve been shooting with this for a while and I will have a full view of it coming out soon. Big shout out to Qadi from image one camera that loaned me his C 200. I would not be able to make this article or the full review or the other comparison article that I already did.

    You guys can check out by clicking this card above without his support.

    So check out their Web site, a man of a link to his Web site. In the video description, if you’re in the L.A. area, go ahead and check out his store. I did of log article there that you guys can check out by clicking this card.

    And he’s just an awesome guy and it’s an awesome camera store that has the best customer service that I’ve ever experienced.

    Thank you for letting me borrow this camera, Chaddy. Now, what I want to say is I’m going to be doing a B test with these cameras. And it really is the fairest way to see what you like better.

    So I want you guys to get out a piece of paper or get out an app on your phone.

    And you watch these SIDE-BY-SIDE shots, write down what you like better, A or B, and then reveal. So we’re gonna do a variety of tests. detail, which for the detailed tests, anything.

    What detail is using the same Lens Sigma 1835, which is sharper than this, 12 to 35, 2.8? And some other tests. See what you like better.

    And then we’ll have autofocus video and might reveal the camera is which. Obviously, this has a dual pixel that rocks. So this is just a little video for fun.

    And what I like to do is I just want to encourage who’s getting started in filmic air who wants to get started. Don’t go on with a very high-end camera. Get yourself a Panasonic G7.

    That’s been my recommendation for beginner filmmakers for a couple of years now a workaround it’s quirks, its limitations, and just start shooting and spend some more money on lighting microphones in the other stuff they need and mainly just go out and shoot.

    It’s a great camera, not only A, B, or C camera to the Hiren guys, but to get started. So let’s go ahead and take a look at the footage. All right, guys, so let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

    Did those comparison shots surprise you? Did anything really stand out to you and kind of reveal camera was which? With this camera, I shot with natural picture profiling.

    Does not have a vlog. And I think that’s a nice flat profile. Gives you some good dynamic range flexibility. Whereas with the C 200, tuned it for the scenario. So, for example, for the lowlight shots, I was shooting just the MP for which is D noise in that footage, making a look a little bit better and more like dynamic range test that was shot in RA to maximize the potential of this camera.

    So again, there’s a world of difference between these cameras, but this is such a great camera for such a low price.

    I’m I have a link to this guy in the article description where you guys can get a very low price on it. And even if you have been doing a video for a while now and you’re shooting with a Sony, with Canon, with Panasonic, I recommend these a B camera. standard profile, surprisingly, matches up fairly to Sony and to Canon.

    You can grade a little bit and it gets you fairly close to start out with. So awesome camera.

    And if you’re starting out again, I highly, highly recommend this camera. I’m going to link to the C 200 from image one camera. Once again, a big shout out to them for making this video possible, for letting me keep this camera for much longer than I was originally planning to. It should have been back by now.

    But, Qadi, thank you for being lenient with me.

    I will say that this is my favorite cinema camera that has shot with. I did a review on the Black Magic Ursa Mini Pro 4-point 6K on the F has five. And this is definitely my choice, without doubt, compared to those cameras.

    Don’t forget to let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. Did the shots really real. Which camera was which? And did surprise by how the G7 did. I want to hear your guys his opinions.

    Once again, I have links to both in the article description below. And if you guys want to see another article similar to this. Check out my five D Mark 4 versus G7. That is a very surprising article. Where this thing spanked the canon camera and almost all of the tests. So thank you guys for watching.


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