Panasonic 4k GH4 Unboxing + Speed booster Nikon Lenses

    Panasonic 4k GH4 Unboxing + Speed booster Nikon Lenses
    Panasonic 4k GH4 Unboxing + Speed booster Nikon Lenses

    Hey, guys, so here it is, the Panasonic G.H. four. I just recently got it in the mail. I’m really excited to open it up and check it out and show you guys what’s inside.

    Now, this is my first Panasonic G.H. serious camera. I didn’t have a GJ two or for you, like a lot of you guys that are upgrading to this camera.

    So it’s going to be a totally new experience for me, seeing how it feels in the hand and just using it altogether. I got the camera and I also got this Tokino. To 16, 2.8 for an icon.

    And then this fifty one point eight also for Nikon. I’m not buying any Panasonic lenses. I actually ordered the speed booster to use these Nikon lenses on here, which is going to make them wider and faster. So if you guys are interested in seeing some Nikon lenses with that speed booster.

    And if you want to see more article on the G.H. for I mean, have a lot of different stuff about it.You guys can see all that stuff.

    And I actually have a segment 18 thirty five one point eight coming in the mail as well.

    So also, when you guys know about a Web site to have opening up here really soon, it’s called a G.H. for shoot or dog com. It’s actually going to be a forum, a place where you can come in and post different things, any questions you might have and also see what other people are talking about.

    So go ahead and bookmark that. G.H. for shooter dot com. It’s going to be an awesome Web site. And let’s go ahead and open up this G.H. for you.

    All right, guys, so let’s get right into it. We have the box here and we’ll go ahead.

    Open it up. So you have some instructions are right there already different accessories that you can get in another flap here. Here we have different manuals, c.D, stuff like that that nobody usually messes around with.

    And another flap and one more flap. They’re really trying to keep it safe there. All right. So we have the G.H. for body right here for time, holding it in my hand. Let’s go ahead and pull that out. Might as well.

    So you guys should know by my other article that this is the first G.H. series that I have. Other than that, I’ve always shot with canon cameras. Had I had a t one eye to eye and then I had seven D and then I had a five D mark too.

    So this actually feels really nice in my hand. I like how the shutter button feels really nice, even though I’m not going to be using that very often. We shooting video with this.

    So a lot of different options, lots of different menu, different settings, buttons on here, which is always nice so that you don’t have to fumble through menus. You have a your mike port and it’s really nice that it’s a separate little cover here. So you have to open up one long one with a bunch of different ports that are left open.

    And we have our screen right here and battery goes in there. It looks really nice and big sized battery, probably about the size of the five demarked 2s, maybe even a little bit bigger. So hopefully we get a nice long recording time on there.

    And your SD card slot will jack for remote. And on here we have a headphone jack, which is going to be very nice coming from the canon cameras that don’t have that option unless you spend over three thousand dollars with the five D mark three.

    And of course we have a will cover on here. A small little sensor when you compare it to a full frame. But it should do a very, very good job.

    So there that is. I’ll just take a quick peek in here, see what else we have inside there. So we have a shot here, Lou, make a G really big and noticeable charging cable charger. Then we have a little USP cable that will pulling every use and a battery right here. So just go ahead and just pop that battery in and see it start right up.

    So the battery is almost identical to the canon one, which is really interesting. Let’s see where is the on button? Never used one of these, so it is. And please set the clock. All right. So I know the G.H. four is working and I’m and I have to put that adapter on and try out some lenses.

    So if you guys are interested in seeing some more article on this G.H. four, I’m going to have a review article , lots of different sample as far as image quality, some ISO. A bunch of different stuff, along with wedding videos, music video, stuff like that that I typically work on.

    So if you guys want to see that,And you guys will be updated on whenever I put up a new article.

    And if you guys are also interested in seeing just kind of a different perspective compared to everybody else coming from the Cannon family, if cameras that most people are going to come from the G h 3s or twos, you guys will also be able see some article on that. So thank you, guys. And have a great day.


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