Hackintosh Build Guide (Patreon Exclusive) Teaser Preview

    Hackintosh Build Guide (Patreon Exclusive) Teaser Preview
    Hackintosh Build Guide (Patreon Exclusive) Teaser Preview

    Hey, guys,welcome to our sneak preview of our hacking tosh. Step by step, build an installation guide. Now, this is just a preview.

    This actual video is over an hour long, and it’s literally a complete step by step on how to take the parts out of the box, put everything together, get us 10 and install it and everything else. People been asking for this article for a long time.

    We’ve been hesitant to do so for a couple of reasons. One, it just takes a lot of time to do this. And two, there’s just a lot of different parts out there.

    And even if you get the same parts, sometimes it’s still small things that come up depending on your software variation bio. So you have to figure out.

    We decided to make this article and it should be just the most detailed step by step Macintosh guide that is out there. Lisa.

    Ofcourse, all this information is available for free.

    There is twenty Mac, eight x eighty six Web site. It’s just filled with knowledge, great forums with tons of super knowledgeable people, way more knowledgeable than I am. But we just decided to make this for you guys.

    So I hope you guys enjoy this preview. Would you just going to see some different shots of what’s included in the article ?

    And if you want to support us on patriarchy that is already up there and available? There’s a lot of other bonus content, early access, exclusive videos and other extras and downloads and all sorts of stuff like that on our patrie.

    I know we decided to launch a patron so that we can make more article for you guys.

    As you guys know, I have a full time employee and I have to pay the bills and pay him before I pay myself and feed my two kids and everything else. But I love making these YouTube videos, even though they’re not very profitable compared to do an actual work.

    It’s just I enjoy it and enjoy it when I can help you guys. You guys love the article . So we want to be able to spend more time making more videos in higher quality, more detailed ones especially want to be able to keep more cameras on hand that we don’t need currently, that we can’t do to make more comparison article out.

    You guys just really love and that’s really helpful. So that’s basically our goals with Patron.

    So for the price of, you know, one coffee a month, you guys can get a bunch of bonuses,Thank you guys very much.

    Now, I also want to talk about, like Macintoshes in general. Is it worth doing building yourself a hack and tosh? Well, it could be worth it. We have, I think, three. I’m not using all that right now, but three of them.

    This is the newest right here. And if you’re somebody who wants to use Mac OS and either you just like the platform compared to Windows or you want to use final cut, that’s our main reasoning. And you don’t have the money.

    That is a big reason it’s worth it. Or if you want to do more customization like my other Macintosh have. You can have a look at rates that have been there, a Blu ray burner.

    You can have different add in cards that you can put in and Apple is no longer allowing you to do that. Now, on top of that, you can even get way better performance for your money as the same time. So this system by itself with a single GP, you at the time that I built it was I think nine hundred and under a thousand bucks basically.

    And it performs actually faster than that. Four thousand six hundred dollars. Mac Pro.

    And from your point on my channel I have a link in the description and the end card at the end of this article . So definitely go and check that out.

    It actually runs cooler under load and quieter under load and it’s twenty five, about twenty five percent faster and it’s less than a quarter of the price for the computer itself. So very, very good results. Now who is a hack.

    Not good for. Well if you’re a small business owner and or just an average person and you don’t want to deal with any issues that could come up, it’s really not for you.

    If you buy a Mac, it’s going to cost you a lot more. But you have the convenience of having a warranty walking down the street or driving down the street to an Apple store and then there they’re able to fix it for you. You have those conveniences.

    So if you want to have the least possible issues and you get frustrated working on computers and you don’t have the time to spend figuring some things out, that’s not for you.

    Just pay the three thousand four thousand dollars for a Mac or buy a Windows P.C. and well, if you buy a windows of I still have some of the same issues or more actually. But if you have the money and you just want to Mac that works and you don’t like working on computers or you don’t have the time to figure some small issues out.

    Don’t don’t build a hack and tosh. But if you want to save money or you don’t have the money or you like to tinker or you want to put in the internal raids, that could be faster than SSD with tons more storage for less money burners, add in cars, accessories, all sorts of stuff like that.

    And you’re willing to spend a little bit of time figuring things out.

    Macintoshes are really good option. And now a Macintosh. If you get the right parts and you follow my build guide with the exact parts that I use and those parts in the article description and you follow the build guide, most likely you’re not going to have any issues or very little.

    Now, we’ve had this setup for over six months now and we really have almost no issues.

    We have a little Bluetooth U.S. chip that kind of flakes out, which we just need to get a new one. It’s not a problem with the computer. And we also have a cheap kind of like a Chinese for bay hard drive enclosure that’s U.S. B.

    And if that thing’s plugged in, the system won’t won’t boot up.

    Actually, if it’s not if it’s started, I should say. But if it’s turned off, the system boots up or if you unplug it. Now we have tons of other hard drives, SSD, laptop, hard drives, big hard drives. No issues. It’s just that one particular device.

    Other than that, it’s really been great. So if you get the right parts and you go through the initial setup, making sure you install everything correctly, you’re really not going to have very much issues.

    Now, if you don’t follow the right parts or anything like that, you could have more issues.

    But Tony Mac, ex Eighty-six has a bunch of great info there. So basically, hopefully your guys are enjoying seeing some of these parts. We try to do the most detailed guide we can.

    Now, we’re not going to be able to offer any tech support or any build support or anything like that because it’s really not what we do. And so if you’re going to file those bill Gaian and some things do come up, just go on the Tony Mac Web site.

    People way smarter that no code and no everything else can point you guys to the right direction. But if you’ve never built a computer before or you have never been to hacking, Tosches is going to save you a ton of time.

    The first time I built my Macintosh, I think I was paying about close to 16 hours to figure everything out. And I think with this build guide, you should be able to do it in way less time.

    So hopefully you guys enjoy this article . Definitely. This thing is just it’s really impressive. It looks really pretty good right there, too. So thank you guys for watching.

    There’s going to be a link in the description to our patrie on page where you guys can, you know, spend a couple of bucks a month and support us to make more great article and get some bonuses at the same time.

    Make sure you guys enable those notifications, because YouTube is for some weird reason, So you guys don’t miss out on some very cool, very interesting things to come. I’ll see you guys in the next article .


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