The Brand New GTX Titan Black Edition/Cover By Ayla Rana

    The Brand New GTX Titan Black Edition
    The Brand New GTX Titan Black Edition

    Welcome to my unboxing. And over your article of the brand new G.T. Eckstein Black Edition. This is a top of line graphics card that was just released.

    I ordered it was available before it shortly sold out. And I just received it today. I’m going to be doing an article. So I picked up this graphic, scarred not for playing video games, but for my brand new build that I’m putting together for four K video editing.

    It’s going to be in Mac Pro Killers when I’m with the call it nothing against the Mac pros.

    I would own it right now if there wasn’t such a line and it didn’t give me more time to think about it and plan that I can make something that is portable powerful without buying the Mac Pro, which is an amazing piece of hardware. So let’s start out with this on boxing. I’ll speak more about that a little bit later.

    So we have this poster here, creepy looking guy, just one-sided, I guess, to advertising it free EVGA if you’re going to put this on your wall. We’ll set aside. We have a driver’s desk. Don’t use these. Download the news drivers. We have a P.C. badge.

    It’s metal, not a little sticker. I like most of them. And of course, you have your Emanuels warranty information, all that type of stuff. Well, we got some more stickers in here.

    If you want to put those anywhere. All right. So we have some nice foam with some cutouts.

    Looks like a shape of a graphics card with a little logo on there. Can move aside. There is the G.T. X Titan black addition a little bit of weight to it. Feels good in the hand. Let’s see what’s in this little compartment in here.

    We have a little power cable splitter.

    If you don’t have enough power from your card or from your power supply card and we have another cable and we have a little DVR to Viji, a splitter. If you have an older monitor, let’s grab the card here. So it looks like get here, it feels hefty, open up the seal here.

    Make sure, guys, when you’re pulling out your graphics card, that you touch a metal object beforehand to get rid of that static electricity, you definitely don’t want to mess up a graphics card, especially 1 expensive as this.

    So there she is, the G Force G.T. X, tight black addition. The update of the original Titan then came out about a year ago. This one’s fully unlocked.

    You have the 2880 Kouda cause that’s what your video editing or your 3D design or other program uses to speed up your rendering.

    This card has six gigabytes of memory. That is the main selling point for me. Instead of going with like a 780, which is almost the same Metacritic, cause this thing will hold a texture. So if you’re doing for K anything else that takes memory.

    This is the card that you want and this is why chose a card for my Mac pro killer.

    If you guys are interested in seeing the parts that chose to do this small build that’s going to compete and do better than a Mac Pro for less money and portable. I have a list of the parts, some videos, how I put it together, and benchmarks showing that off.

    So here’s the G text Titan. Hopefully, you guys enjoy this article. Hit a thumbs up, read a comment. Let me know what you guys think.


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