Best Deal Thunderbolt Drive

Best Deal Thunderbolt Drive
Best Deal Thunderbolt Drive

Now that Forcades becoming a lot more popular, many filmmakers are upgrading their cameras to support this higher resolution.

Now, along with all those extra pixels, you also have a lot more data that you need store and the data needs to be read faster in order to edit smoothly. This is the Thunder before it’s an external enclosure that’s powered by Thunderbolt two and it supports four hard drives. With those drives, you can select different modes.

One of them being read five, which is my favorite. This setup comes bundled with some software called Soft Reed five. Their newest version.

And it allows you to have really high speed along with data protection with rate five. Your data is split up between the drives. This way, if a driver dies, you replace it.

And no data is lost. This specific one is 20 terabytes with 15 terabytes of usable storage in RE5 five mode. Along with the data protection, we have much faster speeds compared to a standard drive. It’s actually slightly faster than a standard SSD.

Not only dieser faster sequential speeds, the drives also have much faster seek times as well.

This storage solution isn’t cheap, but it’s actually a great deal for what you’re getting in the package. You have the enclosure, paperwork, power, cable, thunderbolt cable and the key to the front. The drafts come preprogramed in rate five with the rails attached.

So all you have to do is slide in the drives and plug it in. This unit has two Thunderbolt ports.

So if you’re editing on a machine with just one Thunderball output like this MacBook Air, you could still hook up an external display like this beast here and really get your editing on.

One of the reasons for the Thunder Bay’s great price compared to the competition is it uses a software rate solution compared to hardware raid. Software raid uses your C.P.U, which some people don’t like.

I tested how much C.P.U power is used and it was between two to eight percent more C.P.E. usage with an average of three percent compared to using the onboard SSD. And this is under full bandwidth usage, so regular usage will use less C.P.U power.

Also, keep in mind that this is on a base model. One point six gigahertz dual core MacBook Air.

So using it on a more powerful computer like a quad core that most people edit with, they’ll be even less of a C.P.U usage to run the Thunder Bay. I’ve been using this soft rate software for a while now with my hack and Tausche and it does a fantastic job.

I definitely notice a responsiveness difference compared to editing off of a single drive and it allowed me to multicam edit for K progress files where a single drive or even dual drives could be too slow to test compatibility.

I pulled out my four internal drives connected by Saeda and plug them into the Thunder Bay and vice versa.

My reader A showed up right away on my Mac book and the drives included with the Thunder Bay showed up on my and Tosh. This just shows how versatile the software and the enclosure is. This is not possible with hardware solutions like Lacy or Pegasus enclosures.

Both of those solutions also come with a set of drives and that’s the only way you could buy it. If you already have drives, you could buy the Thunder Bay either by itself or with a bundled software software for only eighty dollars more, which is over half off of retail.

The only downside I could think of is this device seems to be noisy if it’s right next to you on your desk.

The sound comes from the drives spinning, not the fan, which is fairly quiet.

This is the case with any enclosure, so it’s not really a fault of the product, just the way hard drives work. I’d suggest getting a longer cable and placing the Thunder Bay farther away from you to minimize the noise. I’ve been recommending the Thunder Bay for over a year now because you’re getting the best mix of everything.

Lots of space, really fast performance, data protection and a really good price.

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Make sure. Check out the article description. Wahhab, have the link to this exact model as well as this case by itself. In the case bundled with that raid, five soft rate software that I really, really like.

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