SL99 Earbuds Review

SL99 Earbuds Review
SL99 Earbuds Review

Hey, guys, today on be talking about the US and all ninety nine earbuds, if you guys had a chance to watch my previous article on The Jaybird Blue but EXs, I mentioned that those didn’t last me all day.

And I do listen to earbuds all day long, so I had to pick up something else that would fill in the gap. And I chose these. The Soul by Ludicrus SL Ninety Nines.

I did quite a bit of research because I always like getting the best bang for the buck.

I like having a decent price and getting a really good product. I’m sure like most of you and reading some reviews, watching some videos, comparison, stuff like that. These just did really, really well compared to the beats compared to some other higher end earphones or earbuds.

So I bought them when I first looked these up. They’re about 80, 90 dollars on Amazon and MSR pe of about one hundred hours at Best Buy RadioShack. Other stores like those.

And when I was in the market again for another pair of earbuds looking up on Amazon, they dropped the price down to about fifty dollars, which was awesome because the Beats and the other earbuds I looked at were 100 to hundred fifty dollar mark.

And I’m super, super glad I bought them in the month and a half that I’ve had them.

I’ve just been kind of amazed by them. I know fifty dollars might sound like a lot to some. To some might sound really cheap. If you use a buying earbuds.

But I truly think these are the best bang for the buck earbuds that you can get. So first, I’ll say the negatives about these, if you guys want to hear those, and then I’ll see my positives. So the first negative on the league as I know about, is the size of these earbuds.

The actual outer part, when you put them in, they stick out quite a bit, just like the Jaybird Blue Bud Xs.

And when you put a hat on, when it fits tight against against the earbuds, if you want to cover your ears, it does put some pressure on if you wear it like a tight fitting hat.

So if it’s wintertime right now, which it is, that might be issue if you like, listening for a long time.

But I still listen with the hat on for hours and after a while the pressure does build up. The second downside of these is they are very particular when you put them in your ear. It took me quite a bit of time to get used to inserting it properly.

You can’t put him in too far or you don’t get very good bass and you can’t stick him out too much, I guess, or you don’t get a good bass.

You have to push him in a right kind of a medium setting and also kind of twist them back and then you get the optimum sounds. So it does take a little bit to get used to.

But when you’re used to inserting them, it’s not too hard. OK, guys, now the positives.

Pretty much everything else is amazing about these. First thing I mentioned is the sound quality is absolutely fantastic. Literally, every single day that I listen to these, I’m just amazed by how well they sound like, wow, these sounds so good.

Every single day for about a month and a half. Now, the reviews that I read, the comparisons all the time I spent into looking up what is the best bang for the buck. When I came down to these totally, totally right. They just sound great.

Absolutely awesome. Has enough low and that if you like, listening to techno music, electronic, whatever you like, just sounds awesome.

The mids are really good and the highs are really crisp and clean. Love it.

That’s all I’ll say about that. And I think, like I mentioned on the negatives, that these stick out quite a bit because they’re large. I think that’s the reason why it sounds so good, is because they are large with this larger area here.

They’re able to fit a bigger driver, a speaker in there.

And that just has pretty much makes more sound and better sound. They’re loud and and clean and just awesome. So that’s one next positive is this cable.

So a lot of times you get around cable on most earbuds or earphones and sometimes you get a flat cable. Those are getting more popular that don’t tangle like the round ones do. So what do these headphone company decided to do is make something right perfectly in the middle. So it’s almost like a oval shape. And I guess it’s just best of both worlds.

They’re super, super strong. I think the round ones are stronger than the flat cables, but they also don’t get folded up and all stuck together and in knots and stuff like that at all.

Next, positive I want to talk about is a durability. I’ve had these for a month and a half and they’re still doing really, really well. They look like they’re brand new.

I’ve had earphones that went out after a week just because the build quality really, really sucked. These just feel great.

And every point of connection, they’re just strong. They feel like they’re going to last a really long time. Another reason why they’re so durable is this little L plug right here. It’s really, really strong and it doesn’t put the stress on the cable.

So what happens when you plug them in? If you have force that is coming down on here, like if it’s in your pocket, jacket, jeans, whatever, it’s not messing up the cable.

A lot of the ear phones that have the cable sticking up. It’s going to bend it. Put pressure on your poor in your phone. It’s just it’s really bad in the cables go out that your phones die really quick.

So with this, no matter where you’re putting the pressure, it is not going to mess him up or at least are going to last a lot longer.

All right, guys, to wrap this up, if you’re in the market for some earbuds where you want to buy some as a gift for somebody else. I strongly recommend to pick these up. These are the best bang for the buck. Under two hundred dollars that you can get.

They’re absolutely fantastic for about 50 bucks. They sound amazing.

And most likely every single day you’re gonna listen to them and be like, wow, these are awesome.

Just like the just like what I do every single day. I know 50 dollars might sound like a little bit too much for some of you if you’re used to spending 10 or 20 dollars on earbuds. But it’s definitely worth it. You’re going to sound a lot better.

And they’re also going to last quite a bit longer than the cheaper ones are going to bias.

They’re going to likely save money in the long run by going with these. So strongly recommend them. There’s a link in the description where you guys can pick these up off of Amazon.

And I just hope you guys get these and you enjoy them. So thank you for watching, guys. If you like this article.

Hit that like one and only takes about two seconds. If you didn’t like it, you can also hit the dislike button. Write me a comment. If you guys bought one of these, let me know what you think.

Or if you think there’s some other earbuds that are really, really good for a good price to let me know and I’ll check those out. Thank you, guys.


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