Best Parts Of The New Sony A7/Covr By Ayla Rana

Best Parts Of The New Sony A7
Best Parts Of The New Sony A7

In this article I’m talking about, the top five best features or best parts of the new Sony A7 is two now along with this video. I have another article titled The Top Five Downsizer Problems with the Sony Ace of Nesse two.

So we’re not just looking at the positives, we’re looking at the negatives.

So after you watch this article, make sure to check that one out. Now, this camera came out about a month ago, and, of course, a lot of people are interested. It’s the successor to the really popular 7 S2.

And I want to talk about the top five features, at least from my side.

Of course, this is an opinion article. So you guys can comment below and let me know what you think the top five best parts of this camera are to you.

No one is going to be, of course, internal for Kate. Now, this was a reason why many people chose a G.H. for over the A7 s the original one because it didn’t have internal for K in the G.H. four did. Of course, you can output through HDMI for K, you have to use an Excel recorder.

But now with this newer version, we definitely have it. It looks great.

The resolution is much higher. Obviously, you have a lot more room you can crop in when you’re editing. Get a couple of different angles with one video file if you’re putting out a ten ADP file.

And general, it looks a lot sharper even if you’re downscaling to an ADP after you edit.

It’s really nice to have that internal four K number two is going to be 120 frames per second at 10 ADP. Now, a lot of people wanted to have a higher framer option when shooting full HD and now we do have it.

Sony is using a crop of the sensor, so it’s not using the frame sensor. So you can get shallower, less shallow depth of field, more in focus, and you’re going to lose some of the wide. And on your lenses, it’s gonna be more zoomed in basically when you’re recording.

But because they’re using one to the one-pixel readout, we’re going to get clean images, no aliasing or other image issues.

So if you’re a motion shooter, you want to shoot the 120 frames per second. We finally have it on this camera.

Number three is the built-in image stabilization. Now, this is the third camera that Sony is including the ibis into. And it works really. You can finally pick up your camera and without having a tripod or a shoulder, you can get usable hand-held results.

That’s if you have a prime lens. It doesn’t have the imagery position built-in.

Or if you’re using an adapted lens, it still works. And it does a really good job. And if you have a lens that has the image stabilization inside lens, optical image, civilization, it could use both to get even better results.

Some definitely glad that Sony included this in this camera. Number four is a light performance. Of course, this is a reason, while a lot of people switched over to their original A7, you have that really large full-frame sensor, you have the low megapixel count. You have good processing.

And it makes for basically the best light camera for the video that’s out there, even cameras that cost multiple times more than this camera.

Now, the A7, S2 has the same sensor, has updated processing. So it does have a little bit better light, but there’s nothing else that comes close to this camera. Number five is going to be dynamic range.

Of course, this camera comes with √Āslaug to now has a slug three.

You have these are Cinny profiles. But even in standard picture profiles, this camera still has a better dynamic range than other cameras like the GJ four and the next one. You get flexibility in the highlights, the shadows.

If you overexpose an image underexposed, it’s easier to fix those types of problems.

So it’s definitely nice to have a dynamic range. Thank you guys for watching this video, if you’re tough. Five is different than mine. Let me know in the comments section below. You guys enjoy this article.

Give a thumbs up and make sure to check out my other video at the top five downsides or problems of the seven US two. So you guys don’t miss out on that one. I will see you guys in the next one.


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