Ursa Mini Pro 4.6K Review/Cover By Ayla Rana

Ursa Mini Pro 4.6K Review
Ursa Mini Pro 4.6K Review

Let’s go out and shoot some. I always felt like there’s something missing in my life. I just had this desire for something to fill my life, but I never figured it out until I found out about logging. Now that I knew what I wanted to pursue, I was having some problems until I figured it out.

And to get some good coffee. Here’s your partner for joint. There’s one thing that I’ve learned is that good thing are always Spetz.

Mine was making lots of showing off, you know, myself editing videos, nobody was watching. And my mom commented once, was nice.

That’s about it. Trying to crack the code. I know this is destiny. Then I just hit the jackpot. Don’t tell.

You have to do at least 10 bit. But if you’re a real pro, you have to shoot Grah.

That makes sense. First, I had a really hard time of how am I supposed to autofocus if I want to record myself in people’s pros. Don’t use autofocus. AutoFocus is only for amateurs. Thanks, somebody wrote, if you want to track, it’s very easy.

If you’re pro what you do, you just stop down and you have no problems. Shoot Ra. And that’s it. You know, if you’re a pro, that’s what you have to do.

You know, you look up to this guy. But, you know, it’s just it’s a shame, you know, now that I’ve realized this, he’s using a big camera. Did you see that? That’s autofocus. He’s definitely not a pro. I think I need to go leave some comments and inform and help him out if there’s one thing that I’ve learned.

He’s nice. That is, I need to start the exercise. And if gets noticed that common things seem to get fatter and fatter. And that’s true. And even though I’m disappointed in Casey, you know, all these. I’ll take that suggestion to get a little bit of exercise.

All right. Getting a good workout in.Sorry if it’s a little bit shaky. Notice a cinema glass.No ibis, of course. No. The pro cameras have ibises doltish the amateur camera.

Good workout. Oh. Yes, mile marker 0.01. Casey, you’re doing it further, but of course, he’s not a pro, sees those little Sony cameras up there for Kor anything.

Of course, one benefit that Casey doesn’t have, but I do. He’s not holding out a professional 10 pound camera, Ansley, while he’s doing his exercise. So I think that kind of makes up for the distance.

All right. Time to head to the office. That exciting life. You’d like it. I’m wrong that the Sony Sony.

Yeah. Why she’s referred to the autofocus is great. I don’t know. Are you kidding me? My battery’s bigger than your camera. Look at that. Tiny things. You know, I’m not going to waste my time with you. I’ll see you in the.

All right, guys, that’s it for the first episode. I know you guys want to see more, but hit that subscribes button so you guys don’t miss out on my future blogs.

If you guys want to see some real pro blogs, not none of that. Sony AutoFocus eight did all that junk.

Make sure you guys go out to these YouTube videos and not, you know, let know the truth of what pros do and what pros don’t do and hopefully can convince Casey to step up to a real camera. All right, guys. See you in the next pro block.


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