The Panasonic FZ1000 Unboxing

The Panasonic FZ1000 Unboxing
The Panasonic FZ1000 Unboxing

Hey, guys, welcome to another article. This is the Panasonic F 1000 unboxing, I actually got the camera and one day early, so I’m really excited about that.

And I’m actually heading out to a birthday party for my brothers in a couple minutes here. So I’m actually going to take that and be able to shoot some Fourcade footage and take some photos for you guys as samples.

So, Glenn, open up the Amazon Prime box and we have the box with that FZ one thousand looks very similar to the GJ four box.

Looks very nice and simple. Let’s go and open up this camera. So if you guys didn’t see my other article, I posted it yesterday. I just go over everything that I love and I’m excited for about the scandal and why this camera is such a fantastic deal.

Nothing really else compares for the price. So we have the same software in your manual as of course, we can put that to the side.

And we have one extra flap here. All right. So I’ll wait to open that one. So we have a little Lenswood that comes with it for the builtin lens. We have a charger for the battery. Now, I can tell right away the battery does look different than my G.H. for battery.

So that’s a shame. I have a bunch of batteries for my G.H. for. So I’m guessing they won’t work with this camera.

But this one has just a wall plug, which is a little nicer than the actual extra cord there. It’s more convenient for me.

And we have a little Panasonic Lou mix strap right here as well. I’ll set that aside. Let’s see what else. So we have a lens cap right there, similar to the twelve. Twelve to thirty five. Size wise, a U.S. speed cable. And of course, we have ourselves a battery in here.

I’ll go and pull that out. Someone. I need that in a second. All right. So I think that was it. Now let’s grab the camera itself. OK, so set that aside.

Move this out of the way. All right, guys, there we go. We have the G.H. for Unbox.

So actually, never mind that the Jewish for very Zimmers used for the FZ 1000 bridge camera with a one inch sensor and shooting for K in 120 frames per second at Taine ATP. And I forgot to mention my last video, two 240 frames per second at 720 piece.

That’s very impressive. So first quick impressions. The plastic does feel a little bit cheaper up top than the GS for I’m guessing because the GJ four actually is metal, but still the same exact grip. It feels fantastic in my hand.

And the plastic doesn’t feel cheap. Likes on some other camera canon cameras.

Of course it feels less. Sorry. Excuse me. Feels less like less of a quality compared to metal camera. Like a seventeen hundred G.H. each for but still actually feels fairly solid. The button layout right here is similar.

There’s no little quick scroll type wheel here, but these other buttons do look similar here and up top. The button li it was a little bit different but you also have a on off switch different mode dials. That feels nice.

There’s no little lock up top here but I’ll get into more a side. But the lens looks very, very huge.

You guys are saying this, it’s very, very fat and I’m guessing it needs that because of the really large. Twenty five to four hundred zoom amount and you have your optical image stabilization switches. Let’s go and pop the screen open.

Now, I’m not sure, but it makes does seem that the screen smaller. Can’t say for sure guys, but I’ll be doing testing and I’ll do a side by side video for you guys. You, of course, have another switch right here for your selection of what photos you wanted to take. And let’s go and pop the bottom open.

So you have your SD card slot right there and battery. OK, so close to how I close this guy. There we go. The lens came out, man. I just sat very large. OK. So actually, the screen may not be smaller. I’m not sure I’ll have to check it out fast. AutoFocus. Wow, OK.

So there was the unboxing.

So that will be up soon. If you’re just finding article and and have a lot more content on the FTSE 1000 and comparisons to the Jewish.

For the low light, the quality of the image. Just a bunch of different stuff.

I’m very excited to use this camera. And if everything goes well, I have a feeling that I’m going to buy another one of these for my article. My wedding video crew to you. So there you go, guys.

Definitely ask in the description because,If you like this article. If you enjoyed it, go ahead and give me a thumbs up on that. So thank you, guys. And I will see you later. Bye.


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