iPhone 6 Plus Unboxing/Cover By Ayla Rana

iPhone 6 Plus Unboxing
iPhone 6 Plus Unboxing

Welcome to another article. I’m doing an iPhone six plus in boxing. I’m not MKC HD or am I take out trust and knife here.

So basically, I have used Android since the very first Android phone hit the market.

If you guys know what that is without looking up on Google. Don’t cheat. Go and read a comment below. Let me know what phone that is. I was young back then. I’ll give you guys a hint.

Basically, I’m using injured for a while and I’ve wanted to try yo, IOW, just for fun.

I mean, I like sorts of electronics. I’m not biased in sort of way. I like pretty much everything. So I’ve been wanting to try em out. And the one thing that has been holding you back is that pretty much the iPhones all had super, super tiny screens.

This is the phone I’m using now. It’s a G3 that has a 5 and a half-inch screen.

Before this, I had note three, which had a 5.7 inch screen. I like big phones because I’m on my phone all the time, constantly.

He handles a little tiny screen like this. Finally, they release another kind of phone that is a lot larger and I’m sure they’re going to get a lot of Android users switching over. Okay, so this is the first time I’m seeing it.

Wow.Pretty cool. So here’s another reason why I am standing behind this camera. As you guys see, they’re making this article.

And I’m going to make an article and I will be doing that in roughly 45 minutes about it. So I just got this phone. I want to test out the camera. The cool 240 frames per second. Have the quality of optical image stabilization.

It’s going to be an article with one of my friends and I will have the behind-the-scenes up for you guys to check out what I did. the guys check out.

You guys could see the quality of this. Now, I wanted to use bring my jib, my slider, a bunch of equipment, a tripod, stuff like that, maybe make a little rig for it. But I realized, you know what?

I want to make a video for you guys to kind of show you guys you don’t need a fancy G.H. for the speed booster to be able to make, even if you have a phone.

Doesn’t matter. Does it have to be an iPhone? Doesn’t have to be an iPhone 5.

It could be an Android phone, You could start film making and joke. Don’t kind of let your lack of, like, having a cool camera hold you back.

Start using something. Start gaining experience. I have no experience. This is my first iPhone with this. So we’ll see. What it could do is just kind of a little fun project.

Guys, if you guys have the exclusive I don’t have Adobe Premiere Pro.

I can’t afford 300 bucks for the final cut, DaVinci Lite. They have an editing program. It’s completely free. Doesn’t edit for basically everything else you could do on it. I have a link and description for you guys for that. So let me see.

I guess I should turn this thing on. Hey, so you guys see how much of a new buy him with iPhones.

First impressions, I guess we’ll give you guys that. I guess it’s big.

I mean, same size screen right there. Look how much bigger the iPhone is because they have to have a little button down there. So it is very large. It definitely feels thinner. edges on here, a tapered on the G3. So I guess the G3 doesn’t feel that much thicker. But in reality, this is thinner.

Year to see English. Yeah, other than that, I mean, this thing looks nice, looks huge, which I like, I have big hands and I like having a screen.

I’ll say the G3 sucks. I had the No. Three for nine months.

I switched over. I wanted a nicer screen. I really don’t like this back button. I constantly turn off my phone, restart it, put it in silent mode.

I don’t know when people are calling me, the battery dies out really quick because it’s really high resolution. I don’t really like it. A lot of love. People love this phone.I thought I’d love it. I don’t like it.


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