The Sony GM Review/Cover By Ayla Rana

The Sony GM Review
The Sony GM Review

Checking out the brand new 24-millimeter f 1point for G.M. lenses, Sony just announced it’s small.

It’s lightweight, especially compared to the cannon. And it’s priced. And just like other G.M. lands, it is sharp.

So right now, I’m shooting with the 28 f 2.8 Tamron lens, the 20th 75. Let’s switch over to that 24 and see what difference we see. And that’s what 24-millimeter f 1point forward looks like. It is a surprising amount of blur.

Sony really made a point about how light and small these lenses.

And you guys are seeing the specs on the screen right now. It definitely is the case, but it’s even more impressive when you hold it in your hand compared to, say, the cannon version. And don’t take my word for it.

Just take a look at Jason’s bungs expression when he got his hands on these lenses.

And just like are the G masters, I expect it to be very good. They had some print side by side against the alternatives, which looked great.

The corner sharpness looked really good and they talked about using a different element and the very front, which is very hard to produce and make lenses that way. But it really helps, especially with the corners, contrast, and sharpness.

Another thing that mentioned multiple times is that the manual focusing ring is linear now instead of adjusting based on your speed. I haven’t tested it I definitely am excited to check that out.

And. So we just shot here in the woods. We didn’t get a lot of time here just because by the time we got out here, there wasn’t a lot of time left.

But I got to shoot with a 24 one for doing some cliffs for Armondo.

I’ll have his link to the channel and the description. And so far, I’m impressed. Especially if you want to get a wide-angle with a really shallow depth of field.

It does a great job, guys can see in some of these shots. The tracking for the autofocus is a little slower than other Sunni lenses. So I would suggest picking up from normal to fast.

So now I am on a boat. We just passed Alcatraz. Sony invited us out here to shoot, to look at the city, and just kind of enjoy the time here. As far as a lens, I did switch it from normal audio focusing to the fast audio focusing mode.

It does seem a little bit slower, especially when you’re close to the lens.

Does it mean that it sucks that audio focusing does a pretty good job? It’s just a little bit slower. And there are a few other Sony lenses where I do kind of tweak it to get the performance that I need.

And in general, you’re shooting, if you’re doing sports, you want to change your settings to match what you’re trying to do. I played with the manual focusing ring. Now it’s linear instead of kind of depending on how fast you turn it.

Most of those other electronic lenses make it very difficult to manual focus with this one I got used to it, it did really well. Even shooting wide open at 1.8.

There are a couple of things I wanna mention. First off, you do have a customizable button and an aperture ring so you can select aperture on the lens itself or set it to aid that we can control it from the body.

And that is both clicked and click, which is great for video. The lens hood locks in, which I really like, and the filter is 67 millimeters. So it’s very convenient.

That shows off how small the lenses, the minimum focusing distance is very close and allows you to get some really interesting perspectives while having a depth of field and blur. And the aperture is eleven bladed.

So you’re gonna get ultra-smooth Boca. And like you guys have seen from the shots, they are very, very nice and sharp with a lot of contrast, very little distortion, And I’m not seeing anyone yelling.

An F 1.4r with an N d filter to lower down my shutter speed.

So overall, I am very impressed, this lens, and I will be buying this lens when it ships for all of the reasons I already mentioned.

And the biggest one is the fact you can get such a wide field of view while maintaining a shallow depth of field. And it gives you such an interesting perspective that is hard to match with other cameras and lenses.

If you do night photography and you shoot the sky in stars, this lens is going to be awesome because they really showed how little sagittal flaring you get compared to all of the competition, which ends up having your stars kind of spread out vertically with this flaring and it looks much better without it.

So Sony is coming to an end. We have to hand off these lenses soon.

So just to wrap up my thoughts on this new lens. Honestly, I was surprised. I liked it more than I thought I would. I have the 28 millimeter F two lens, which is a lot less expensive optically. This one is a lot better.

It’s a lot larger and heavier, but it is really small light for the kind of lens that it is.

Price-wise, as I mentioned, is a price. It is expensive. But if you’re was in the need of some yards wide and really fast, there are not very many other options except for that sigma lens, which I have a used to bus.

Far I heard a thought of opening. It is quite a bit slower and has a lot of chromatic aberration. So I think if you’re a Sony shooter, you’re looking at something wide and fast. This is going to be a good option. So if you guys want to see more articles.


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